Friday, May 25, 2012

Sem 8--> CLINICAL ;)

Assalamualaikum and Ola readers..

a very good day.. time flies too fast.. the last time i open my blog was on MARCH!! imagine that.. almost like 2 months.. and im losing my words? aiyayayaya.. a lot of things happened within this 2 months.. yes, its going to be loooonnngggg post.. hahaha.. you guys ready? lets start the marathon!!

i think i should start with some flashback.. in case you guys forgot.. :P i start my sem 8 on last February.. i only had 2 papers actually, clinical pharmacy 2 and research project.. so basically i spend my time with classes till mid sem.. 

the story begin after mid sem!! hahaha..
i started my clinical attachment from 16th April till 11th May at HTAR, Klang.. yup2, this is my second attachment to HTAR, first time was my Pharmacy Practice.. i been assigned with same group from my previous clinical 1 attachment.. since they never visit HTAR before, i been their tourist guide.. *berlagak giler--> *facepalm! hahaha.. 

anyway,we been assigned with 4 different department and clerked the case completely, get the PCI *as usual* and presenting the case at the end of week in front of preceptor/pharmacists and lecturers..

here is the summary:
1st department--> Psychiatric
alhamdulilah, its our rezeki to get HTAR and exposed to psychiatric disorder.. here, i been exposed to few disorder such as acute psychosis, schizophrenia, and bipolar maniac disorder.. i also started knowing the psychiatric medication such as haloperidol, risperidone, olanzapine, etc.. of course i did learn these in class theoretically, but been exposed practically, open my eyes literally.. this ward much tougher than medical in terms of medication.. yes, i been attacked on my first presentation in this case.. hahahhahaha..what to do.. try so hard, just not enough.. but  its still learning process, take it as professional, learn from the mistake, nothing personal.. :P 

2nd department --> Orthopedic
this is my second time assign to orthopedic ward.. alhamdulilah went well.. my patient had allergic reaction towards cephalosporin while been admitted to ward, been discontinued the medication instantly and start back the penicillin group.. he should aware more after this, need to alert the healthcare provides regarding his allergic medication.. you guys know rite, the allergic reaction can be severe and cause death if not be treated well and fast.. thats why every time you been admitted to ward, doctors/nurses/pharmacist will asked if u had any allergic towards medication/food/herbs or anything.. my patient also suffered uncontrolled diabetes mellitus with noncompliance issues, hence its our duty to emphasize the importance of controlling the glucose and compliance towards the medication

3rd department --> Oncology *the best ever!!!!*
this is my favourite department.. i dont know why, but i do admire oncology area since im first year of Pharmacy.. my preceptor is very helpful.. my patient basically suffer with lymphoma.. very aggressive and dangerous type.. other underlying disease actually not so helpful since he undergo chemotherapy which basically suppress his immune system.. but i do admire him as he never complain nor lying on the bed the whole day, instead he walk around the ward, smile, talking to nurses.. and the nurses in this ward is very helpful and friendly.. *thank god* but the first day he started chemo, he is very weak, lying on bed the whole day.. but he smile every time the nurses came.. since im student, even my preceptor allow me to talk to the patient, but nurses keep remind me to be in safe distance since all the chemo medications are toxic.. by the way, chemo regimens are different like any other medication.. hospitals have their policy and regimen protocol and its confidential.. the protocols which is combination or single drugs, sort of.. :)

4th department --> Medical *the second best!!*
apart oncology, medical ward is my favourite ever.. the cases can be very simple and can be very severe.. very challenging and need a quick solution.. :)  the preceptor is very helpful.. seriously!! my last 2 preceptor helping us  a lot.. give us more confidence to present.. no  sire, im not been attacked during my last 2 presentation.. :P  so for last case, my patient had pulmonary tuberculosis.. she's very thin with uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.. being assign in medical ward, you can see how cramped the ward with extra beds for patients.. the funny part is a specialist thought i was Doc Sofea.. pergh!!! did my face look like im a doctor?! tettttttttt!! sorry mam, im just student pharmacy.. :) hahahaha..

and last Thursday was my clinical presentation.. alhamdulilah went well.. got visiting preceptor for HSB.. ooh yes, HSB's pharmacists are very supportive and willing to travel from Sg Buloh to MSU for attending our clinical class and clinical presentation.. seriously, the preceptors there are very helpful and friendly.. we are really thankful for that.. :)

although the clinical duration is short, but yup gain my confidence in finding PCI, understands the drug, correlate with the disease and present as well had Q&A sessions with preceptors.. i must got used to it.. the next step is posting and be a PRP need to undergo almost similar like this attachemnt.. :)

there you go, done with clinical part.. will update on my research thesis part.. stay tuned.. :)

thank you for reading..

foot note: once, i forgive, twice, you can walk away from my life.. sorry, i will remove u from my life.. patotla hidup u macam tu, hati u xbersih.. end of the story..


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