Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello Decemberrr (@_@)

Assalammualaikun and Yelloo peeps!!

im back in town.. hoho.. like duuuhh, macam lama sangat kannnn.. December.. pretty busy for me.. rushing here and there.. just back from family vacation.. okay, a very short one.. muhahahaha.. i really wanna follow my dad to Thailand, but since i just get back from Indonesia, one day before departure date to Thailand, i cant go.. xleh tamak, semua nak bolot.. gagagaga.. i will miss my relative in Perlis.. aiyayaya..

received my convocation letter last week itself, but only get the time to view it today!! *dush*  straightly confirm the attendance online, read all the "what to do", "robe", bla bla bla.. endless.. hoho.. alhamdulilah, so far going smoothly like snogurt.. hoho.. i love snogurt.. dah xmo makan tutty fruity, xsedap weii.. hahaha..

morning sessions and 3 guests maximum!! like whattt!! i called my "beloved" admin, asked if can get extra, seriously willing to pay more, like moreeeee.. but no, no, no.. maximum seats are 3.. okay, fine! hahahaha.. catchup with my coursemate, some in afternoon session.. like seriously, why?!!!! dahla batch kitaorang ada 12 students aje weii, dipecah2 gini, lagi sikit.. sedih haku dibuatnya.. dont worry friends, i will stay till your session start, photo time!! gagaga.. 

ooh, yup i had missed a few calls during my vacation.. luckily my kak cik whatsapp me to let me know.. our Head of Department busy interviewed us for industrial award.. hahaha.. stylo kan? dicalonkan sahaja.. i dont think i get it since there are other students much better and impressive achievement compared mine.. doakan klau eden xdapat, biar kak cik dapat.. :)

well, hope everything is okay.. after christmas time, convo time, our time.. before time are what we dont have.. 

till then.. 
thankz for reading..

p/s: im scared.. for another years.. but i keep my faith.. but insecurity is a lie to not admit it..

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