Saturday, December 25, 2010

Busy like a bee Part 2

Haluuu fellas.. First of all, let me apologize to readers since im already promised to update about my last event happened in saturday last week.. hoho.. im only able to do it today, which one week after the event.. hoho.. shame on u atien.. sorry yar.. *grinned* this entry will be damn long.. u ready guys? hoho.. tetiba mcm men game la plak..

on last saturday, my club, pharmacy club with the aid of school of pharmacy had organized pharmacy sport challenge/mini pharmacy family day.. the purposes of this sport challenge is actually to select players to represent our university to National Pharmacy Sport Carnival 2011 at USM.. and the mini pharmacy family day was actually like small event to reunite the students between diploma and bachelor students, juniors and seniors, sort like that.. anyway, i actually decided to go late but then my beloved frenz, bell already called me like " where the heck are u".. hoho.. so eventually, i terpacak kat court around 8.15.. i drove rempit style 15 minutes from my sweet home.. *grinned* then, we did the registrations and u know what fellas, the best part was ''the beverage are provided yar..''

boleh plak kan im so happy dgr bnda tu.. of course they provided the beverage and food since we pay rm5 and the president and the project manager would never let their members in thirsty mode.. wahahaha.. thankz, love u all.. *winked2* once registration, basically not all coming yet, so we juz waited.. but since me and bell is good gurl *yoyo je*, we helped the commitee to drained the courts since pak cik engineer and arkitek yg wat tu xpndai wat court.. air bertakung kot!! pandai2 je aku salahkan pakcik2 yg berusaha dgn gigih.. huhu.. for your information, im wearing white t-shirt and jeans.. yup, i know u make that face.. from the briefing, we asked to wear white shirt but on that day, red shirt also can.. *derrrr, if i know early* and for the jeans, im not intent to play any games but then i did involve.. helping frenz maaa, need to give support for the event..

after we so-called successfully done with that 'kelu' court, we started our event by warming up lead by our project manager.. hoho.. sgt semangat they all doing the 5-stars jumping.. i xwat la, i dah tua.. hoho.. after that, we start all the games.. first with futsal and batu seremban.. surprised hah fellas? well actually for our NPSC, there are two main games: traditional and modern games.. for traditional games include batu seremban, tuju kasut, the upih pinang(we not sent the representative for this game).. while for modern games include netball, basketball (not sent), ping pong badminton.. tu je kot.. hoho.. cant remember all.. hoho.. of course we support both of the teams.. hoho..

meanwhile since not enough players *derr, overall our pharmacy students only around 300 of diploma and bachelor students from 1st to 4th year.. never enough lorr*, me and bell participate in tuju kasut.. saje2, bg full cket form list.. hoho.. pergh, very style played tuju kasut.. of course la, im used to play with my 2 brothers ok!! im grown up with played tembak2, pnjat pokok instead of men masak2 and barbie doll.. naaa.. wahahaha.. at the same time i also played netball coz one of the payer absent on last minute.. that why im telling fellas that im not intend to play actually, juz helping them in alst minute mode.. :) wahahaha.. oo yar, im not played netball for about 5 years, the last time im played was in high school thank you very much.. hoho..

and yeah, im playing with my whole heart.. hoho.. smpai terjatuh kau aku cakap.. hoho.. dahla becak.. wahaha.. oo yeah, forgot to tell all, the participants been choose based on the perfomances on the games, not which team won.. sort like that yar.. more fair i think.. coz all had their chance to show their best.. rite? then, we got futsal for ladies.. meanwhile, im juz hanging out with bell and few of frenz played so called basketball.. of course i shot the ball with score 2 out of 20, thank you2.. yar2 im proud to be small and short.. wahaha..

we also got selingan event like 'eat pear' game, 'blown up balloons' game, 'treasure candy' game, 'eat all' game.. hoho.. actually i dont know the exact names for these games, hentam je based on the games description.. hoho.. then, we had the prize ceremony by our beloved lecture, Sir Khursyid..

see the pics yar fellas:
thats me, thank you.. hoho

see how comited i am.. ececeh, promote diri.. hoho

batu seremban game

netball game.. i dont know how to reduce the pixel.. huhu

eat pear game

me and my diploma friends.. they are sem 5 already, will doing practical later..
good luck dears

treasure candy game..

me and bell..

eat all game.. the coffea was thick concetrated.. hoho..
the projevt manager was in red shirt..

prize ceremony.. we used the new stage.. hoho..

our beloved lectures

the morning event already done.. so u guys still with me? coz i got another story wanna shared to fellas.. hoho.. once the event finished around 1pm, i straight went home coz i already promised to my brother to follow him and had a date with him and his friend.. hoho.. he wanna go to sogo to buy stuffs.. and sogo got big sales due to christmas and year end sale.. yes fellas im juz cuci mata, i dont buy anything.. hoho.. even my brother's friend also feel weird coz i dont buy anthing.. he said,' women love shopping what'.. after that, we went to gardens and midvalley.. had a great diiner at Itallianies.. pergh!! tervaek wa ckp sama lu.. hoho.. love that place.. ingat nk candle light dinner dgn syg kat sana nnti.. when ar... hoho.. then, continue shopping there.. me? im juz holding all the shopping bags.. thankz for asking.. wahahaha.. we reached our sweet home around midnight.. pergh!! really enjoyed the day.. and once when i woke up on the next morning, i feel damn pain entire body.. pergh.. terbaek gak.. hoho..

see the pics yar::

while my bro try his shirt, im treat myself with snap snap and snap..
cant resist to snap pic when see mirrors..

the lovely place

the cheapest set.. hoho.. but worth it..

the appetizer: caesar salad and bread with superb delicious olive oil..
with something.. i dont know what the 'add' name..

my dinner course.. kind of big chicken..
n yup, i finished it.. hoho.. damn starving..

me at puma shop.. got an eye on the new sandal but will buy later.. hoho..

my bro and his friend.. :)

somehow feel cold.. wahahaha

hoho.. so thats my journey on last saturday.. pretty amazing i bet.. hoho.. and on monday till friday, i got class as usual.. quiz and assignment as well as lab report.. n today is saturday.. *wink2* already planned with parents to go summit.. and next week.. hmm.. very eager for next week.. hoho.. another planned for a long trip.. i love it!! i love to travel!! hoho..

u wanna know readers? well, keep follows me and check out for the next update yar.. love u all.. *grinned* pergh, mcm celebriti plak.. hoho.. perasan la u atien.. ahakz!!

will update later.. till then..

scribble note:: a very long one huh? sian korang.. jgn korang muak sudah.. :)

Monday, December 20, 2010


Haluu readers.. like the title, i only able to briefly explain it.. i did promised to update the Part 2 entry and that will ahppen except not now.. i will update later.. sorry yar.. ececeh mcm la ada org mnunggu nk bc.. huhu.. i already spent an hour to update my collegiate blog, MSU School of Pharmacy, which im not expected to spent that much of time.. frankly, im out of schedule.. so need to delay the next entry.. check out my next entry yar fellas.. ececg, mcm selebriti..

till then..

scribble note: need to enter the Pharmacy Practice 4's class with at least 30 types of drugs or u screwed if cant answers Sir Fad'q question.. thank you very much..

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Like a stone

on a cold night
in a room full of emptiness

by a freeway i confess

i was lost in the pages

of a book full of death

reading how we'll die alone

and if we're good we'll lay to rest

anywhere we want to go

in this house i long to be

room by room patiently

i'll wait for you there

like a stone i'll wait for you there


i was there so long ago

the sky was bruised

the wind was bled

and there you led me on

and on i read

until the day was gone

for all that i've blessed

and all that i've wronged

in dreams until my death

i will wander on

sometime when we waiting for someone, we wait with passion and love..

sometime when we waiting for someone, we wait with hope..

hope that the waiting being paid off..

hope that someone loved us back..

that someone can wait like what we did..

somehow when we waiting for someone, it just not happen..

somehow when we wait for someone, the hope is gone..

somehow when we wait for someone, that someone cant wait for us..

and that moment you know it was useless...

and that moment you know the time gone, never realized it..

and that moment you know you love was nothing..

and that moment you lose hope and numb..

and no more tears..

and no more feeling..

like a stone..

forgive urself before others

save ur soul before others

Friday, December 17, 2010

Touch n Write n Go

HAALLUUU readers.. as my title, im juz touch and write a bit n go, bubye.. hoho.. frankly, im not feeling well and somehow feel like heavy head.. erk? what the heck.. nk ckp berat kepala je.. hoho.. even my another collegiate MSU School ofPharmacy pon xter-update lg.. of course my lecturer, Sir Ib a.k.a the unofficial owner of that blog said is ok to not update frequently, but then is part of my responsibilities rite? so, with automatic mode, i feel guilty to not update the latest upcoming event.. hoho.. maybe i do draft first.. *duuhh* itu pon nk gtau ke.. apa la atien..

anyway, today got quiz, thank you very much.. and i nail it.. hoho.. despite that i slept early last night due to my flu medication.. hoho.. im not used to feel sleepy after had any medication, but this time, im defeated.. hihi.. quiz was fine-checked, and class also fine-checked.. im not sleepy, of course.. hoho.. i had my 100plus to replenish my loss fluid.. ececeh.. and had wonderful wafel for my empty stomach.. my class finish late evening despite my beloved lecturer already skipped the long long theory.. hoho.. the traffic was better than yesterday.. i wonder why readers.. today is friday, the weekend nyte, should be more heavy traffic compared than yesterday.. hmm.. thats food for though for u fellas.. *grinned*

will update later, maybe tomolo for the event.. and of course my hang out with my bro and his friend.. hoho.. time for movie and cuci mata.. *evil smile*
till then..

hand note: i used to write 'till then' after the end of my entry.. 'till then' is more metaphor compared nyte and bubye, etc.. i realize from the line of Rick Castle to Kate Beckett in Castle at Star World channel.. :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SmartTag with no card

hoho.. dont worry.. i use the smartag lane with card for sure.. since my home is subang jaya n my campus is at shah alam which side by side literally, i drive everyday for my class which i love it as i love to drive.. ahakz!! and of course i use the highway as it is less traffic *duhh* and more near which juz take me 15 minutes without of course pecut.. bwk relax2 sudeh.. hoho.. but if so-called traffic jam at the exit, then take 30 minutes.. *grinned*

anyway, thats not the part that i wanna share.. juz wanna briefly shared about my day.. hoho.. dont want this blog become dusty.. ahakz!! frankly, i have few times to kill but im too lazy to sign in the gmail n update the blog.. pergh, too many laziness atien.. shame on u..

back to the story, i spend the day to settle my lab report which need to be typed.. and yup, its weird because most of the times, lecturers will ask to write manually for the report.. *grinned* however, one of my lecturer had his own though to asked us, his hyperactive students to type the lab report and write manually the assignment.. yup, u read it right.. i need to type the lab report and doing manually the assignment.. *grinned and evil smile* well of course, i did all the works while watching tv and chatting with my syg.. im still can do 3 things in one time, but not during study.. study time is strictly for study.. hoho..

after settle the work, i went to summit to take my new ring.. hoho.. as well as bought lunch.. well, im treat myself very well.. wahahaha..i had chicken and salmon teppayaki.. *grinned* i eat a lot and enjoyed it.. hoho.. then i went to mph, my uncle store (uncle la sgt).. and treat myself with new book since i dont buy any book for............a month ago.. wahahaha.. i cant help it.. i still need the new book.. even i had mid sem that juz around in the corner or having a final exam..

i had a great evening by watching angels and demon that i been watched for several times, thank you very much, and also watched the food tech at the history channel.. the title might not caught ur attention but when u really watched, u will interested.. juz like me.. hoho..

well thats all for today.. not very brief i think.. hee..will update later..

till then..

p/s: i once read from the mph's magazine that says youth dont use full sentences while writing in blogs or even sms or message.. so, im trying to write in a full sentences (even not fully sentences).. :) so if u r bored, do forgive me.. :)


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