Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mobile Phone :)

Assalammualaikum and Ola readers!!

wonderful cold day.. start the day with raining.. i think the hot season finally over and welcome to gloomy, windy, raining season.. my last trip to Kelantan, the weather was nice, not so hot like always.. the season will change since we will reach august later.. :)

anyway, im thinking to post about mobile phones.. when i was form 3, i went for a tuition.. since im the youngest and the only daughter, my family really concern/worried about me.. the class start on night around 8pm till 10pm.. of course, transport provided.. yet, my parents gave the cheapest, the easiest and most available that time.. no no sire, i dont get the  phone fresh from shop.. i got Nokia 8520 Butterfly from my brothers!!! hahahaha.. and yes, my brother got the phone from my mummy.. is like daddy used first, then mummy, then along, then anic, then me!!! so this butterfly been in our family for years!! 

 Nokia 8520 Butterfly

and i tell you what, the old nokia was more tougher and less fragile compare the new design.. me, as always clumsy!! hahaha.. even jatuh banyak kali pon, handphone xhang weiiii!! *facepalm* i used this phone for 2 years.. then, the butterfly start to meragam.. the screen out, cant read the message properly, cant hear anything when someone call.. so i start looking the new one.. okay2, i break the tradition, bought the phone from shop.. but!! there is a "but" there! i bought the second hand one.. hahahaha..

 Samsung E700

E700 Samsung

yes, this is actually my first desire phone i want.. i thought my mummy daddy will bought this the first time.. but heyy, if you wait, you will get it someday.. :) anyway, it second hand but still i do love this phone!!i dont remember the price, i think around rm500.. my first flip phone.. :) seriously i love flip phone!!! but it last for a year and a half.. its flip style, so it more fragile than the tablet one.. besides, its second hand.. you cant expect to used it for a long time.. same problem, the screen out, leave a white blank.. i did want to repair it but its cost rm200.. so there it go, bye2.. :(

N70 Nokia

if im not mistaken, i bought this phone using my Raya's money plus my saving plus my daddy did sponsor few bucks.. :) my first handphone fresh from shop.. hahahaha.. actually, i saw the design in mobile booklet.. shown the specifications and price.. honestly, i dont care the specification, i dont know what its that!! but i adore the black colour and got 2 camera, front and back!! seriously people, during my day, to have this kind of handphone, like having iphone already k!! hahaha.. i do remember the price.. around rm1200..i loved this phone and really took care of it.. no, im serious!! i spent my money to buy the expensive screen protector, the casing, etc.. anything for the phone.. hahaha.. this phone last for almost 4 years.. :) im proud of u N70!!! but the same problem occur, the speaker getting worst, the screen not nice to see, the keypad getting loose.. hehehehehe.. and repair cost is out of the question.. hahaha.. so, i kept in the box nicely and searched the new one.. hahaha..

E72 Nokia

i dont remember why i choose the phone.. ehh jap2.. i know!! my brother asked me what type of phone i looking for.. since there so many handphone available and the price is affordable.. time ni rasanya samsung SI dah kuar and blackberry pon dah famous.. no no sire, im not use SI, too expensive, beyond my budget but my brother did bought SI.. the first touch screen in our family.. hahaha.. i choose this one because that time im so-called busy wanna have notes/event reminders etc.. since im in uni 2nd-3rd year, so many events need to attend and organize, notes/organizer/event reminder was crucial for me since im not the jolt-book note-type of person.. and the price is affordable that time, around rm 1200 as well.. good phone but one thing lacking was that by time, the phone start hang!! i used to overslept and late to my class for 15 minutes because the phone hang and no other alarm.. not to mention, i received late messages and got scold by my family coz im not answering the phone, they thought i shut my phone, the fact was my phone hang!! and im not realize it! great!! but apart of it, this phone is good phone, still functioning till now.. but dear dear dear, not in my hand at the moment.. i gave the phone to someone and yes, he paid.. need to remind him, if he got new phone, i want e72 back as my collection.. i will pay back.. have to!! my brothers and i had phone collection we used.. hahaha


Blackberry Torch

anyway, the reason i gave my e72 to my friend, *yes, he paid ok!!* because my elder brother gave me the BlackBerry torch!! how lucky i am!! hahahaha.. he only used it for 6 months.. then SII samsung start come out!! so both my brothers bought SII together.. imagine rm4k been spend in one day!! boys!! hahaha.. so im using BB torch till now.. of course i adore this phone!! its black!! and got touch screen and keypad/tablet as well.. bless!! hahaha.


S2 Samsung

my second brother just bought S3 that day.. the first day come out, he willing to queue at Celcom center to get the phone.. :P  boys!! anything they willing to do they get the latest gadget.. hahaha.. so like always, my brothers always make me as their priority *please ignore the statement- :P * my second brother gave me his S2 as my second handphone.. hahahaha.. so basically i got 2 babies-BB torch and S2 and 2 blackie-myvi and civic!! damn!! leh kopak duit aku macam ni!! hahahaha

ooh ya, my hotlink simcard apparently out of service -"simcard rejected" did im panic? ooh definitely!! i used the number for soooo long that most of important things, i wrote the number as my contact number.. my banks, my posting form, my broadband, my university, you name it!! of curse im panic!! and the fact that the simcard is not under my name didnt help.. hope my second brother got time to change the simcard.. *fingercross*

pheewww.. long entry ha?! hahahaha.. well, thats all i guess.. :)

till then..
thankz for reading..

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