Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Good Letter Indeed ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Yello readers!!!

alhamdulilah.. thats all i can say.. received this letter today ends my half misery but the journey not end yet.. another letter i shall wait.. deep of my heart, i dont think im ready.. *facepalm*

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lepaskan (o_~)

Assalammualaikum and Yello readers!!!

lama na xpost lagu yang stuck dalam hard disc i ni.. hahaha.. ok so far, im listening to this song.. the lyrics are sweet.. but most of all, i love the rhythm.. acer korang dengar.. lagu dia sangat relaks, lembut aje, xsakit kepala mendengar.. rentak dia macam a bit jazz kot.. memandai aje aku ni.. hahaha.. *facepalm*

i instantly got a message from a friend when i post this song in my FB.. no no friend, im ok.. in fact, im so happy and contempt with my life.. yes, there will be up and down,when the hormons too high and starting being emo, but eventually it will passed.. alhamdulilah.. 

till then..
thankz for reading..

Monday, September 24, 2012

Baby Lotionn..


Assalammualaikum and Yello peeps!!

credit to Uncle Google

this is one of the baby lotion brand available in the market.. no no im not using this lotion currently.. :)  but im thought about it.. bring my memory back to 2008, when i stayed in crowded-so-called-big hostel.. you see, im spend my 1 year study in Penang and despite i lived at Subang Jaya which is bloody near to Shah Alam, im a clueless about Shah Alam and its environment.. so once im enrolled into my uni, im actually opt to stay in hostel till im familiarize with the environment.. *ok, whats the point of this story!!* *facepalm*

there, i actually met few of awesome roommates/hostel-mates.. *is there such thing of hostel-mate?* *facepalm*  one of them is Miss Z.. ok, she's so sweet even till now.. :)  found her FB at last *finally* and guess what!!!! she's a wife and a mummy of a son!! and she still remain sweet.. ok2, back to real story.. 

you see, i dont have any sister.. but when i met her, i was like "whattttt".. *please read in a very HAPPY mode*  im not sure about her side, but for me, i felt comfortable to share things with her.. i do emphasize that she is Adorable!! and from her, i actually terpengaruh nak guna baby lotion.. i do have dry skin type, and yup, my mummy used to buy it when i was in high school but typical of me, im not comfortable applied any type of lotion/oil.. rasa macam berminyak, kira xselesa la.. hahahaha.. *sorry mum*  i remember the feeling when applied the lotion.. its great feeling after a long day of classes, labs.. *torturing time* 

however, early 2009, i moved from that cramped hostel to 3-bedrooms apartment.. frankly, i dont know how to distinguish flats and apartments till i actually moved to apartment.. *soooo jakun* and since then, i stopped bought/applied any lotion at all.. see, how pemalas i am? and somehow today, i actually searching any lotion available in my house.. found one.. no, dont asked me when i bought it because for sure i dont.. no, i dont know when its expired date.. but yes, i still applied it to my skin since it still have pleasant smelling.. muhahahahaha.. and i missed that feeling.. perhaps, it is a sign for me to start buy back that lotion.. hmm.. food for thought.. hahahaha.. :p

by the way, Miss Z also the one who teach me how to "siang ikan".. like yelllooo, my mummy did taught me how to "siang ikan" during my teenage time but i tends to forget how.. *seriously, sorry mum* ngeh3..

till then..
thankz for reading..

foot note: practice bowling with supermodels.. we should do often ladies.. muhahaha..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Never take for granted

“Never take someone for granted, hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you have lost true diamond while you were too busy collecting stones“
foot note: credit from Colour of Soul's Blog

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Great Finale ^_^

Assalammualaikun and Ola readers!!

so far, how is your life? life without classes, labs, clinical, assignments, thesis writing are pretty dull to me.. 4 years of same routine and when it stop, it aint same.. of course, the feeling was wonderful to wake up without stress thinking tons of unfinished works, eats and thinking when i can get my next meal, watching tv/dvd and not feel guilty for spending too much time on it, and got nothing to rush, no dateline to submit stuff, no adrenaline rush of exam and results time, no long hours of classes, no mumbling of pop quiz, no feeling uneasy to cramp in a so-called big lift, no morning class to attend, nope, i dont have early morning class since my 2nd year, how wonderful is that?, no maniac crazy drive because you simply love driving cilok2 *facepalm*.. 

is good haa to finish studying.. of course somehow you feel, wish i can go back to my old life especially when we start working.. but no no sire, i dont want to turn back, and feel the student's time again, nope, thankz.. hahaha.. enough for 1 year of matrix and 4 years of pharmacy course.. yes, i do intend to further my master, but heyyy is way loooongg journey.. i got to complete my Pupillage first for one year *InsyaAllah* and 2 more years for compulsory service in government hospital.. see? its waaayyy too longgg till i get my student's title back, thankz.. hahaha

 anyway, i got my final sem result last 2 weeks ago.. is it? jap2, i forgot.. hmmm.. yup2, 2 weeks then.. correct.. hahaha.. alhamdulilah, the grades was fantastic and the numbers are awesome.. but i dont put too much on the award since i dream from my first year itself.. however, last Wednesday, when i watched the Once Upon A Time series *did i mention i loved that series?*, i got a call my new mentor, Mdm Sri B.. actually, she used to be my mentor in 1st year before we get our Deputy Dean, Mr F as mentor and recently been change again to her back.. wonderful! since im one of the lists, she asked me if i can attend this  --

 of course im in!! hahaha.. so yesterday, Thursday, i went early to campus.. yes, im stuck in heavy traffic at batu 3.. nope, not big surprise.. hahaha.. the ceremony held at Performing Theater Art Hall.. :)  met most of my lecturers, most of them asked the updates of our batch.. well, nothing much to tell except we didnt get the letter yet, but IMU and UIA already received theirs, congratz!! :)  im not alone, i got one of my closes fren, Miss T accompany me.. :)  met my juniors as well, those who knew us la.. shared our experience regarding the research and clinical stuffs.. :) all in all, the ceremony went smoothly.. our Deputy Dean, Mr F being the VVIP since our beloved Dean, Dr E had urgent matter.. special VVIP was Mr A from Menara Optometry that shared few of his student's life.. well Mr A, you and i are similar, we are not straight A's student, im just average student, like seriously.. no, i mean Seriously!! snapped few pictures with juniors and lecturers.. the funny was one of my lecturer, Dr J asked me "why you guys dont take pictures with me?" hahaha.. sir, you busy with you phone and we knew you love photo sessions.. :P

so here's the certificate.. :)  alhamdulilah, its great finale to end my university's life.. you see the id? 012008!!

here's the owner.. everyone did pose like this after the ceremony.. i pon nak gak la.. hahaha.. need to wait for a week or two for the photo on stage.. :) 

and i celebrate it with Meat Mania Set Domino Pizza, special milo ice and a pack of lunch.. hahahaha.. yes yes, im the girl who can spend rm200 of Italian food at Italy Bostri, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Kuantan and im the same girl who can spend rm29.45 of Domino Pizza and rm2 of milo ice and rm5 of lunch, Subang Jaya and im the same girl who can spend rm6 of lunch and sirap limau ice, gerai tepi jalan, Batu 3.. :)

thank for read..
till then.. 

foot note: thankz to everyone that important in my life, be with me during my best and worst moments.. ^_^  you know who you are..


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