Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Holes already Filled

Assalammualaikum and Yello!!

off the track for a few days.. blerghhh.. i delete my draft.. its pointless to continue the half-thingy task.. its a big NO to do half way thing.. my bad.. shame on me.. hahaha..

anyway, spend my holiday time by catching up the series i missed.. gagaga.. do you guys know Desperate Housewives ended their 8 seasons? i had nooooo idea.. lalala.. im not the fan of that series but i did watch the first and last.. the middle, i have no intention to watch and let the drama gone.. hoho.. 

there were few scenes that actually..... what ha? cant find the words.. of course, with my bad grammar.. gagagaa.. when Mrs McCluskey die, she passed away peacefully at home, with her favourite song and a faithful husband that wiped his tears when she closed her eyes.. *closed the eyes and enjoyed the feeling*  how wonderful to have someone you loved, spent the old time sake together and how painful to watch one you love leaved and you cant do anything to ease the pain.. have a look to your parents, my parents, their long last marriage.. a bless from God.. :)

watching this season, somehow highlight the mixed evil  and angel side of us.. ego, envy, pain, revenge, anger and beneath of it, there are friendship, loyalty, love.. when you love someone but your ego clouds you judgments, your feeling, somehow you forgot the beauty of love.. when pain and anger and revenge dominate your heart, it kill the loyalty,  somehow you forgot the beauty of friendship..

 food for thought:

"when you wake up, instead of smile and be grateful, you looking for something that can make you happy.. you forgot the holes that you try to fill are already filled, you just forgot"

 till then..
 thankz for reading..

scribble note: watching Raising Hope, i dont know that Virgina and Burt love each other madly, only realize when Burt hardly let Virginia go babysit for 2 weeks..

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