Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Juggling The Time!! @_@

Assalammualaikum and Hello Peeps!!

End of October.. Welcoming the November.. i know!!! the last time  i said Hello here was on JULY!!! im juggling the time.. pejam celik pejam celik, worked in Hosp Tawau for 10 months already.. so many things happened, speechless.. there will be time, i hardly breath and severe back pain due to stress and lack of rest.. but it will be worth it.. InsyaAllah.. :)

 1)  our dyslipidemia clinic offically ended early October.. my colleagues and i and our boss scarified soooo many thing.. our time, enegy, money and most of all our weekend to make the clinic succeeded.. for the whole October, me and my colleagues spend our time to make the thesis, analysis the result for our research presentation.. yes, will be present in our unit and also boss will present to Pengarah Hosp.. thankz to the supportive speacialist Dr L.. *i miss Dr N, will see you in UKM bos*

2) currently updating all the logbook.. out of 9 books, im done with 6 books.. another 3 will come with 2 viva to go.. done with 2-hours of Oncology Viva yesterday after so many time postpone due to lack of time from boss and me also.. teeetttt.. hahaha.. another two case report and buletin to settle.. yes, major thing left.. please pray, be nice.. gagagagaa

3) after so many months struggling will all sort of presentation, the day after tomorrow will be my last presentation before submit my logbook.. it feels awesome.. its like part of the burden washed away.. lalalaa.. will be present the second journal appraisal, i think i do like the idea of critical appraisal.. but no, i had no intention to do it again.. :P

4) if you guys noticed, in my FB status for the past few months, im currently active in Tennis and back to my old regime, Swimming!! yess.. finally, i had the time and resource to spend.. will leaved my two regime for 2 weeks as im off starting this 1st November.. but will back to track, saturday swimming and sunday tennis or vice versa.. ohh yes, i have students to kerah tenaga to teman me.. teeheee..

4) November and December will be pretty hectic for me.. after 2 weeks off, will direct posting in Female Medical Ward.. after almost 2 months of leaving clinical, i have definitely need to brush up my rusty management.. aaihhh.. and December will be speechless month.. im literally not in Tawau for every weekend!!! every week i balik semenanjung k!! and yes, December will be my last oncall.. and i pray it will nice and better this time..

basically, this is what happened.. but no, not entire story been told.. sometime it best to stay low.. :)

till then..

foot note: im off today.. after work 6 days, non stop.. what a bless..  :)

memory notes: 7 months and counting... next year a major thing will come out, InsyaAllah, a gift for daddy... even he was not here...


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