Friday, July 6, 2012

SEM 8--> Final Year is OVER!!! Interview DONE!!

Assalamualaikum and Ola readers..

2 weeks gone in a blink of eyes.. alhamdulilah, on 26th June 2012, i completed my final exam for my final sem for my final year.. *clap hand fellas*  :)  the final paper was Clinical Pharmacy II.. how is it? let just say, i goreng baikkkkkk punya.. hahahaha.. :P  after 4 years of study, 144 credit hour, 105K been spend *without including the external la*, endless crying-pain-frustration-disappointment-underestimation, i finally completed my Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons).. 

when i submit my final paper, walked out from examination hall, i feel so light.. no more burden.. no more anxious.. i can breath.. like when i was completed my matrix time.. i walked so fast like been chasing a ghost.. no no no sire, im not discussing any answers with my friends.. once in a while, i do join their conversation but no comments from me.. i guess, when its over, it just over.. no point to discuss further.. :)

i tell u what, i spent my 2 weeks revision weeks with family vacation!! Subang Jaya-Kuantan-Rompin-Kuantan-Kelantan-Subang Jaya!! like Cuti2 Malaysia already.. i had 2 days to study and one day before my exam, i spent my day with hang out with bumblebee and his friends.. oh yes, sire, he kept frequently remind me to study!!! hahahaha.. having blast breakfast/lunch/dinner in one shot.. its evening paper, so basically i got no appetite to ear breakfast nor lunch.. im just too scared too get sleepy head in the hall, yet scared to get headache during exam.

after the exam, i spent my 2 weeks with soooooooooo much outing.. seriously!! i never had this blast outing before.. i rarely have my own time.. rarely hang out, jejalan with my friends before.. i guess outing is not necessary while you still study.. :) 

anyway, i got interview just now.. interview with Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam.. since im not grad yet, the interview is under Pelajar Tahun Akhir.. :)  im not sure about other course, but i do know that Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry students will have their interview before grad usually.. if im not mistaken.. last minute preparation, my friends and i able to get our Surat Pengesahan Tahun Akhir.. alhamdulilah.. thankz to Zaza, her idea called the dean and thank Allah, the dean was available that time, and he much more happier than us when we told him we already got the interview.. *he is the most sporting dean i ever know* :)

the interview was at Putrajaya.. i had survey the road with bumblebee 3 days before the date.. see, im sooo semangat.. :P the interview was in early morning, 8am!! ok, Putrajaya not that far like 30minutes from Shah Alam but in early morning on working hour?! not nice man!! I went as early as 6.30 am!! hahahahaha.. i was like nervous with so many students.. there got other universities as well.. but then i realize that different university had different inteviewer.. since we only have 11 students, we finished early.. i was no 7!! *facepalm* i rather be the first man! alhamdulilah, by 10.15am, im done.. :)  now tawakal and doa for the best.. nothing much can do ha.. actually the interview is for our posting placement as Pharmacist.. i put 3 hospitals.. 

so yup, final sem for final year is over! interview is done! pretty packed with till 13th July.. *168 hours and counting* on weekends 14th and 15th will off to Kelate.. i think my family and i really spent our money on vacation trip in Malaysia.. hahaha.. we planned to go oversea but my daddy's health is not very encouraging.. but we will go through it.. insyaAllah.. :)

till then..
thankz for reading..

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