Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello 2015!!

Assalammualaikum and Hello peeps!!!

Yes, its been a while now.. And hey, Happy New Year folks!!! Its never too late aite? Lalalala.. So many things happened for the past 5 months.. Countless if you ask me.. So please bare for a long entry here.. *i warned you*


1)  lets seeee.. Since the last updated was August, i had usual life.. Got some courses to attend.. Kursus Berhenti Merokok and being part of the team.. I know!!! Why me?!! Kursus Pengurusan Diabetes Mellitus and involved with Bengkel Diabetes Mellitus and eventually, had to be the one who set up the DMTAC, Diabettes Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic in Rantau Panjang.. Yess, again!! Me?!! Had to attach the short-term 7 days attachment of MTAC for my DM clinic in HRPZ II.. That October and November were pretty hack for me.. Im literally not in the clinic for almost a month.. *yes, my counselling statistics shown some reduction.. Hahahahah.. So many responsibility, not to mention, my kerja hakikis -->dispense medications, counselling parts (mdi, insulin, you name it, everything that involve with counselling), 3 upgrade clinics under mine (kkgp, kkkk and k1m), all type of reten by the ends of months.. I knowwwww!! Endlessssss 😳😳😳

Here was my DMTAC thingy.. Some random shot..

Our team won first place during DM presentation in that bengkel.. Honestly, im more to DM clinic compared to KBM.. Im not that interested in KBM.. *sorry*

Scribble note: had some thought to further in oncology or endocrine for my master.. Yes, psy is interesting but the aura is too negative for me to handle.. 

2) i ran for some short getaway to Perlis.. My old friend getting married.. Do u ever believed i solely drove  mr doraemon from Kelantan to Perlis? Believe it or not? Believe it man!! Yes, we did stop by at Kulim, Kedah since the kolam air panas was so tempting and mummy wanna met her few friends.. Hey, im the driver only man.. 

The resorts here were full that time, its weekend and school holidays after all.. Thats why we stop at Kulim instead of here, Baling..

We stayed at Putra Brasmana Hotel, Kuala Perlis, our room view was directly can see the ocean.. Yess, i love beaches and the ocean.. *exception for Paris and Tanah Haram*

Amik berkat orang kawen weii.. Lalalaalaa

Agak2 kome, mana satu en doraemon?! Lalalla

Foot note: my last jejak kaki to Perlis.. No no no shamir w, i will go to your wedding if its out from Perlis, thankzz!! 

3) lets had another look.. October did remark something in my life.. I dont know.. Some sparkles in my sorrow life.. Thankz to damia's aqiqah and future sister-in-law, *technically that time, i had no idea, this will be my path* Or perhaps akak that found me? *erkk?* lalalala.. Our first messenger chatting after a week being added by himself.. I knowww!!! I am patience to wait..  

The gift.. Simple.. 5 days in advance.. Thankz pos malaysia.. Hahahaha

Scribble note: please stay tune.. 

4) another look and a bit harder now since the hard disc almost full.. you guys well known that our kelantan, terengganu suffered heavy flood.. Well, our clinic was the first area affected.. *thankzz -- grinned face* you guys cant imagine what a night can change everything.. I remembered that wednesday, my staffs and i prepared for the possibility of flood due to heavy rain for the past 2 weeks.. The definition of prepared were lifting our stocks of medications to the higher level as much as possible, since our clinic is a old clinic with limited facilities and spaces.. Anyway, the next morning, which is Thursday, i received call from my PKD boss said that need to lapor diri to PKD since the roads there all stucked with flood.. So yup, Rantau Panjang was officially "banjir first wave" 

This was the first day, Thursday 18th December 2014, yes, i remember the date so well..

Only 4wd can through the area

Yes, air sangat deras..

This was our clinic.. The first wave..

This was few days after that, 5 days i believed.. We had to redah the clinic, to see the damage and also get some medications, low stock in pusat pemindahan already.. 

Basically, our hq during flood was pusat pemindahan.. Already prepared all the medications, yey, its limited with 5 days supply.. So by time, its either my collegue or i had to get the supply at KKB pasir mas.. Once JPAM said its safe to reach the clinic, apa lagi, we were the first unit angkat tangan nak redah maen banjir.. *technically, its only me who excited*lalallalalaa

The transportation was pretty hard that time..

I did had "banjir bag" standby for this situation in my car.. Coincidently, my tudung on that day also in red colour.. I knowwwww!!!

This was during our cleaning day.. 29th till 31st December.. Yes, 3 heavy days for me.. First day was speechless with all the thick mud and we lack of staffs..

The owner of this blog.. Alhamdulilah, so many experienced.. Gunshot in Lahad Datu and now banjir in Rantau Panjang.. You cant buy that experience man!!

5) continuation from the (3): after 2 months of tons of chatting, endless phone call, we finally met.. I think almost 2 months.. I had my off day on 21st December since i worked non stop since the banjir start, my collegue stuck in pasir puteh area, memang xleh lalu langsung.. So, that our first met, he went to my house with akak, had a lunch together, with mum and anic and my sis-in-law and damia.. Of cours got the funny part, but i kept that one okay,. Lalalalaa

Our second met.. Yes, straight from work.. Stop by at kok lanas.. Am i ever mention, we just next door? Lalalalaa

Our third date.. That shall be enough dont u think so? *ohh alasan, sebenarnya dia jauh*

By 23rd, he started asked my ring size.. Ooh yes, he did had some prepation to do despite another second wave, he was on holiday vacation after all.. Werkkkzz.. Did u guys know that we had second wave on 24-25th December because of the rising level of Sg Kelantan? Technically, Sg Jenob, which is the hulu of Sg Rantau Panjang increase as well, hence, we suffered another heavy flood again.. *well, when our first wave already shown some improvement, huhuhu*

Anyway, despite in the heavy flood thingy in Kota Bharu, that basically shut down the entire Kelantan, on 27th December, the family was here.. When kok lanas and pulai chondong are practically well safe, xkena banjir and xnaek air.. Lalalala

Simple.. Yes.. I cant prepared much.. Im practically still working till 25th December nonstop, by 26th December, i cant reached Pasir Mas due to heavy flood, that area practically naek air and terputus jalan ke RP.. No, i cant even used alternative road like Tanah Merah *heavy flood too*.. So my bos just asked me to stay at home and lapor diri in nearest kk.. 

The Ring.. Simple yet, means a lot.. 

So thats practically what happened for the past 5-6 months.. We started our 2015 with sooooo many hopes and happiness and faith..

My beloved bam bam nieces.. Amani and Damia.. Yes, che cu love both of you so much.. And of course your future ayh su as well..

My future 2 lovely cutey pie nieces.. Yes, they love ayah cik so much.. And i love them as well..

Till then fellas!! 

Hand notes: there are sooooo many plans for 2015.. Thank you for being the sparkles and the light.. 


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