Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Old and New ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Yello peeppps!!!

i had my blog-walking few days ago.. and i found a blog that shared her on-the-way bride-to-be experience.. i somehow pretty keen on that stuff nowadays.. nope, i dont get that path yet, there is soooo much to do within these 2-3 years, i need to hold that dream.. muhahaha.. jangan la ada yang baca, kang kata eden gatai.. tetttttt.. *facepalm* so, nope im not going to talk about my wedding.. hahaha.. obviously!! *another facepalm* 

jauh na tersasar ni.. ok2 back to Old and New real story..

the Old one:

you see the picture above? pergh skema giler ayat.. ok, thats my purse for 2-3 years.. i think i bought it around late 2008-early 2009.. somewhere there.. bought at Parkson.. but cant remember which Parkson.. Kuantan or Subang Parade or Kota Bharu.. short-term memory i suppose.. but one thing i did remember, i bought it during SALES!! hahaha.. so more discount.. ngeh3.. i bought one set with the handbag.. :) teeheee..

i like the design.. so many compartments.. you see the white part? itu namanya "makan diri".. actually, it looks pretty decent in here.. the real one, perghhh so sad.. i had no intention to change it since i dont really care much.. as long as it can hold my so-called-important cards, few cash, that should be fine.. hahaha.. untill someone said "beli la purse baru, lusuh na dah tu" okay!! its awkward.. no, its embarrassing!! like seriously.. hahaha..

 the New one:

so, here is my current/new purse.. its advance birthday present.. :) tee heee.. i fall in love! first sight!! even we survey for others brand as well.. Bonia, Sembonia, Coach, Guess, and fews.. we actually pusing balik satu mall nak beli purse ni.. hahaha.. actually got a set with handbag.. the design? gorgeous!! but no, i only want the purse..  the handbag quite big for me.. you see, im just 153cm, im SHORT.. amek ko, capital lagi tu.. i prefer a small handbag.. eeh jap, tengah2 taip, baru teringat, i dah dapat handbag baru.. ok, next entry.. tetttttt.. hahaha..

i love the design.. so many stuffs.. muhahhaha.. one part, i put all my so-called-important cards, nope, you cant see them.. hehehe.. the other part is where i put my cash, coins.. you see the cinema tickets? i keep the tickets.. memories.. :)  the other part is where i put cards that "menggemukkan" purse i.. got Padini card, MPH card *ooh pak cik saya* SSPN card *i dont know why i keep it* Toy R Us card *since i bought the helicopter!!* Juice apa ntah card *beli yoghurt juice kat Empire--delicious!!* 

when boys checkout girl's purse, they always asked "why you keep all non-important cards, why you need to sign up everything, why you need/keep/bring that card" well pretty true.. and i dont know the answer.. hahaha..

till then..
thankz for reading..

scribble note: sunnah nabi? hehe.. i will read about it.. sorry, i cant wait.. gagaga.. pak cik Google can help.. :)

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  1. wahhhh...carlorino tueee. ailike! nasib baik zie minat guess brand. kalau tak..menjeles. hehehe.



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