Monday, October 4, 2010

Exam mode

chapter ntah yg kebrape: exam mode!! kpd kalian, sy ni agak pemalas dlm mengupdate blog.. hidup me bnyak bnda yg menarik berlaku.. ssah pyh, happy sedih semua ada.. tp bab nk mengup-date agak mls loll.. wahaha.. anyway, final exam dh smpai.. so struggle nk recall.. wahaha..

ni ler time table eden:

pharmacology of cancer and other body system - monday (done)
pharmacy practice 3 - wednesday
islamic studies (onle me take coz others already took during their foundation) - thursday
pharmacology of endocrine system - friday
pharmacognosy - monday
pharmacology of gastrointestinal tract - wednesday
designing dosage form 2 - friday

first week exam agak hectic for me coz xde gap.. but second week okla, ada gap satu hr.. hee..

nnti time cuti 2 minggu eden akan mengemas kini blog ni ye..

till then


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