Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Little Gift


alhamdulilah.. a great weekend.. despite working till 10 pm yesterday and today still need to go to hospital for statin-consultation.. 

what a good new was? last Thursday, my Forensic Exam result out.. turn out? i pass with both essay and MCQ questions.. i was like waaaaaa.. bloody nice!! did you guys know, it bloody tough papers.. sometimes pharmacists have to reset for several times to pass.. me? one shot only.. alhamdulilah.. thank you ALLAH.. share with all people i love!!

now, focus on clincal research and case reports.. 4 more months to go for submission.. 5 more months to end my hectic pupillage/houseman ship..

till then..

memo note: off for Oncology department next week.. be strong..
memory note: ulang alik KL-Tawau, macam naik bas ulang alik KL-Kuantan.. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Middle of July


time flies like crazy.. 
hardly catch up my breath..

alhamdulilah, my clinical research started last week, my partner helped me covered last week since im off for a week.. try to refresh myself.. 
the research will held for 3 months..
its collaboration between medical team with pharmacists..
may everything turn well for next 3months.. 

memo note: the higher your rank, more responsibilty your hold.. and when you holding the Dangerous Drugs's key, the burden is billion time.. for now im tired... since end of March..


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