Monday, September 21, 2015

Reminisce The Journey

Assalammualaikum and Yuhu people!!!

Heres one thing about blog.. Once you start the post, another post will be coming.. But once you stop for a while, then it will be months to restart again.. So here i am, shocking eh? Another post in just few days!!! Hahahaha.. Reminisce my old posts.. I think i should make entry for my previous clinic, since i still had a mood-blogging.. Lalala..

Memories : 

My second post after my Provisional Registered Pharmacist (which is equally to Houseman for Medical)  was back to Peninsular, which directed me to Kelantan, yes my parents hometown.. Those who knew me well though im crazy for apply that state.. No no, i dont have issue with Kelantan, in fact thats my kampung, im happy with that.. Those who used naek kete i, they had to listen all the dikir barat songs.. 

It just im adventurous person, i want to explore new places, travelling before settle down.. Those who knew me know that i cant stand to one place for a looooooooong time.. But yeah, we planned but Allah decide what the best for us.. And yup, i got the hot spot.. Been posted to the farthest *is my grammar correct* side of  district of Pasir Mas, Rantau Panjang.. You know what my first though? Ooh great!! In tawau, we are near to Indonesia which my hp confuse with IndoTelco, and now in Rantau Panjang, that ip5 will confuse with ThaiTelco.. To think about it, damn funny.. Ok bye..

Bila di tempat sendiri, dah xsama dengan tempat orang.. So yup, cant say im soo adventorous last year.. A bit dull life.. I had to cover with short vacations.. Okay, alasan!! Anyway, i been there on July Ramadhan time.. Its new experience, 360 degree change in terms of environment works.. Less clinical side, more to administration, ceramah, pameran, etc.. The procedures, the flows, something that i never learned directly during my training.. So, folks, its good to gain both experiences of clinic and hospital, people cant tipu on you.. 

You see, in tawau, my home is like studio room version, was 10minutes away from hospital, on contrary, i had to travel almost 1 hour and 15minutes to Klinik Kesihatan Rantau Panjang.. Yes, everyday literally.. Dont asked about fuel!! I paid rm600/month just for fuel purpose only.. Technically, i drove CRV 2.4, so hahahahha you know what i mean.. Lalala.. So weekdays, it was tiring day for me to wake up early (im used to wake up early since tawau subuh time is 4.30am), to travel as early as 6.30-6.40am, only reached home by 6.15pm, and by 9pm, im flat.. Weekdays are no life for me.. While weekend, we had methadone oncall rotation to do, every 2 months, so im ok with that  can collect hours afterall.. 

Apart of it, im happy worked there.. I had a good proper breakfast, nasi putih gulai ayam, during lunch hour, had a nap at transit house and proper lunch, sometime we had desserts of icecream baba in evening session.. And i did gain weight there, thankz!!! I enjoyed shopping time with staffs there, they really had issues with TUDUNG/Shawl bagai, updated oooo.. Me? Naaaa follow je, cuci mata tapi xdenye den nak beli.. I enjoyed good food there, with their permissions.. You see RP is near to Thai's boarders, separate by Sg Golok river, so basically most of them are from the other side, their style of food are different.. Got what i mean? Hahahhaa

Anyway, once i reached 6 months anniversary working there, i apply transferred letter to hotspot place too!! I love the idea of hotspot!! Meantime, i experienced the super duper heavy flood last December, i did post about it.. Its really remarkable journey for me.. Yup, another 6 months of waiting, taraaaaa received good news!! Challenged aaccepted to Hospital Machang (HosMac).. Alhamdulilah, its soo nice to gain new experience and knowledge.. Hospital Tawau is specialist hospital, KKRP, and now HosMac is district hospital.. There always different procedures for every workplace, its nice to be partof it..

Naaa, amik ko panjang giler esei.. Heres go the picture marathon: 

The triage and OPD team.. Thanks for allowed me to have short nap in transit house, follow you guys for food hunting and shopping time, tawaf triage and registration every 4.30pm literally everyday, let me checked my BP and when i had fever, for hugg me when i broke the good news..

The lab team.. We missed one staff since he left first after got married.. I accept your friend request finally, sorry for late respond.. Hahahha.. Thankz for let me checked my glucose level 3x/weekly..

My awesome PPF, Kak S, for taught me how to wear shawl.. Heck, its easy actually.. Lalala.. Please kiss umailah for me..

My awesome PPF, Kak Ang.. Do you think shes malay at first place? Tertipu!!! I though she malay too, turns out, shes Chinese and spoke hokkien.. Try to learn it, but pretty difficult compared Cantonese..

The thorn among the roses, En A.. Hes like our guardian!! Hahahha.. Everything from computer to stupid heavy drawer, to KMnO4 preparation, to stocks checked.. In my defend, if you dont know what is KMnO4, is lretty hard preparation okay!! You need to make sure no staining!! I repeat STAINING as it leaved mark forever!! Just to remind that dont be reckless.. Lalala..

My outstanding PPF from KK Gual Periok.. Im incharge of 2 upgrade KK and Klinik 1malaysia.. Received goodbye gift from her.. Hihi.. You why shes outsanding? Because she can cover pharmacy all by herself from stocks to dispense medications.. You know how hard to handle the situation of 20 patients serbu like one shot, ALONE!! At the same time, need to check the balance stocks, then indent, bla bla bla.. 

MCH team.. I love the sister, shes crazy like me!!! Hahahaa

My awesome Dr K, and assistant doctors.. Its so nice naek kete blue ford dia.. Hahaha

My personal and mabeles doctor, Dr M.. Anything just inform her, she diagnoes from phone call.. Hahahaha.. Naaaa, shes good and detailed-oriented person, still insisted to see personally.. 

Yup, last day.. Nope, i dont the chance naek ambulan, just jip from PKD only during flood..

My second boss.. She said "since we are PF, we should snap here" yes, in the middle of medication boxes.. 

My satu kepala friend.. Anak satu dah tu kawan.. Eden je bujang lagi.. Mmm for few weeks.. Hahahhaa

Our big boss methadone.. She can handle anything related to from unreliable client to stocks.. Since im incharge methadone here, i really need to be like her, calm and cool.. Lalala..

Well, thats the memories.. Life goes on.. And im happy with my life so far.. Everytime end of my oncall, i know i love my career.. This is a career for me, not a job.. 


16/07/2014 till 02/07/2015
Klinik Kesihatan Rantau Panjang, Kelantan
Pharmacist Nurfatin Diyana Nordin 

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  1. Dyana, i like this post! So positive of you. Hehe. Saya dah lama perap post pasal kkrp ni dalam blog tak ter'publish'. Hahah :D



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