Monday, October 5, 2015

Juggling the Time!!

Assalammualaikum and Yello people!!

How are you people/ bloggers/ stalkers? Hahhaha.. Dont know about stalkers.. But seriously, i dont see the significant of stalking and be a stalker.. Like come on, you dont have life to catch up is it? I know mine, i barely catch my breath.. Literally.. 

Anyway, welcome October.. What a hectic month.. Lets have some memories lane.. Its just few days of October entry, yet, i felt like its been ages.. I started my October with gear 5 to be honest.. 

1) Start with pegawai meeting to reshuffle the task, we end up loss one staff to store.. So our unit have each pegawai according the grade.. Redistribution of task is pretty fair and square, im ok with that.. Heck, i love my work, so no biggie.. To conclude; the main meal is incharge of methadone clinic, diabetes mellitus mtac clinic, and quit smoking clinic together with incharge of dangerous drugs stocks, kajian objective-Q and pameran/ceramah as side dish.. Sounds soooo nice right.. Hahahaha.. Almost done with handover, ongoing process.. Yes, we still had audit kendiri and iso audit at the same time.. *thankz!!!

2) A busy day with psy clinic till lunch.. No nap, yes, again.. Meeting for audit kendiri, handover of DD files and documentation and running to another site visit to klinik pakar for matc recruit the next day.. When i thought a short nap just delay my work, so i skipped one and regret it when my backache start..

3) Another busy day!!! With meth clinic in the morning, then squeeze the time running to klinik pakar for pre counselling of dm patients, then back to opd for medications handling, then back to klinik pakar for post counselling and intervention, then back to opd to help other staffs since we really short of staffs.. Cover lunch call and cut my 30minutes of lunch nap so that i can go to cme of dengeu and misuse of antibiotics.. Turns out, only dengue presentation done.. Since my backache worsening by evening, i cursed that doctor.. Hahahhaa.. 

4) Next day? Since only left 2 pegawai, we got to cover the counter by shift and more frequent and what are the chances that i had to cover pm shift as well that day ?!! I know!!! Hahahhaha.. The only possible rest i have will be only for 2 hours.. I know!! Thankzz!! 

So, with all this madness and chaos and hectic, i decided to release the stress by ONLINE SHOPPING!!!! Evil laugh!!! You see, im a fan of planner.. Currently i had 1 pharmaniaga planner that compile everything from work to personal stuffs and also 1 colourfull notebook that compile everything from courses/cme/workshop to discussion of wedding stuffs.. Since 2015 almost reaching the end, i start survey the planner for 2016 and i found one!!!

Taraaaaaa!!! Tatatatataraaaaa!! Errin Corden customized planner.. Ordered it from 30/9 and received this evening, despite in the email track packages eta will be tomorrow.. Yes, its custom made, got my name and my future hubby, the choices of colourfull, the calendar to plan ahead and also pages of notebook at the back, comes with handy colourful tip markes.. Baru rasa lagi bersemangat nak keje macam ni!! I have a planner/notebook in one shot, easier for me, oo yeahh..

Till we meet again folks!!

Nota kaki: selalu perasan.. Makin dekat dgn big event/vacation or long leave, lagi banyak keje kena buat.. Macam ibarat dikerah sehingga titisan peluh terakhir, pastu baru boleh cuti.. Hahaha.. LPT skt thingy done, Cpd updated done, another 11 days of annual leave need to apply.. What elseeee.. I felt like im missing thing, yet my mind too full..


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