Saturday, May 18, 2013

Middle of May


1) when i was in Medical Ward, in 3rd week, i start fall sick with unresolved fever for 2 weeks with temperature maintain of 38.6, and been diagnosed of chicken pox.. * i lost my 14 days of annual leave*

2) now, in 2nd week of ICU, i already had sickness symptoms.. and i have my Male Surgical Ward and Female Surgical Ward to go through.. aiyooo.. so ironicccccc..

3) starting my CDR week.. *i love it* reconstitution and all the thingy..

4) already submit my cuti raya and bandung trip.. ye, its sooooo advanced.. 

5) had my car been serviced.. yes, its 3months late.. im sorry but i dont have the time.. and thankz friend for teman me.. i cant drive and scout the service center at the same time what..

6) working tomorrow as locum.. and straight 5 days.. and off for a week.. alhamdulilah.. im so tired.. alone and empty..

7) will have my 2nd case presentation.. hope everything went smoothly.. every month got presentation either its clinical or cme or cpe.. government ma, need to active to get the SKT point ma..

8) the MPS-Gold Medalist Award 2013 went smoothly.. met my lecturers and Dean accompanied me to get the award.. thankz Dr Eddy.. 

along, mummy, me and anic.. my love life.. daddy in our heart, always.. :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome Back --> ICU and MSW


after 1 month and a half, plus minus, im back to clinical.. yes, ward.. i love clinical.. interaction with doctors, nurses, patients, clinician pharmacists.. discussions with professionals workers, they inspired me to be a better person and a better pharmacist.. it literally quite long for me, yes even it just 1 month and a half, leaving the knowledge inside my internal disc, and need to godek2 again.. aihhh..

i remembered one HO went to nurse station, where i was there screening the drug chart asking me:

HO:  you are pharmacist right?
me:   you are doctor right?
HO: *grinned* when you free, can we have small briefing about antibiotics?
me:   sure, once i done with the charts, why not.. got viva?
HO:  yup, just to brush up my memory..
me:   awesome, brush up mine as well..

and we become good friends.. when i was in Inpatient Pharmacy, i went to Children Medical Ward for my asthma counseling and a cute female HO asked me to wait for her "saya nak tengok cara counselling jugak" and i introduce both of us to the mother.. see? i love the interactions..

 like a specialist Dr N said when we do ward round, " we are no different, we work together.. i cant remember all the drugs and their details, i asked you.. you let me know when i missed something, that simple lor" 

salam sayang dari perantauan..

38days of losing.. 2 days for coming home.. i know how much you love traveling, by car, by plane.. i know..

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Love from Granddaughter to Her Grandfather


received a call from mummy..

mummy: bring amani to kubur.. you know what she said once we reach there? "sayang atuk, sayang atuk"

girl: *silence*

mummy: take care there ok..

girl: hmm..

happy voting people..

salam sayang dari perantauan..


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