Thursday, December 20, 2012

Will Be Right Back!! :)

the owner getting more busy than she thought..
the list getting longer and longer.. 
and 2 weeks after Christmas are crucial for her next life..
 please patiently waited for new updates.. :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Song and Memories

*im using Indosat while my brother used Axis..
 Indosat equal to maxis while Axis equal to celcom*

currently stuck to this song.. first time terdengar lagu ini, in the bus on the way to Bandung.. penyanyi jalanan naek atas bas kitaorang and start sang that song.. he and his friend played with guitar, an acoustic version.. do you guys know that Ariel from Bandung? no wonder Indonesia produce so many talented singer.. they start from bottom.. menyanyi di kaki jalan, mengharapkan duit rupiah yang nilainya terlalu sedikit berbanding ringgit Malaysia.. for survival..

at age of 23, looking back to the path i through.. the ups and down, tears and joy, despair and anger, acceptance and rejection.. flipping my convocation letter, my Pharmacy board letter, i had no idea that this is plan for me, HE made.. alhamdulilah.. thats all i can say.. another chapter of life..

when you fall, cried for the fate you had, questioning yourself, "if, just if" "why the time not meant for us" .. 
you used to ask about it, despite the reality you know "my time is not yet reach".. 
then you realized, HE always have and give a better time for you.. 
now and better..

L for Life

Assalammualaikum and Ola!!!

alhamdulilah.. no, the letter not yet arrived.. but i finally knew my posting.. not where i expected, or where i wish.. but hey, its rezeki namanya.. still close to where i wish for but too far from family.. need to be independence again.. like in penang.. grrr.. ye2, extra allowance, but still financial is a crucial part.. mana nak simpan duit kete, umah, makan, minum, kawen, broadband, personal saving.. eh jap, did i mention KAWEN? hahahah.. 

visa approved.. 4 years.. hahahahaha.. cherish the moment before time is what we dont have.. my current FB's status "sejauh mana kita belajar, sejauh mana kita bekerja, kita masih berpijak di tanahNya, bersyukur dengan apa yang ada, rezeki tetap rezeki.. :)"

till then..
thankz for reading..

hand note: pergi balik, pergi balik, tutup mata, bukak mata.. kept the dua.. everything is fine, be strong, have faith.. for HE knows the best.. :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello Decemberrr (@_@)

Assalammualaikun and Yelloo peeps!!

im back in town.. hoho.. like duuuhh, macam lama sangat kannnn.. December.. pretty busy for me.. rushing here and there.. just back from family vacation.. okay, a very short one.. muhahahaha.. i really wanna follow my dad to Thailand, but since i just get back from Indonesia, one day before departure date to Thailand, i cant go.. xleh tamak, semua nak bolot.. gagagaga.. i will miss my relative in Perlis.. aiyayaya..

received my convocation letter last week itself, but only get the time to view it today!! *dush*  straightly confirm the attendance online, read all the "what to do", "robe", bla bla bla.. endless.. hoho.. alhamdulilah, so far going smoothly like snogurt.. hoho.. i love snogurt.. dah xmo makan tutty fruity, xsedap weii.. hahaha..

morning sessions and 3 guests maximum!! like whattt!! i called my "beloved" admin, asked if can get extra, seriously willing to pay more, like moreeeee.. but no, no, no.. maximum seats are 3.. okay, fine! hahahaha.. catchup with my coursemate, some in afternoon session.. like seriously, why?!!!! dahla batch kitaorang ada 12 students aje weii, dipecah2 gini, lagi sikit.. sedih haku dibuatnya.. dont worry friends, i will stay till your session start, photo time!! gagaga.. 

ooh, yup i had missed a few calls during my vacation.. luckily my kak cik whatsapp me to let me know.. our Head of Department busy interviewed us for industrial award.. hahaha.. stylo kan? dicalonkan sahaja.. i dont think i get it since there are other students much better and impressive achievement compared mine.. doakan klau eden xdapat, biar kak cik dapat.. :)

well, hope everything is okay.. after christmas time, convo time, our time.. before time are what we dont have.. 

till then.. 
thankz for reading..

p/s: im scared.. for another years.. but i keep my faith.. but insecurity is a lie to not admit it..

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Holes already Filled

Assalammualaikum and Yello!!

off the track for a few days.. blerghhh.. i delete my draft.. its pointless to continue the half-thingy task.. its a big NO to do half way thing.. my bad.. shame on me.. hahaha..

anyway, spend my holiday time by catching up the series i missed.. gagaga.. do you guys know Desperate Housewives ended their 8 seasons? i had nooooo idea.. lalala.. im not the fan of that series but i did watch the first and last.. the middle, i have no intention to watch and let the drama gone.. hoho.. 

there were few scenes that actually..... what ha? cant find the words.. of course, with my bad grammar.. gagagaa.. when Mrs McCluskey die, she passed away peacefully at home, with her favourite song and a faithful husband that wiped his tears when she closed her eyes.. *closed the eyes and enjoyed the feeling*  how wonderful to have someone you loved, spent the old time sake together and how painful to watch one you love leaved and you cant do anything to ease the pain.. have a look to your parents, my parents, their long last marriage.. a bless from God.. :)

watching this season, somehow highlight the mixed evil  and angel side of us.. ego, envy, pain, revenge, anger and beneath of it, there are friendship, loyalty, love.. when you love someone but your ego clouds you judgments, your feeling, somehow you forgot the beauty of love.. when pain and anger and revenge dominate your heart, it kill the loyalty,  somehow you forgot the beauty of friendship..

 food for thought:

"when you wake up, instead of smile and be grateful, you looking for something that can make you happy.. you forgot the holes that you try to fill are already filled, you just forgot"

 till then..
 thankz for reading..

scribble note: watching Raising Hope, i dont know that Virgina and Burt love each other madly, only realize when Burt hardly let Virginia go babysit for 2 weeks..

Monday, November 12, 2012


" we tends to polish the silver in the glass 
and forgot the platinum in the cabinet, untouched"

scribble note: i have few drafts in my inbox.. but they are half done.. i tried to finish it but words seems lost.. trying to recover as soon as possible..

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bonia BoBO

Assalammualaikum and Yello!! 

morning2.. a cheerful day.. :)  dan2.. muhahaha.. i did shared my pathetic purse to a good looking purse on my previous2 entry.. today wanna share my beloved handbag, my 23rd advanced birthday present.. tee heee.. purse dan handbag dihadiahkan oleh insan2 yang berbeza ye kawan2.. tidak, saya tidak tamak.. hoho..

anyway, that day, when my daddy got rehearsal for his award ceremony at Istana Negara, mummy and i menular kat kl accompany by my daddy's driver.. we went to Dayabumi, then Central Market.. we walked from Dayabumi to CM okay!! well actually, not that far.. sebelah2 aje pon.. muhahhaa.. from CM, we went to Sogo.. oh yes, shopping time!! one thing im sure, all the ladies will love about Sogo is that so many sales, so many choice.. somehow, kena drag big foot to Sogo bila dia turun kl.. muhahaha..

im still using my Maple handbag, a last year birthday gift from my brother.. masok Sogo, apa lagi ko nyah, terjah bahagian kasut and bags aje la.. i got some addicted towards shoes and handbags, but no necessarily addiction means you have to buy it.. i just love to terjah there.. try the shoes, holding the bags.. but to get one that i desired, its pretty hard.. seriously, those yang teman i beli, memang siap duduk kat bangku sebab penat pusing.. *oh thankz, it means a lot to me* :P

so from Bonia, to Carlo Rino, to Sembonia, to Scha, to Guess, to all brands available in there.. i literally had to drag mummy from Scha, she really deeply in love with Scha design.. we end up with Bonia kiosk.. hoho.. look, i want to buy Carlo Rino, match with my purse.. masalahnya, design bag dia besar2 weii!! i ni dah la KECIK, RENDAH pulak tu.. amik ko nyah, with capital lagi.. hoho.. Guess pon xleh, kang Kak Zie Sarawak jeles.. hoho.. kidding!! muhahaha

here we go.. :)
i love black.. 
oh yes, mummy offered others, very go-funky colour.. 
i love that too.. but black temptation is what i cant resist.. :)

till then.. 
thankz for reading..

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AidilAdha 2012

Assalammualaikum and Yello people!!

another rambling day.. till i get my posting letter.. muhahaha.. since this is my first time of celebrating AidilAdha without any classes, labs, exams, etc after 4 years, the feeling is AWESOME!! hahaha.. *facepalm*  balik kampung agak awal.. :) bangga giler rasa, leh lepaking lama kat kampung..  oh well people, please dont envy.. this will be my first and last of holidaymoon.. once i got my posting, its like heaven to get an off-day during festival time which im not intend to cross my fingers to get one.. hahaha.. i know the reality once i worked..

anyway, since kitaorang balik awal, kononya, xsabar nak tengok progress our next phase.. konon la.. muhahaha.. alhamdulilah, a house dedicated for my late grandpere completed before Aidilfitri.. current phase to do the Berlin wall and its 90% completed.. feel more secure with tembok Berlin there.. our kampung nowadays is sooo advanced.. dulu2 xde citer kes2 curi, pecah masok.. now, its totally opposite.. next stage is to setup the storage/wet kitchen for my grandmother.. well, actually its more for us, her grandchildren.. muhahaha.. since we loved her cooking and we love doing bbq, mummy and daddy decide to setup another wet kitchen beside the dry one.. ohh yes, my mummy's brilliant idea to have kayu chengal as our front gate will probably will come true.. and i will cross my fingers on that.. :)

nothing much besides that.. except went to our cik long's house at New Castle, spend few times with hensem 2-years-Mateen, and kak Nani's twins and new baby boy.. oh yes, amani was there too.. :) so 2 cars convoy.. went to Pasar Khadijah, bought few things.. i only bought dodol and serunding.. bak kata oghe Kelate, kawe temae oghe2 ada duit beli belah, hok xdo duit, tengok jah.. muhahaha.. had time to go to Vantage stokis and mummy borong few things.. and yes, lepaking at Wakaf Che Yeh for an hour and half.. mummy and sister-in-law did all the borong business there.. me? naaa, not intersted, im with daddy and amani in the car!! lalala.. so, thats all, i think.. did i miss anything... let seeeeeeee.. nope, thats all.. :)

and the traffic on Sunday?!!! OMG!! speechless!! 11 hours of journey!! patah pinggang weii!! oghe Kelate ni sangat suka balik kampung macam i.. muhahaha.. somehow, bila dah kerja, kalau dapat cuti time raya2 gini, lebih baek nek flight.. oh yes, i do have that intention.. xnak la tengah study pon dah sibuk nak nek flight walaupon xraya, jalan xjem, public transport elok aje.. even mummy daddy mampu bagi duit, tapi rasanya dah nama pelajar, wat la gaya pelajar.. ye dak? dah keje, len citer.. duit gaji sendiri, rasa kepuasan.. :) 

till then..

Flora by Gucci

Assalammualaikum and Yello people!!

first of all, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha deh.. :) how's your Aidiladha celebration? may everything went flawless.. citer Aidiladha kita story mory later deh.. ngeh3..  

did you guys remember my Baby lotion entry? you guys can scroll down okay.. :P muhahaha.. so, i bought baby lotion johnson & johnson, yang colour purple tu.. teehee.. konon semangat la nak pakai baby lotion.. alih2, it only last for a week.. but seriously, a week without any urge from others, its a big achievement!! muhahaha.. *facepalm* cehq wat2 lupa tertinggal baby lotion kat rumah.. muhahahaha..

konon complain la kat mummy pasal kulit cheq yang kering.. muhahaha.. and mummy start offered her lotion, say no stickyness, feel good, pleasant odour.. when mummy show her skin lotion, aiyarkk!! its GUCCI!! Flora by Gucci!! oh no people, no small bottle okay.. muhahaha.. they only sell the BIG one!! BIG!! you know how much is that!!! RM2++.. thankz mummy.. mummy make me broke, papa kedana.. muhahaha.. but seriously, its good.. bau dia sangat la sedap, terlena cheq tidoq memalam.. and yes, langsung xrasa melekit!! like AWESOME!! klau sebelom ni, cheq punya la malas nak apply, sekarang ni ewah2 pas mandi, tengah2 tnggu traffic light, rasa kulit kering aje, copek aje apply.. teehee.. hahahaha..

 picture credited to Uncle Google
malas na cheq nak snap gambaq dan transfer ke lappy

till then
thankz for reading

scribble note: i need to wait till my convo to get that gift? aiyayaya, its like 2 months to go.. hint pon xnak bagitau, kedekut!! :P
hand note: congratz mr boy for your offer letter.. :)  be prepared been bullied as HO.. lalalala *macam la aku PRP xkena buli *

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ketidakpuasan Hati (@_@)

Assalammualaikum dan Ola pembaca sekalian!!

tetiba nak merepek pasal ketidakpuasan hati.. okay la.. citer dah lama.. tapi bila teringat macam sedikit terkilan.. ooh tidak sama sekali, cheq xde la marah.. kecewa aje.. muhahaha..sejak berkenalan dengan Facebook ni, *sebelum ni ada Friendster ye kengkawan*, cheq memang suka online shopping.. ada satu time tu, cheq suka sangat beli baju style korean2 jual kat FB tu ha.. bila mood tu dah kurang, cheq beralih plak online homemade food.. dari kek murah ke cake mahal fondant, dari cupcakes simple2 ke cupcakes fondant, ke macaroon, ke pavlova.. kome cakap apa, cheq try semua.. ngeh3..

kira dalam email cheq, banyak la list contacts yang provide kemudahan tu.. okay, im not bias.. first time deal dengan akak2, klau xsedap atau tidak memuaskan hati, cheq memang xmarah atau kecewa sebab urusan jual beli alam maya ni, dengan xde food testing memang sangat la berisiko.. so, bila first time cuba, dan sedap menepati citarasa, cheq akan remain as loyal customer.. makanya, ada la yang cheq reject or stop order after first trial, ada yang cheq remain order sampai sekarang..

masalahnya timbul bila pada suatu hari, cheq nak order la cupcakes fondant and macaroon special untuk mereka yang datang dari jauh.. unuk cupcakes slalunya cheq order dekat akak sorang ni kat Klang, service dia sangat bagus, and cupcakes dia sangat sedap.. kebetulan akak tu baru delivered baby yang comel, maka dia xboleh accept order.. cheq dah kecewa gaban sebab memang aim nak cupcakes dia aje.. huhu.. so cheq try la akak sorang ni plak, akak ni wat cake fondant sangat la sedap ahhaiiii.. servis dia pon bagus and la friendly.. aiyayaya.. akak tu boleh terima order tapi kena amik malam sebelum hari yang dirancangkan sebab dia keje.. maka, kecewa lagi.. 

makanya, pilihan terakhir, cheq try order kat akak sorang ni.. selalunya cheq order untuk macaroon aje.. xpernah cuba untuk cupcakes lagi, kira ni first time la.. so dah alang2, order ler sekali macaroon.. order berjaya, bayaran dah bank in.. anda kena faham ye, bila dah bank-in, ini bermakna, kita setuju ddengan harga yang telah ditetapkan, sebarang penambahan/pengurangan kos akan diberitahu sebelum bank-in, maksudnya semasa order itu sendiri.. 

maka bila time hari pi amik, cheq pi la amik dengan semangat berkobar2 macam Kelantan lawan Selangor, di mana Selangor kalah.. hahaha.. tengah2 amik tu, orang gaji dia kata tambah RM 10.. cheq macam "seriously" cheq xkisah nak tambah RM100 sekali pon, tapi akak tu xde plak mengatakan ada sebarang penambahan kos.. paling tidak bagitau awal, cheq leh prepared duit.. naseb bek cheq ada cash, klau xde camno?! nampak? aihhh, tu satu.. okay fine.. cheq bayar.. malas nak tengok muka orang gaji dia yang pandang cheq macam xde duit.. fine la, fine!!

dengan semangat wajanya, cheq tengok cupcakes itu.. like whattttttt!! sangatla simple, tidak berpadanan dengn harga.. kecewa tapi pendamkan saje.. nak berjumpa dengan mereka yang jauh.. kena gumbira.. dah jumpa, suruh diaorg makan.. pergh SURUH ko.. macam memaksa plak.. muhahaha.. xde tokmanninah langsung.. 

kitaorang pon pakat2 la makan sama2.. oohh cheq yang belikan, cheq juga la yang excited nak makan.. first bite ni!! i emphasize first bite okay!! rasa colouring!! RASA COLOURING!!!! korang paham x biler makan sesuatu dan rasanya seperti dye makanan!! itu yang kitaorang rasa.. kecewa?! no im not frust! im embarrassing!! that cupcakes suppose to be a welcoming gift, welcoming food!! not welcoming DYE foood!! 

tapi memandangkan mereka yang datang dari jauh datang dari keluarga yang ada tokmaninah, diaorang relax aje, buang fondant and ngam.. cheq pon terpaksa wat macam tu.. untuk pengetahuan sekalian fondant boleh dimakan ye.. EDIBLE!! but with that cupcakes, we cant even bite it!! ok, fine, cheq tenang2.. dalam hati rasa nak nangis..

kitaorang pergi pulak makan yang macaroon, order kat akak yang sama.. sebelum2 ni pon pernah order, banyak kali, macaroon dia maintain sedap, filling banyak, puas hati.. kali ni, TIDAKKKKK!!! WHY!!! macaroons dia sangat kecik!! filling dia seciput!! xrasa langsung!! dah la mereka yang jauh tu suka macaroon, favourite dia.. cheq tengok isi macaroon tu, cheq nak nangis tau x!!!!

cheq tau la akak tu dah sangat berjaya, sangat famous dengan product dia, tapi xkan macam tu sekali hasil dia jual kat cheq.. cheq bayar ok!!! xde deposit pon.. full payment okay!! i never said anything about the price.. i accept it because i know its homemade, its suppose to be special, different, extra.. kenape xjaga kualiti product.. kenapaaaaaaa?!!!!!!! huhuhu.. xputuus2 cheq mintak maaf kat mereka sebab makanan yang diberi sangat la xmemuaskan.. huhu.. embarrassing and kecewa gilerrrr fellas!!

maka, sejak hari tu, cheq dah blacklist nama akak tu.. kena cari akak len yang pandai wat macaroon.. nak beli kat Empire 1 biji RM3 memang harapan tinggal harapan la.. muhahaha..

cheq bercerita ni bukan nak menjatuhkan mana2 perniagaan sesiapa.. ini pengalaman cheq dan cheq berharp sangat2 mereka2 yang buat jualan homemade ni, TOLONG LA!! TOLONG LA JAGA KUALITI PRODUK ANDA!!!!! ye, anda hanya menjalankan perniagaan kecil-kecilan di rumah, xperlu kisah dengan kualiti, tapi kami sebagai pembeli yang mengeluarkan duit, ada juga hak untuk melihat hasil produk yang cantik.. bukan beli dengan nilai RM10!! hello, tidak okay!! nilai produk yang anda letak lebih mahal, maka berpada2 la dengan harga dan kualitinya!! tapi xpe, anda xperlu risau, pembeli jugak bijak ye.. sekali terkena, xkan pisang berbuah dua kali.. :)   makanya BERNIAGALA DENGAN IKHLAS DAN MEMBELI LA DENGAN IKHLAS.. :)  cheq anggap apa yang berlaku hari tu adalah tiada rezeki untuk cheq and mereka untuk menghayati makanan yang sedap..  cobaaannnnn.. 

sampai di sini sahaja
terima kasih kerana sudi membaca..

scribble note: ameekk ko bahasa melayu aku.. camne dapat A1 time SPM pon cheq xtau.. muhahahha

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Old and New ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Yello peeppps!!!

i had my blog-walking few days ago.. and i found a blog that shared her on-the-way bride-to-be experience.. i somehow pretty keen on that stuff nowadays.. nope, i dont get that path yet, there is soooo much to do within these 2-3 years, i need to hold that dream.. muhahaha.. jangan la ada yang baca, kang kata eden gatai.. tetttttt.. *facepalm* so, nope im not going to talk about my wedding.. hahaha.. obviously!! *another facepalm* 

jauh na tersasar ni.. ok2 back to Old and New real story..

the Old one:

you see the picture above? pergh skema giler ayat.. ok, thats my purse for 2-3 years.. i think i bought it around late 2008-early 2009.. somewhere there.. bought at Parkson.. but cant remember which Parkson.. Kuantan or Subang Parade or Kota Bharu.. short-term memory i suppose.. but one thing i did remember, i bought it during SALES!! hahaha.. so more discount.. ngeh3.. i bought one set with the handbag.. :) teeheee..

i like the design.. so many compartments.. you see the white part? itu namanya "makan diri".. actually, it looks pretty decent in here.. the real one, perghhh so sad.. i had no intention to change it since i dont really care much.. as long as it can hold my so-called-important cards, few cash, that should be fine.. hahaha.. untill someone said "beli la purse baru, lusuh na dah tu" okay!! its awkward.. no, its embarrassing!! like seriously.. hahaha..

 the New one:

so, here is my current/new purse.. its advance birthday present.. :) tee heee.. i fall in love! first sight!! even we survey for others brand as well.. Bonia, Sembonia, Coach, Guess, and fews.. we actually pusing balik satu mall nak beli purse ni.. hahaha.. actually got a set with handbag.. the design? gorgeous!! but no, i only want the purse..  the handbag quite big for me.. you see, im just 153cm, im SHORT.. amek ko, capital lagi tu.. i prefer a small handbag.. eeh jap, tengah2 taip, baru teringat, i dah dapat handbag baru.. ok, next entry.. tetttttt.. hahaha..

i love the design.. so many stuffs.. muhahhaha.. one part, i put all my so-called-important cards, nope, you cant see them.. hehehe.. the other part is where i put my cash, coins.. you see the cinema tickets? i keep the tickets.. memories.. :)  the other part is where i put cards that "menggemukkan" purse i.. got Padini card, MPH card *ooh pak cik saya* SSPN card *i dont know why i keep it* Toy R Us card *since i bought the helicopter!!* Juice apa ntah card *beli yoghurt juice kat Empire--delicious!!* 

when boys checkout girl's purse, they always asked "why you keep all non-important cards, why you need to sign up everything, why you need/keep/bring that card" well pretty true.. and i dont know the answer.. hahaha..

till then..
thankz for reading..

scribble note: sunnah nabi? hehe.. i will read about it.. sorry, i cant wait.. gagaga.. pak cik Google can help.. :)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sing A Song ^_^

Assalammualaimkum and Yello readers!!!

been a while not to "touch and go" this blog.. pretty packed after got the letter.. so many things to do.. still, tenang2 aje wahai hati.. semuanya akan dipermudahkan.. :)  anyway, im stuck with this song.. enjoy.!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Good Letter Indeed ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Yello readers!!!

alhamdulilah.. thats all i can say.. received this letter today ends my half misery but the journey not end yet.. another letter i shall wait.. deep of my heart, i dont think im ready.. *facepalm*

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lepaskan (o_~)

Assalammualaikum and Yello readers!!!

lama na xpost lagu yang stuck dalam hard disc i ni.. hahaha.. ok so far, im listening to this song.. the lyrics are sweet.. but most of all, i love the rhythm.. acer korang dengar.. lagu dia sangat relaks, lembut aje, xsakit kepala mendengar.. rentak dia macam a bit jazz kot.. memandai aje aku ni.. hahaha.. *facepalm*

i instantly got a message from a friend when i post this song in my FB.. no no friend, im ok.. in fact, im so happy and contempt with my life.. yes, there will be up and down,when the hormons too high and starting being emo, but eventually it will passed.. alhamdulilah.. 

till then..
thankz for reading..

Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Lotionn..


Assalammualaikum and Yello peeps!!

credit to Uncle Google

this is one of the baby lotion brand available in the market.. no no im not using this lotion currently.. :)  but im thought about it.. bring my memory back to 2008, when i stayed in crowded-so-called-big hostel.. you see, im spend my 1 year study in Penang and despite i lived at Subang Jaya which is bloody near to Shah Alam, im a clueless about Shah Alam and its environment.. so once im enrolled into my uni, im actually opt to stay in hostel till im familiarize with the environment.. *ok, whats the point of this story!!* *facepalm*

there, i actually met few of awesome roommates/hostel-mates.. *is there such thing of hostel-mate?* *facepalm*  one of them is Miss Z.. ok, she's so sweet even till now.. :)  found her FB at last *finally* and guess what!!!! she's a wife and a mummy of a son!! and she still remain sweet.. ok2, back to real story.. 

you see, i dont have any sister.. but when i met her, i was like "whattttt".. *please read in a very HAPPY mode*  im not sure about her side, but for me, i felt comfortable to share things with her.. i do emphasize that she is Adorable!! and from her, i actually terpengaruh nak guna baby lotion.. i do have dry skin type, and yup, my mummy used to buy it when i was in high school but typical of me, im not comfortable applied any type of lotion/oil.. rasa macam berminyak, kira xselesa la.. hahahaha.. *sorry mum*  i remember the feeling when applied the lotion.. its great feeling after a long day of classes, labs.. *torturing time* 

however, early 2009, i moved from that cramped hostel to 3-bedrooms apartment.. frankly, i dont know how to distinguish flats and apartments till i actually moved to apartment.. *soooo jakun* and since then, i stopped bought/applied any lotion at all.. see, how pemalas i am? and somehow today, i actually searching any lotion available in my house.. found one.. no, dont asked me when i bought it because for sure i dont.. no, i dont know when its expired date.. but yes, i still applied it to my skin since it still have pleasant smelling.. muhahahahaha.. and i missed that feeling.. perhaps, it is a sign for me to start buy back that lotion.. hmm.. food for thought.. hahahaha.. :p

by the way, Miss Z also the one who teach me how to "siang ikan".. like yelllooo, my mummy did taught me how to "siang ikan" during my teenage time but i tends to forget how.. *seriously, sorry mum* ngeh3..

till then..
thankz for reading..

foot note: practice bowling with supermodels.. we should do often ladies.. muhahaha..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Never take for granted

“Never take someone for granted, hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you have lost true diamond while you were too busy collecting stones“
foot note: credit from Colour of Soul's Blog

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Great Finale ^_^

Assalammualaikun and Ola readers!!

so far, how is your life? life without classes, labs, clinical, assignments, thesis writing are pretty dull to me.. 4 years of same routine and when it stop, it aint same.. of course, the feeling was wonderful to wake up without stress thinking tons of unfinished works, eats and thinking when i can get my next meal, watching tv/dvd and not feel guilty for spending too much time on it, and got nothing to rush, no dateline to submit stuff, no adrenaline rush of exam and results time, no long hours of classes, no mumbling of pop quiz, no feeling uneasy to cramp in a so-called big lift, no morning class to attend, nope, i dont have early morning class since my 2nd year, how wonderful is that?, no maniac crazy drive because you simply love driving cilok2 *facepalm*.. 

is good haa to finish studying.. of course somehow you feel, wish i can go back to my old life especially when we start working.. but no no sire, i dont want to turn back, and feel the student's time again, nope, thankz.. hahaha.. enough for 1 year of matrix and 4 years of pharmacy course.. yes, i do intend to further my master, but heyyy is way loooongg journey.. i got to complete my Pupillage first for one year *InsyaAllah* and 2 more years for compulsory service in government hospital.. see? its waaayyy too longgg till i get my student's title back, thankz.. hahaha

 anyway, i got my final sem result last 2 weeks ago.. is it? jap2, i forgot.. hmmm.. yup2, 2 weeks then.. correct.. hahaha.. alhamdulilah, the grades was fantastic and the numbers are awesome.. but i dont put too much on the award since i dream from my first year itself.. however, last Wednesday, when i watched the Once Upon A Time series *did i mention i loved that series?*, i got a call my new mentor, Mdm Sri B.. actually, she used to be my mentor in 1st year before we get our Deputy Dean, Mr F as mentor and recently been change again to her back.. wonderful! since im one of the lists, she asked me if i can attend this  --

 of course im in!! hahaha.. so yesterday, Thursday, i went early to campus.. yes, im stuck in heavy traffic at batu 3.. nope, not big surprise.. hahaha.. the ceremony held at Performing Theater Art Hall.. :)  met most of my lecturers, most of them asked the updates of our batch.. well, nothing much to tell except we didnt get the letter yet, but IMU and UIA already received theirs, congratz!! :)  im not alone, i got one of my closes fren, Miss T accompany me.. :)  met my juniors as well, those who knew us la.. shared our experience regarding the research and clinical stuffs.. :) all in all, the ceremony went smoothly.. our Deputy Dean, Mr F being the VVIP since our beloved Dean, Dr E had urgent matter.. special VVIP was Mr A from Menara Optometry that shared few of his student's life.. well Mr A, you and i are similar, we are not straight A's student, im just average student, like seriously.. no, i mean Seriously!! snapped few pictures with juniors and lecturers.. the funny was one of my lecturer, Dr J asked me "why you guys dont take pictures with me?" hahaha.. sir, you busy with you phone and we knew you love photo sessions.. :P

so here's the certificate.. :)  alhamdulilah, its great finale to end my university's life.. you see the id? 012008!!

here's the owner.. everyone did pose like this after the ceremony.. i pon nak gak la.. hahaha.. need to wait for a week or two for the photo on stage.. :) 

and i celebrate it with Meat Mania Set Domino Pizza, special milo ice and a pack of lunch.. hahahaha.. yes yes, im the girl who can spend rm200 of Italian food at Italy Bostri, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kuantan and im the same girl who can spend rm29.45 of Domino Pizza and rm2 of milo ice and rm5 of lunch, Subang Jaya and im the same girl who can spend rm6 of lunch and sirap limau ice, gerai tepi jalan, Batu 3.. :)

thank for read..
till then.. 

foot note: thankz to everyone that important in my life, be with me during my best and worst moments.. ^_^  you know who you are..

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eid 2012 ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Ola readers..

a very good morning.. fresh than yesterday..this year, my family and i went back to our kampung.. alhamdulilah, a small renovation for our old house.. betulkan tiang yang roboh aje.. :)  but to me, it always a vila.. where i spent my bonding time with my late grandfather.. he passed away 12 years ago.. the only grand father i had.. he always smile.. hugged me.. spoil me since im the only granddaughter.. he loved wear white kopiah and sengih2 from the door.. :)  when i missed him, i closed my eyes and i can see him and dua for his peace.. 

anyway, Syawal this year is happening in terms of long vacation.. one whole week.. usually my parents only off for 2-3 days only.. we spent most of time at home, waiting and accept any relatives that come.. :) alhamdulilah, relatives who remember us, still came even they travel from far.. you see, there is no highway like Selangor, so to drive from one place to another do consuming time especially when Raya time.. for those who came to our small house, thank you so much.. :)

mummy met her old old old friend that been separated for almost like 28 years.. i met my cousins at Kuala Krai and got the ketupat we ordered.. i feel more welcome there compared any other place.. missed my aunt's daging kicap.. sedapp weii!! we went for our cousin's wedding at Pasir Puteh.. where else we did go? ooh yup, we went to New Castle, visit my daddy's oldest sister and aunt mah.. the last time i saw aunt mah was 2 years ago, where she still can walk and smile.. where else? nope, thats all i think.. i told you, we spent most of our time at our small vila.. if can called vila la.. :)

nope, no photos this year since the photographer spend his raya at perak.. and i cant snap pics while im busy eating, can i? :P  and i miss my mak aji already.. adeiii.. :)

till then..
thankz for reading..
foot note: our first raya..

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Stay Tune in this Channel ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Ola readers.. 

still in raya mood? good2.. i had splendid a week of Syawal.. the longest ever.. and next year, who knows whats coming.. will update soon abou it.. not really in good condition mentally and physically..

from my FB:
--> biar diam, diam berisi, ada pengisian.. jangan cakap banyak huha sana huha sini, tapi kosong, tiada pengisian..

-->you want something or someone, earn it with your effort.. not by "perli2 dan sindir2" and expect GOD give it or him/her straight to your nose.. nope, you are not deserve it..

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri --> Advance mode ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Ola readers!!


i wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.. in a very advanced mode.. ^_^


someday somehow
you end up being a person who hide
the emotions and 
and stop talking about it

foot note: you get it? neither do i.. hahaha.. motip? xde motip..

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Peice of Heart --> Malay Version ^_^

kau hadir
tanpa ku sedari
mengisi kekosongan hati

hujan yang turun ke bumi
membawa rindu yang mengunung
malam ku tanpa mimpi

angin malam 
bawalah cintaku
menghapus rasa rindu

hari ku xbererti
bagai siang tanpa mentari
kau tetap di hati

hanya doa kukirimkan
bersama sebuah harapan
semoga kau tau
kaulah erti cinta

foot  note: this is not the original poem.. if the owner can call it a poem.. hahaha.. i edited few parts as the owner request.. i read the original one, and its much sweet.. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rabun & Lens ^_^

 Assalammualaikum and Ola2 readers!!

less than a week.. Ramadhan will come to an end.. and Syawal will say hi.. hmm.. thinking whether next Ramadhan im still here.. *facepalm*  anyway, last Friday im pretty busy.. hoho.. bought my contact lens supply.. tetiba officially declare diri rabun kat blog kan.. memang xcover cun langsung.. muhahahaha..

ooh yes, im actually start my "rabun jauh" when i was form 1 or form 2.. i cant remember.. muhahaha.. realize that when i hardly read what my teacher wrote at the blackboard that time.. when i told my mummy, she thought im bluffing, like i really wanna wear that "box" glasses!! :P  since then, i started wearing spec.. i try so many style.. oval shape, rectangle shape.. with frames, frame less, half-frame.. normal lens, tinted lens with so different colours like purple, blue, brown, pink.. ooh yes!! PINK!! hahaha.. that pink lens when i was in matrix time.. *try so hard to delete that memory of pink lens from my hard disc* :P

when i was in freshman year, my mummy offered contact lens.. so, apa lagi, rembat aje.. i usually did my spec and bought the lens at england optical shop at summit.. being a regular customer already.. :) they have good service too.. :)

i used this brand until the last 4 months.. ok, i story-morry about it later.. i usually buy the colourless one.. i only use the colour lens when got special occasion like raya time, special events, sort of.. i feel more comfortable wearing the colourless throughout my daily life.. :)  oh yes, there was a trend where colour lens from Korean a bit famous.. yup, i pon pernah terbeli sekali.. thankz friends, you guys influence me just because they are cheap!! hahahah.. kidding.. my money, my decision, right?! beli sekali aje, coz im not comfortable with that lens.. felt my eyes more dry.. :(  


i started wanna try new brand after my clinical attachment..  no no sire, im not wearing lens in hospital.. i wear my big nerd brown specs.. ooh yes, i love that brown specs.. its so lightttt, different with my previous ones.. i remember he said, "pelik but ok".. ok?! thats it? bwekk!! hahaha.. i sempat la pkai lens from this brand for 4 to 5 months.. but seriously, im not comfortable with these lens.. my eyes will easily itching and feel warmness like soooo hot, like sooo dryyyyy.. 

ohh yes, the uncomfortable of signs and symptoms were too obvious.. got complained from my mummy.. so when i bought the new supply, which back the old brand, my beloved Bausch & Lomb, i ask my optician why these brands are different.. rupa-rupanya!! the acuveu optic lens are more big in diameter and more thin compared to baush lens.. and i felt that kind of reaction because that lens were just not suit for my eyes.. macam tu la.. :)  no no sir,e i dont blame acuvue optic lens.. maybe these brand not suit for me, but good for others.. :)  different people will experience different reaction.. :)

please bear in mind that im not comparing any of these brands.. i just shared my experience after using these two brands.. i have a friend that use acuvue optic lens and she got no problems.. well, good for her.. hahahaha.. yup, thats all for now..

till then..
thank for reading..

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Love U

When U Were 23 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
 U Put Ur Head On My Shoulder And Hold My Hand...
Afraid That I Might Dissapear...

When U Were 27 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
U Prepare Breakfast And Serve It In Front Of Me,
And Kiss My Forhead And Said :"U Better Be Quick, Is's Gonna Be Late.."

When U Were 33 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
U Said: "Miss U, Please Come Back Early After Work.."

When U Were 40 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
U Were Cleaning The Dining Table And Said: "I Know Dear, Help Our Child With His/Her Revision.."

When U Were 50 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U..
U Were Knitting And U Laugh At Me...

When U Were 60 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
U Smile At Me..

When U Were 70 Yrs Old. I Said I Love U...
We Sitting On The Rocking Chair With Our Glasses On..
I'M Reading Your Love Letter That U Sent To Me 50 Yrs Ago..
With Our Hand Crossing Together..

When U Were 80 Yrs Old, U Said U Love Me!
I Didn't Say Anything But Cried...

That Day Must Be The Happiest Day Of My Life!
Because U Said U Love Me !!!

Please Appreciate Your Loved Ones..When U Have The Chance Now..

foot note: counting and 50 years to come.. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


ok, currently stuck with this song.. suara shila amzah semakin bagus.. yes, she sang from early age but im not in to her song before.. but she grown up and her voice, walaweiii! nice.. oh she used to stay in USJ!! my neighbourhood man!! hahah.. bangga? tetiba plak..

anyway, jangan tetipu dengan tajuk and the way they edit the video clip.. i thought the story about a girl who fall in love with 2 man at the same time.. its a big NO!! hahaha.. just check out the synopsis, she actually lost her fiancee due to accident and she lost her memory and while searching her favourite melody, she found somene.. ok!! baru rasa nak tengok cter ni.. hahaha.. one of the reason xleh tengok citer ni sbb ada remy ishak.. adeii.. tapi sebab citer dia macam best, kena la mengagah diri mencari ok.. hahaha..

yes2, i know.. i break my rule.. not watching love malay story.. hahaha.. exception for HACKS and this movie ok? hahaha.. did i mention suara shila amzah makin sedap? ooh yes, i did.. :P enjoyed the song ok fellas?

till then..
thankz for reading..

foot note: gambar awan nano tetap dihati.. :) walaupon fazley and remy ishak sangat hensem.. :) hahaha.. sengal..

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Selimut Hati

i remember this song.. when i was in matrix..
i remember the beats.. till now..
i remember the lyrics.. by heart..

im sorry..
if im not a good servant for Him
if im not good daughter for family
if im not good sister for brothers
if im not good lover for him
if im not good friend for friends

im not pretty like them
im not cute like them
im not wearing make up like them
im not fashionista like them
im not genius/smart like them

im kinda of boring person
i smiled rather than talk
i choose food rather than shirts
i can wear the same shirts/blouse/jeans/slacks for years
i can wear all my accessories till cant see the original shape/colour 
there is time when you tell what your heart felt..
ad there is time when you obersve and wait..
and that time, the only thing you could do is hold your faith and dua everything is ok
evern when you are too far
even you are doubt in yourself..

scribble note: please ignore the emotional post.. really disturbing at the moment..

Mobile Phone :)

Assalammualaikum and Ola readers!!

wonderful cold day.. start the day with raining.. i think the hot season finally over and welcome to gloomy, windy, raining season.. my last trip to Kelantan, the weather was nice, not so hot like always.. the season will change since we will reach august later.. :)

anyway, im thinking to post about mobile phones.. when i was form 3, i went for a tuition.. since im the youngest and the only daughter, my family really concern/worried about me.. the class start on night around 8pm till 10pm.. of course, transport provided.. yet, my parents gave the cheapest, the easiest and most available that time.. no no sire, i dont get the  phone fresh from shop.. i got Nokia 8520 Butterfly from my brothers!!! hahahaha.. and yes, my brother got the phone from my mummy.. is like daddy used first, then mummy, then along, then anic, then me!!! so this butterfly been in our family for years!! 

 Nokia 8520 Butterfly

and i tell you what, the old nokia was more tougher and less fragile compare the new design.. me, as always clumsy!! hahaha.. even jatuh banyak kali pon, handphone xhang weiiii!! *facepalm* i used this phone for 2 years.. then, the butterfly start to meragam.. the screen out, cant read the message properly, cant hear anything when someone call.. so i start looking the new one.. okay2, i break the tradition, bought the phone from shop.. but!! there is a "but" there! i bought the second hand one.. hahahaha..

 Samsung E700

E700 Samsung

yes, this is actually my first desire phone i want.. i thought my mummy daddy will bought this the first time.. but heyy, if you wait, you will get it someday.. :) anyway, it second hand but still i do love this phone!!i dont remember the price, i think around rm500.. my first flip phone.. :) seriously i love flip phone!!! but it last for a year and a half.. its flip style, so it more fragile than the tablet one.. besides, its second hand.. you cant expect to used it for a long time.. same problem, the screen out, leave a white blank.. i did want to repair it but its cost rm200.. so there it go, bye2.. :(

N70 Nokia

if im not mistaken, i bought this phone using my Raya's money plus my saving plus my daddy did sponsor few bucks.. :) my first handphone fresh from shop.. hahahaha.. actually, i saw the design in mobile booklet.. shown the specifications and price.. honestly, i dont care the specification, i dont know what its that!! but i adore the black colour and got 2 camera, front and back!! seriously people, during my day, to have this kind of handphone, like having iphone already k!! hahaha.. i do remember the price.. around rm1200..i loved this phone and really took care of it.. no, im serious!! i spent my money to buy the expensive screen protector, the casing, etc.. anything for the phone.. hahaha.. this phone last for almost 4 years.. :) im proud of u N70!!! but the same problem occur, the speaker getting worst, the screen not nice to see, the keypad getting loose.. hehehehehe.. and repair cost is out of the question.. hahaha.. so, i kept in the box nicely and searched the new one.. hahaha..

E72 Nokia

i dont remember why i choose the phone.. ehh jap2.. i know!! my brother asked me what type of phone i looking for.. since there so many handphone available and the price is affordable.. time ni rasanya samsung SI dah kuar and blackberry pon dah famous.. no no sire, im not use SI, too expensive, beyond my budget but my brother did bought SI.. the first touch screen in our family.. hahaha.. i choose this one because that time im so-called busy wanna have notes/event reminders etc.. since im in uni 2nd-3rd year, so many events need to attend and organize, notes/organizer/event reminder was crucial for me since im not the jolt-book note-type of person.. and the price is affordable that time, around rm 1200 as well.. good phone but one thing lacking was that by time, the phone start hang!! i used to overslept and late to my class for 15 minutes because the phone hang and no other alarm.. not to mention, i received late messages and got scold by my family coz im not answering the phone, they thought i shut my phone, the fact was my phone hang!! and im not realize it! great!! but apart of it, this phone is good phone, still functioning till now.. but dear dear dear, not in my hand at the moment.. i gave the phone to someone and yes, he paid.. need to remind him, if he got new phone, i want e72 back as my collection.. i will pay back.. have to!! my brothers and i had phone collection we used.. hahaha


Blackberry Torch

anyway, the reason i gave my e72 to my friend, *yes, he paid ok!!* because my elder brother gave me the BlackBerry torch!! how lucky i am!! hahahaha.. he only used it for 6 months.. then SII samsung start come out!! so both my brothers bought SII together.. imagine rm4k been spend in one day!! boys!! hahaha.. so im using BB torch till now.. of course i adore this phone!! its black!! and got touch screen and keypad/tablet as well.. bless!! hahaha.


S2 Samsung

my second brother just bought S3 that day.. the first day come out, he willing to queue at Celcom center to get the phone.. :P  boys!! anything they willing to do they get the latest gadget.. hahaha.. so like always, my brothers always make me as their priority *please ignore the statement- :P * my second brother gave me his S2 as my second handphone.. hahahaha.. so basically i got 2 babies-BB torch and S2 and 2 blackie-myvi and civic!! damn!! leh kopak duit aku macam ni!! hahahaha

ooh ya, my hotlink simcard apparently out of service -"simcard rejected" did im panic? ooh definitely!! i used the number for soooo long that most of important things, i wrote the number as my contact number.. my banks, my posting form, my broadband, my university, you name it!! of curse im panic!! and the fact that the simcard is not under my name didnt help.. hope my second brother got time to change the simcard.. *fingercross*

pheewww.. long entry ha?! hahahaha.. well, thats all i guess.. :)

till then..
thankz for reading..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuhan Jagakan Dia

currently stuck with this song.. first time i heard it in the car at Putrajaya while waiting.. surprisingly, my chinese friend enjoyed this song due to the lyrics that are very sweet.. the whole day was a memorable for me.. do enjoy.. :)

till then..
thankz for reading..

hand note: please be noted that my hotlink number is temporarily out of service due to 5 years simcard, hence no msg/call at the moment.. please contact me via fb or email k.. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

SEM 8--> Final Year is OVER!!! Interview DONE!!

Assalamualaikum and Ola readers..

2 weeks gone in a blink of eyes.. alhamdulilah, on 26th June 2012, i completed my final exam for my final sem for my final year.. *clap hand fellas*  :)  the final paper was Clinical Pharmacy II.. how is it? let just say, i goreng baikkkkkk punya.. hahahaha.. :P  after 4 years of study, 144 credit hour, 105K been spend *without including the external la*, endless crying-pain-frustration-disappointment-underestimation, i finally completed my Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons).. 

when i submit my final paper, walked out from examination hall, i feel so light.. no more burden.. no more anxious.. i can breath.. like when i was completed my matrix time.. i walked so fast like been chasing a ghost.. no no no sire, im not discussing any answers with my friends.. once in a while, i do join their conversation but no comments from me.. i guess, when its over, it just over.. no point to discuss further.. :)

i tell u what, i spent my 2 weeks revision weeks with family vacation!! Subang Jaya-Kuantan-Rompin-Kuantan-Kelantan-Subang Jaya!! like Cuti2 Malaysia already.. i had 2 days to study and one day before my exam, i spent my day with hang out with bumblebee and his friends.. oh yes, sire, he kept frequently remind me to study!!! hahahaha.. having blast breakfast/lunch/dinner in one shot.. its evening paper, so basically i got no appetite to ear breakfast nor lunch.. im just too scared too get sleepy head in the hall, yet scared to get headache during exam.

after the exam, i spent my 2 weeks with soooooooooo much outing.. seriously!! i never had this blast outing before.. i rarely have my own time.. rarely hang out, jejalan with my friends before.. i guess outing is not necessary while you still study.. :) 

anyway, i got interview just now.. interview with Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam.. since im not grad yet, the interview is under Pelajar Tahun Akhir.. :)  im not sure about other course, but i do know that Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry students will have their interview before grad usually.. if im not mistaken.. last minute preparation, my friends and i able to get our Surat Pengesahan Tahun Akhir.. alhamdulilah.. thankz to Zaza, her idea called the dean and thank Allah, the dean was available that time, and he much more happier than us when we told him we already got the interview.. *he is the most sporting dean i ever know* :)

the interview was at Putrajaya.. i had survey the road with bumblebee 3 days before the date.. see, im sooo semangat.. :P the interview was in early morning, 8am!! ok, Putrajaya not that far like 30minutes from Shah Alam but in early morning on working hour?! not nice man!! I went as early as 6.30 am!! hahahahaha.. i was like nervous with so many students.. there got other universities as well.. but then i realize that different university had different inteviewer.. since we only have 11 students, we finished early.. i was no 7!! *facepalm* i rather be the first man! alhamdulilah, by 10.15am, im done.. :)  now tawakal and doa for the best.. nothing much can do ha.. actually the interview is for our posting placement as Pharmacist.. i put 3 hospitals.. 

so yup, final sem for final year is over! interview is done! pretty packed with till 13th July.. *168 hours and counting* on weekends 14th and 15th will off to Kelate.. i think my family and i really spent our money on vacation trip in Malaysia.. hahaha.. we planned to go oversea but my daddy's health is not very encouraging.. but we will go through it.. insyaAllah.. :)

till then..
thankz for reading..

Thursday, June 7, 2012

SEM 8---> THESIS ;)

Assalammualaikum and Hello readers..

another month fly away.. goodbye May and Welcome June.. i love June! at the end of this month, i will end my 4 years study, InsyaALLAH..

anyway, my last post is about clinical part.. and this time is about my thesis.. my last entry about research project was on February where im not started anything yet while my fellow classmates already busy with their own work.. alhamdulilah everything went smoothly despite the clashing time with clinical attachment where i loss 4 weeks in lab session and waiting time for acetone to evaporate.. *i fell so irritating when thinking about the stubborn acetone to evaporate* hahahaha..

anyway, my thesis is about nanoparticles formulation for colon targeted delivery.. frankly, i do heard the nano-cleaning and a bit about nano stuff *which much smaller than microparticles* since my mentor did his *master or phd* i dont remmber* about nano thingy.. but to be exposed with nano stuff as my final project/ thesis was soooo damn challenging!! there are lot of methods/technique can be used to yield nanoparticles.. however, i also need to tally with the facility available.. the best choice was nanoprecipitation which all the equipment and materials are available in lab.. yet i still need to order Eudragit FS30D from Germany, used as the polymer and polyethleneglycol and im pretty sure both of this things cause me a fortune, man!! still dont get any memo from account department regarding the total cost of 2 months of lab usage.. aisshh..

anyway, after weeks and weeks and weeks passed, i finally able to centrifuge and get the nanoparticle.. and yes, the feeling like want to cry!! you guys cant imagine how tense i am when classmates start early and already done their work while im struggling to complete it till the end.. that one in lab part.. to do the paperwork, complete the thesis is another story.. i was like arrrrgggghhhh!!  seriously i dont want to do any research after this.. even for my Master.. i want to clinical part, coursework.. thesis was NIGHTMARE!!! 

once i did the draft, sent to supervisor, edit and correct and get the approval for my final draft and be signed by supervisor and dean, the feeling like no burden at all!! i can breath nicely, can sleep silently.. adoiyaaii.. i had less paper in my 4th year but the most busiest sem i ever had.. *sigh*  once my coordinator received the thesis, i was like yeyyy!!! damn happy!! ooh forgot to mention, i did have project presentation and alhamdulilah it went well too..

the final task i need to do is list out all materials and equipments i used during the lab session to my supervisor *which i already give to him this morning* AND need to teach my juniors the procedures/technique to yield the nanoparticles.. job never end ha?  well, good luck juniors, you guys will experience my 2 months of suffering.. :P  you guys get the experience to do nano thingy as well which is GOOD.. you dont learn how to do it in normal dosage form or pharmacy practice lab ok.. :) my advice, its better to opt on wet lab a.k.a experiment stuff compared the dry lab a.k.a survey/education stuff.. i dont have any issues with survey form, most of friends did survey thingy, but from my experience, lab stuff is interesting and really test your patient and teach you to be perfection in terms of details.. :)  and you can easily goreng kentang in discussion chapter because you did it practically, you can analyze the mistakes, advantages and disadvantages, of course with solid reference and literature review.. 

well, thats all for my thesis part.. i summarize everything.. had bad headache this evening, still want to update something.. *facepalm*

My deepest gratitude to ALLAH for the gracious, merciful blessing for strength and preservation..
My deepest thank you to MUMMY, DADDY, ALONG, ANIC, NORRAFIUDDIN, ZURAIMI, NEASHANTI, THEEBA, ZAHIRAH, SUMAN, NIESA MELISA, HANA ZAINAL ABIDIN for you constant moral support, help and encouragement and valuable friendship that made my research endurable..
My thousand thankz to senior lab assistant that constantly help me when im kept bugging in their office everyday literally, friends and supervisor..

till then..
thankz for reading..

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sem 8--> CLINICAL ;)

Assalamualaikum and Ola readers..

a very good day.. time flies too fast.. the last time i open my blog was on MARCH!! imagine that.. almost like 2 months.. and im losing my words? aiyayayaya.. a lot of things happened within this 2 months.. yes, its going to be loooonnngggg post.. hahaha.. you guys ready? lets start the marathon!!

i think i should start with some flashback.. in case you guys forgot.. :P i start my sem 8 on last February.. i only had 2 papers actually, clinical pharmacy 2 and research project.. so basically i spend my time with classes till mid sem.. 

the story begin after mid sem!! hahaha..
i started my clinical attachment from 16th April till 11th May at HTAR, Klang.. yup2, this is my second attachment to HTAR, first time was my Pharmacy Practice.. i been assigned with same group from my previous clinical 1 attachment.. since they never visit HTAR before, i been their tourist guide.. *berlagak giler--> *facepalm! hahaha.. 

anyway,we been assigned with 4 different department and clerked the case completely, get the PCI *as usual* and presenting the case at the end of week in front of preceptor/pharmacists and lecturers..

here is the summary:
1st department--> Psychiatric
alhamdulilah, its our rezeki to get HTAR and exposed to psychiatric disorder.. here, i been exposed to few disorder such as acute psychosis, schizophrenia, and bipolar maniac disorder.. i also started knowing the psychiatric medication such as haloperidol, risperidone, olanzapine, etc.. of course i did learn these in class theoretically, but been exposed practically, open my eyes literally.. this ward much tougher than medical in terms of medication.. yes, i been attacked on my first presentation in this case.. hahahhahaha..what to do.. try so hard, just not enough.. but  its still learning process, take it as professional, learn from the mistake, nothing personal.. :P 

2nd department --> Orthopedic
this is my second time assign to orthopedic ward.. alhamdulilah went well.. my patient had allergic reaction towards cephalosporin while been admitted to ward, been discontinued the medication instantly and start back the penicillin group.. he should aware more after this, need to alert the healthcare provides regarding his allergic medication.. you guys know rite, the allergic reaction can be severe and cause death if not be treated well and fast.. thats why every time you been admitted to ward, doctors/nurses/pharmacist will asked if u had any allergic towards medication/food/herbs or anything.. my patient also suffered uncontrolled diabetes mellitus with noncompliance issues, hence its our duty to emphasize the importance of controlling the glucose and compliance towards the medication

3rd department --> Oncology *the best ever!!!!*
this is my favourite department.. i dont know why, but i do admire oncology area since im first year of Pharmacy.. my preceptor is very helpful.. my patient basically suffer with lymphoma.. very aggressive and dangerous type.. other underlying disease actually not so helpful since he undergo chemotherapy which basically suppress his immune system.. but i do admire him as he never complain nor lying on the bed the whole day, instead he walk around the ward, smile, talking to nurses.. and the nurses in this ward is very helpful and friendly.. *thank god* but the first day he started chemo, he is very weak, lying on bed the whole day.. but he smile every time the nurses came.. since im student, even my preceptor allow me to talk to the patient, but nurses keep remind me to be in safe distance since all the chemo medications are toxic.. by the way, chemo regimens are different like any other medication.. hospitals have their policy and regimen protocol and its confidential.. the protocols which is combination or single drugs, sort of.. :)

4th department --> Medical *the second best!!*
apart oncology, medical ward is my favourite ever.. the cases can be very simple and can be very severe.. very challenging and need a quick solution.. :)  the preceptor is very helpful.. seriously!! my last 2 preceptor helping us  a lot.. give us more confidence to present.. no  sire, im not been attacked during my last 2 presentation.. :P  so for last case, my patient had pulmonary tuberculosis.. she's very thin with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.. being assign in medical ward, you can see how cramped the ward with extra beds for patients.. the funny part is a specialist thought i was Doc Sofea.. pergh!!! did my face look like im a doctor?! tettttttttt!! sorry mam, im just student pharmacy.. :) hahahaha..

and last Thursday was my clinical presentation.. alhamdulilah went well.. got visiting preceptor for HSB.. ooh yes, HSB's pharmacists are very supportive and willing to travel from Sg Buloh to MSU for attending our clinical class and clinical presentation.. seriously, the preceptors there are very helpful and friendly.. we are really thankful for that.. :)

although the clinical duration is short, but yup gain my confidence in finding PCI, understands the drug, correlate with the disease and present as well had Q&A sessions with preceptors.. i must got used to it.. the next step is posting and be a PRP need to undergo almost similar like this attachemnt.. :)

there you go, done with clinical part.. will update on my research thesis part.. stay tuned.. :)

thank you for reading..

foot note: once, i forgive, twice, you can walk away from my life.. sorry, i will remove u from my life.. patotla hidup u macam tu, hati u xbersih.. end of the story..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A piece of heart

sometime when two people going too far, one of them need to put some effort to catch-up.. when one is too tired to hold on and the other one too late to realize, they will walk non-stop and unreachable.. and that time you know you had to let go..

My SweetHeart

Assalammualaikum and Hello there

a very good saturday morning.. lalala.. yes2, not going anywhere, no long travel for this week.. no wonder i can update the blog ha.. lalala.. the title? pergh controversi aje.. xde la.. my sweetheart lappys loll.. hahaha.. tetiba terasa nak update pasal gadjet aje.. lalala

when i was in sem 2 matrix, my dad give Acer Aspire 4720 as early birthday gift.. no serious, my family xreti bagi hadiah on-time.. either too early or too late.. hahaha.. my first sweetheart.. ok, im not that freaking-genius IT/laptop.. i only know the simple2 stuff.. learn the adobe photoshop, which i already forgot, thank you.. learn how to make video, cut, etc, thank you to my PA for teaching me..

smart kan?

the keyboard is white.. i actually want the black keyboard, less messy.. i thought i wanna tell my dad after reached home and buy the laptop together but then once reached home, lappy dah ada atas meja.. hahaha.. so amik aje.. appreciate whatever people give it to you kan kan?

i take really good care.. buy the screen protector, anti-kapersky, the cooling pad, all the accessories lorr.. but like always, im nerd, i dont really decorate much my lappy like stick the cute sticker, or the front one.. nope.. heee.. but mouse will not last longer, i dont know why.. like every time, need to buy new one.. hahaha..

this lappy still alive.. despite few minor disease.. hahaha.. my along want a laptop but dont want the new one, since he traveling and offshore a lot.. he just want a lappy that can online.. after long discussion and searching, we agreed that my along take my acer and i got new one.. one of the reason the process was easy because my acer quite heavy and inconvenient for me to bring along to class or hospital.. so for the record, my acer be with be for 4 years since end of 2007.. yey!! :P

i asked my dad if i can special request, i want a notebook.. not so heavy, small but of course small screen and cant play game.. der, like i play the game all the time in my lappy.. request approved and daddy asked my anic to find the new one..
Eee PC Seashell Series N570

i want the purple one but the dealer said it old stock, the brown and pink are latest.. and im definetely said no to pink, not because i hate pink, i dont the soft colour, easy to get dirty.. :)

thats the inside one.. nice har?

my anic and i actually debate whether to buy Asus or Toshiba.. both have great design.. we dont wat acer because bt of us already used the brand, we dont want dell because most of friends said dell cepat rosak, i want Apple, but my anic said its expensive because of the name but the spec nothing much different.. lalala..

at the end we bought Asus.. so far, this notebook really helpful.. i used this one for most of my 4th year presentation and bring to hospital to do the clerking.. really my second sweetheart.. :) maybe next entry i will share about my handphones.. ngeh3.. :)

till then..
thankz for reading..


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