Thursday, June 7, 2012

SEM 8---> THESIS ;)

Assalammualaikum and Hello readers..

another month fly away.. goodbye May and Welcome June.. i love June! at the end of this month, i will end my 4 years study, InsyaALLAH..

anyway, my last post is about clinical part.. and this time is about my thesis.. my last entry about research project was on February where im not started anything yet while my fellow classmates already busy with their own work.. alhamdulilah everything went smoothly despite the clashing time with clinical attachment where i loss 4 weeks in lab session and waiting time for acetone to evaporate.. *i fell so irritating when thinking about the stubborn acetone to evaporate* hahahaha..

anyway, my thesis is about nanoparticles formulation for colon targeted delivery.. frankly, i do heard the nano-cleaning and a bit about nano stuff *which much smaller than microparticles* since my mentor did his *master or phd* i dont remmber* about nano thingy.. but to be exposed with nano stuff as my final project/ thesis was soooo damn challenging!! there are lot of methods/technique can be used to yield nanoparticles.. however, i also need to tally with the facility available.. the best choice was nanoprecipitation which all the equipment and materials are available in lab.. yet i still need to order Eudragit FS30D from Germany, used as the polymer and polyethleneglycol and im pretty sure both of this things cause me a fortune, man!! still dont get any memo from account department regarding the total cost of 2 months of lab usage.. aisshh..

anyway, after weeks and weeks and weeks passed, i finally able to centrifuge and get the nanoparticle.. and yes, the feeling like want to cry!! you guys cant imagine how tense i am when classmates start early and already done their work while im struggling to complete it till the end.. that one in lab part.. to do the paperwork, complete the thesis is another story.. i was like arrrrgggghhhh!!  seriously i dont want to do any research after this.. even for my Master.. i want to clinical part, coursework.. thesis was NIGHTMARE!!! 

once i did the draft, sent to supervisor, edit and correct and get the approval for my final draft and be signed by supervisor and dean, the feeling like no burden at all!! i can breath nicely, can sleep silently.. adoiyaaii.. i had less paper in my 4th year but the most busiest sem i ever had.. *sigh*  once my coordinator received the thesis, i was like yeyyy!!! damn happy!! ooh forgot to mention, i did have project presentation and alhamdulilah it went well too..

the final task i need to do is list out all materials and equipments i used during the lab session to my supervisor *which i already give to him this morning* AND need to teach my juniors the procedures/technique to yield the nanoparticles.. job never end ha?  well, good luck juniors, you guys will experience my 2 months of suffering.. :P  you guys get the experience to do nano thingy as well which is GOOD.. you dont learn how to do it in normal dosage form or pharmacy practice lab ok.. :) my advice, its better to opt on wet lab a.k.a experiment stuff compared the dry lab a.k.a survey/education stuff.. i dont have any issues with survey form, most of friends did survey thingy, but from my experience, lab stuff is interesting and really test your patient and teach you to be perfection in terms of details.. :)  and you can easily goreng kentang in discussion chapter because you did it practically, you can analyze the mistakes, advantages and disadvantages, of course with solid reference and literature review.. 

well, thats all for my thesis part.. i summarize everything.. had bad headache this evening, still want to update something.. *facepalm*

My deepest gratitude to ALLAH for the gracious, merciful blessing for strength and preservation..
My deepest thank you to MUMMY, DADDY, ALONG, ANIC, NORRAFIUDDIN, ZURAIMI, NEASHANTI, THEEBA, ZAHIRAH, SUMAN, NIESA MELISA, HANA ZAINAL ABIDIN for you constant moral support, help and encouragement and valuable friendship that made my research endurable..
My thousand thankz to senior lab assistant that constantly help me when im kept bugging in their office everyday literally, friends and supervisor..

till then..
thankz for reading..


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