Saturday, March 10, 2012

My SweetHeart

Assalammualaikum and Hello there

a very good saturday morning.. lalala.. yes2, not going anywhere, no long travel for this week.. no wonder i can update the blog ha.. lalala.. the title? pergh controversi aje.. xde la.. my sweetheart lappys loll.. hahaha.. tetiba terasa nak update pasal gadjet aje.. lalala

when i was in sem 2 matrix, my dad give Acer Aspire 4720 as early birthday gift.. no serious, my family xreti bagi hadiah on-time.. either too early or too late.. hahaha.. my first sweetheart.. ok, im not that freaking-genius IT/laptop.. i only know the simple2 stuff.. learn the adobe photoshop, which i already forgot, thank you.. learn how to make video, cut, etc, thank you to my PA for teaching me..

smart kan?

the keyboard is white.. i actually want the black keyboard, less messy.. i thought i wanna tell my dad after reached home and buy the laptop together but then once reached home, lappy dah ada atas meja.. hahaha.. so amik aje.. appreciate whatever people give it to you kan kan?

i take really good care.. buy the screen protector, anti-kapersky, the cooling pad, all the accessories lorr.. but like always, im nerd, i dont really decorate much my lappy like stick the cute sticker, or the front one.. nope.. heee.. but mouse will not last longer, i dont know why.. like every time, need to buy new one.. hahaha..

this lappy still alive.. despite few minor disease.. hahaha.. my along want a laptop but dont want the new one, since he traveling and offshore a lot.. he just want a lappy that can online.. after long discussion and searching, we agreed that my along take my acer and i got new one.. one of the reason the process was easy because my acer quite heavy and inconvenient for me to bring along to class or hospital.. so for the record, my acer be with be for 4 years since end of 2007.. yey!! :P

i asked my dad if i can special request, i want a notebook.. not so heavy, small but of course small screen and cant play game.. der, like i play the game all the time in my lappy.. request approved and daddy asked my anic to find the new one..
Eee PC Seashell Series N570

i want the purple one but the dealer said it old stock, the brown and pink are latest.. and im definetely said no to pink, not because i hate pink, i dont the soft colour, easy to get dirty.. :)

thats the inside one.. nice har?

my anic and i actually debate whether to buy Asus or Toshiba.. both have great design.. we dont wat acer because bt of us already used the brand, we dont want dell because most of friends said dell cepat rosak, i want Apple, but my anic said its expensive because of the name but the spec nothing much different.. lalala..

at the end we bought Asus.. so far, this notebook really helpful.. i used this one for most of my 4th year presentation and bring to hospital to do the clerking.. really my second sweetheart.. :) maybe next entry i will share about my handphones.. ngeh3.. :)

till then..
thankz for reading..

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