Thursday, July 19, 2012

Selimut Hati

i remember this song.. when i was in matrix..
i remember the beats.. till now..
i remember the lyrics.. by heart..

im sorry..
if im not a good servant for Him
if im not good daughter for family
if im not good sister for brothers
if im not good lover for him
if im not good friend for friends

im not pretty like them
im not cute like them
im not wearing make up like them
im not fashionista like them
im not genius/smart like them

im kinda of boring person
i smiled rather than talk
i choose food rather than shirts
i can wear the same shirts/blouse/jeans/slacks for years
i can wear all my accessories till cant see the original shape/colour 
there is time when you tell what your heart felt..
ad there is time when you obersve and wait..
and that time, the only thing you could do is hold your faith and dua everything is ok
evern when you are too far
even you are doubt in yourself..

scribble note: please ignore the emotional post.. really disturbing at the moment..

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