Friday, December 23, 2011

For PMR students!!

Asslammualaikum and Hola readers!!

alhamdulilah, finished my final exam on 4.30pm just now.. how is it? as usual, goreng kentang lenyek.. hahaha.. this paper really make me palpitation with tons of topics need to cover and only 2 hours to goreng? seriously, sakit tangan cheq tau!!

anyway, i forgot that yesterday was PMR's result day.. hope not to late to CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!! for those who passed with flying colour, congratz again!! for those who not, hey, its not the end of your life, get the grip, you still had chance to prove yourself..

yes, PMR is one of the test to guide you which course you take, yet SPM is the real tinge.. doesnt mean you cant perform or get straight A in your UPSR or PMR, you cant score SPM.. the important things are HARD WORK, HARD WORK, HARD WORK and BLESS FROM ALLAH AND FAMILY.. NEVER GIVE UP!! orite fellas?!

finally, please please please never assume form 4 is honeymoon time.. no no no sire.. form 4 is crucial time, big time.. imagine you had to cover all the syllabus within 2 years and the exams are essay man!! hahaha.. no MCQ like PMR style.. so, yeah my advice *pinjam dari anic* study hard for form 4, master the basic, form 5 you will smiling to go through.. anyway, WELCOME TO FORM 4.. new style of learning and answering exam paper.. wink3..

till then..
thankz for reading..

foot note: i hate addmath and physic.. sorry.. wahahaha..
another foot note: xhabis2 lagi dia.. bosan tul.. :P

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 good news VS 1 bad new! Geee

Assalammualaikum and hello readers..

A very quick update.. one battle done.. alhamdulilah.. how is it? dont ask.. my usual comment is "Goreng je" hahaha.. no seriously.. :P

anyway, good and bad news coming.. the good one is our selected industrial pharmaceutical company accepted us to do our 1-month attachment there, when my juniors had fabulous HOLIDAY!! the only things to do is do the CV *i wonder why* maybe they want to get more resume so that when they had shortage pharmacist, they will call us? ok2, thats weird to think.. hahaha..

another good one is my mother got new hp!! great!! good for you mum.. apparently, her 5-years hp already "hang" and cant detect the simcard.. my daddy who are pretty annoying with us, his children that keep constant call him to get reach mummy gave 1K for the new one and mention thats for mummy's next birthday.. so mummy's children bought her touch screen samsung one.. can you imagine how cute elder people who used to old version hp to learn new touch screen stuff? of course same concept but still had troublesome to "tap" as my mummy and daddy did confess they got bigger hand.. i thought adult do have bigger hand compare to baby!!

the bad new is that once we finished our paper tomolo at 12pm, we had class at 1 to 3pm for our Clinical presentation.. the purpose is to discuss the format, report and presentation, etc.. the only thing crossed in my mind when im being told by my class rep--> "why not doing the class last week when we had pretty much time to do that?" choii la wei.. on Friday we will have terrible paper la wei.. i can imagine my Vet lecturer sengih2 .. aiyoo!!

have nice day fellas..

till then..
thankz for reading..

Friday, December 16, 2011

The War Begin!! Final Exam Sem 7!! ^O^

Assalammualaikum and Hello readers!!

i got class this morning.. once settle, my lecturer gave ultimate tips for our final:

1) bless from ALLAH, God--->whatever religion you believe
2) prayers from your family and parents
3) prayers from yourself and the hardwork, hardwork and hardwork..

what? you think my lecturer will at least give some tips for our coming final exam? in your dream man!! hahaha.. for entire 7 sem and one more sem to go, very rarely like once a blue moon, my lecturers will give the tips.. we had to learn and earn it in the hardway.. muhahaha

so yup, settle with class, run like a maniac to photocopy the last minute extra notes *since im the class-rep, i wish im not!! hahaha.. then circle the campus area like crazy to pass the notes to classmates, pre-registered my subjects for next year and get my exam slip..

finally after tons of paper to take like one sem with 9-10 papers, i only had two papers next sem--research project 2 and clinical pharmacy 2.. yes2, less paper but more burden.. ngeh3..

anyway, my final exam start with:

20/12----> drug abuse and counseling
22/12----> clinical pharmacy 1
23/12----> veterinary therapeutic products

29/12----> my clinical presentation

MAY THE BEST WON!! *sengal*

till then..
thank you for reading..

foot note: my lecturer doesnt mention about "friends" in his tips.. but if you think in wide scope, friends cant help you in exam time or when you had problem, because at the end of the day, you had to deal by your own.. hahaha.. but, seriously, yes, few friends may support and be there for you when you need them.. i got few and im glad to know them.. so find a positive good friends yar fellas.. not someone who make you down literally.. :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

2nd Asia Pacific Pharmacy Education Workshop 2011.. ^_^

Assalamualaikum and Very Good Morning to you guys!!

Alhamdulilah.. another day passed.. yes, there were few negative things happened within this week but it part and parcel of my life.. when you remember it, you will feel annoying, so just let it got.. forget it, not forgive? hahaha.. joking!!

anyway, this is actually the last week's story.. so on 8th and 9th December 2011, my beloved School of Pharmacy had organized a wonderful big event of 2nd Asia Pacific Pharmacy Education Workshop and Conference 2011..

the first time Pharmacy Education been organized was last year at Penang.. this event collaborate with USM, MQA and United Nation of University with co-organizer, our Josai University.. here's the link if you guys interested--->

basically, for these two days workshop and four days of conference actually a year planning.. and the students are practically involved either as committee or as audience.. but, as far i been brief, everyone participate.. for my batch, we involved the workshop days.. all the task already been distribute through our mentor and this event had GERMs.. not germs bacteria.. its more to mark points that show how active you are as student during the programmed and at the end of you graduation, you will get 2 certificates.. one is you degree certificate, another one is your GERMs certificate..

my lecturers did snapped a lot of pictures of us, the students.. maybe they are so happy after a year of effort and hard work planning the event, the burden finally over, and we the students will handle the flow during the workshop and conference since most of them are involved as participants and speaker.. hahaha..

here's few pictures:

the first day, registration time at early morning..
the first day was really hectic..
the registration, ushering the guest if they want to go somewhere else, etc..
all my lecturers look pretty and handsome..
especially when they wear coat..

this was my second day of workshop actually..
i was wearing purple kebaya for my first day..
not so hectic for the second day, most the guests already know the area..

the workshop held at our Hall of MSU for two days..
the conference held at Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur..

i dont have the chance to go inside the hall on the first day, need to stand by outside the hall..
but for the second day, i able to do it after the morning tea-break and almost closing ceremony time.. :)

i able to rush back to level 10 at the lab for my Hematology Screen Test after the lunch time on the first day..
organized by one of my lecture, Miss L collaborate with Hosp Ampang for their research..
i get free test for FBC, Thallesemia, Anemia, etc..
FREE you know, when it actually cost rm300++ for that test..
when my friend knew i did this test, they asked "you want to get married is it?"
im a bit shocked, "doesnt mean we can test it only if we want to get married, you should know and aware about your health "
people's minded.. closed like a box.. hmmm..

anyway, thats about last week.. so basi story already ha? geee.. for this week, i got daily 2-hour classes, i know its not worth it but my Vet lecturer need to finish the subject and marked our presentations and assignment.. my CP presentation been postponed with new format.. apparently, i dont understand the format for our report, need to see professor tomorrow.. aiyoo..

thats all for now..
thankz for reading..

foot note: got the looong message from my future-doctor friend regarding my back pain.. now she scared me with the medical terms.. hahaha..

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Know it at last!!

Assalamualaikum and Hello readers..

"Don't Speak"

You and me
We used to be together
Everyday together always
I really feel
That I'm losing my best friend
I can't believe
This could be the end
It looks as though you're letting go
And if it's real
Well I don't want to know

Don't speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me cause it hurts
Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me cause it hurts

It's all ending
I gotta stop pretending who we are...
You and me I can see us dying...are we?

im pretty sure everyone know this half-lyrics? from No Doubt, Dont Speak.. yar, famous long time ago.. i know every single words.. somehow these stuck in my hard-drive.. anyway, this will be the last entry for myself regarding that stuff.. im still mad? disappointed? ok2, whatever.. readers doesnt visit here to read all the rattling ha?

but guess what, not one, but TWO!! ok2, stop it.. but anyway, thankz ha.. you guys really taught me the respect from your point of view.. no no, thankz, no need to explain.. its more hurt when you guys explained it.. we been met but to know people characteristics are difficult when you only see each other for what, once, twice?

i know hows the feeling to watch the number reduce, thats why im not doing to anyone even im not satisfied.. but you guys taught me to do that..

ok2, no hard feeling.. case closed.. cheerio!! have a good weekdays fellas.. im sure im not.. so hectic as usual!!
till then..

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The passion is gone?

Assalammualaikum and hope a good day readers..

i do blog-walking to those blogs that i followed.. once they update, i will be silent reader.. but today, i feel disappointed.. i dont know how to describe but it make me almost lose my passion to write..

when i post a very angry entry without mention any name, and im not referring to anyone, someone will start attack me.. but when they post the same thing, i dont do anything because i now that is your blog and you want to express yourself..

im not close with you but from my observation and when i comment at your FB, sometime we had the same thought.. so the statement came from yours make me feel like you pretend for all this time??

and im just confused why im sooo in-to that your statement when i know you dont know me at all, only a FB and blog.. the reality we never met although we come from the same institution.. so, yar, thankz for make me know you better.. no hard feeling but i will put barrier between us..

hand note: no wonder my seniors advised me not to close with the juniors.. thats sad..

They can talk..

Assalammualaikum and Hello readers..

im not in good mood but not too bad either..
im in neutral mode..
the only thing i can say at the moment is that they can talk, write anything they want..

thankz for make me understand you better..
ill put the barrier..
no worries.. :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Quick update this week!! ^-^

Assalamualaikum and Hello readers!!

A very good day fellas!! already December ha? few more weeks to go, 2011 will be gone, and warm welcome of 2012.. :) a very quick update for this week.. im a bit late in my so-called schedule.. hahaha..

things already done:
  • research proposal presentation done with minor comment regarding my material *need to add to make it look nice-erk?*and yes, i should emphasis the IN VITRO, and ignore the potency and efficacy.. *sir, you did make me confuse that day* hahaha
  • already submit the logbook research and the proposal.
  • started booking the lab for our experiment.. from level 14 to level 13 to level 9 and back to level 14 and down to level 9

in progress:

  • class vet for everyday at 4pm.. *thankz sir* and presentation and 2 assignment tomorrow and next week and settle all the syllabus by next week.. *sir, in case you forgot, i need to remind you that our final exam is next 2 weeks, thankz!* :P
  • our Asian Pharmacy Conference organized by our School of Pharmacy held on this Thursday and Friday and the rehearsal will be tomorrow.. *or today*
  • my clinical pharmacy presentation will be held next week.. *im not doing the slides yet* great!!
  • clinical report must be submitted one week during final exam.. *duuh ?!!*
  • start my lab experiment as soon as possible.. ooh yarr, i forgot, i got homework to do regarding my Molecular Weight sample.. *like i dont have any things to do* :P
  • progress for my industrial attachment January next year? - need to ask my leader..

i think thats all i can think at the moment.. i already jeng.. you know jeng? like blur, so many things to do.. will update later yar..

till then..

thankz for reading..

hand note: 2 days in palpitation.. used to bring my blackie that currently at cameron highland.. tomorrow and the day after tomorrow need to drive new blackie.. scary!!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally!! All done!! ^_^ Part 1

Assalamualaikum and Well Hello Readers!! Finally, all done!! a month of hectic and drowsy life.. no no no sire, im not taking any drugs that can cause drowsiness.. but the busyness make my biologic clock in damage.. geee..

Alhamdulilah, all my hard works, piles of tears, tons of pressure and depression, i survived during my first clinical attachment and my research proposal presentation.. missing of one month's story, pretty lots to cover ha.. where should i start?!!

orite2.. we settle down with clinical experience first ha.. im currently sem 7, so basically clinical pharmacy is one of my subject, theory-in class, and clinical-at hospital.. i had two choices which is HSB and HTAR and we will exchange for our next clinical.. so during my attachment, i been posting to 4 departments with guidance from 4 pharmacists also known as preceptor..

to summarize my posting:
1) first department was female medical ward.. my preceptor is cute Miss C.. Private & Confidential is crucial yar.. hahaha.. so my preceptor randomly choose the cases and distribute among our three.. we had 2 groups with 3 students each.. so, my first case is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).. in case you guys interested, go to Uncle Google and online the GOLD guideline for COPD.. in these guideline, you guys will understood the management and therapy for this disease.. but of course, GOLD is one of the guideline been used..

once i get the case, i will start "rebut" the computer available to clerk the case.. since HSB is a IT basis, all the profile data, medication, etc can be access from computer.. is good ha? but still got tricks, the computers are not enough, is ok to share, but derrr seriously, you had to stick to that computer if you dont want to lose your place.. hahaha..

clerking means to fill up the CP1 and CP2 form which consist all the patient's detail, his/her past medical and medication history, the compliance and the diagnosis, lab values and the current medication.. then, i had to start find the Pharmaceutical Care Issues in terms of the medication-got interaction or not, side effect, the dosage correct or not, monitor the markers/parameters, follow up, etc..

everyday we had meeting with our preceptor, discuss the case and yup been questioned and got tons of homework.. not to mention, i still need to complete my research proposal that time.. sorry for not sharing the case in details yar.. i can conclude that most of the patients in medical ward suffering with cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus.. thats the high percentage of condition among patients..

i also had experienced involved in ward round and grand round, listening to their discussion and involved with the counseling done by my preceptor..

2) next department was infectious disease ward and my preceptor is Miss J.. my case was Tuberculosis Meningitis with few underlying condition.. underlying condition means patients also suffered with other disease besides TB.. and yes, we had to find the guideline, compared the current management with the guideline..

of course when you already Full Registered Pharmacist (FRP) and experience more than 2 years, you will remember most of the guideline by heart compared the students like me.. muhahahaha.. and yup, the process repeated and during our final discussion, we will summarize our case, come out with PI and the appropriate intervention.. did i mention, i also struggling with my research proposal that time? geee

3) the third posting was surgical ward and my preceptor is Miss T.. this ward is totally different with my last 2 wards.. last two wards is medical and more drugs concern.. for this ward, yes we do still concern for the drug but as prophylaxis also known as prevention compared to therapeutics or therapy.. as well as extra knowledge of Parenteral Nutrition..

so my patient's case is basically had motor vehicle accident (MVA) and been admitted to surgical ward due to possibility of bleeding in abdomen.. so yar, its really new case with addition of PN which i almost forgot!! really bad student!! hahaha.. what a bit different procedure i had to go through.. but the concept is same.. forgot to mention that my preceptor is clinical pharmacist and tpn pharmacist as well.. you know how rare tpn pharmacist available in Malaysia? and yup, still survive.. did i mention i still open my notebook every night to finish up my research? ok!! my bad, its the third time i mention it!!

4) final posting is male medical ward and my precpetor is Miss P.. she talk very soft, really need to listen carefully.. my case was Nephrotic Syndrome Secondary To Diabetic Nephropathy.. since it is medical ward, the process same like my first posting.. i also had ward round and grand round and counseling as well.. is really good case with renal impairment that i need to concern..

to summarize all, all my patients been discharge with good progress.. my lecturers did attend our final discussion twice and they did asked a lot of questions!! walawei!! and finally i can correlate what i been studied for the past 3 years and half with the reality of patient's condition.. i learned a lot of things!! seriously, its totally different with theoretically and practically.. and im survive.. despite i had to wake up at 5.30 am to get ready and reach home around 6pm, or when im stuck at traffic jam, i only reach home around 7.30pm, and only went to bed after finishing my task -the research, the study, the case, etc-

not to mention lack of rest on weekend since 4 weekends in a row im off traveling to Kuantan, Perlis, Genting Highland and another trip to Perlis.. and thats story will continue later.. :)

till then fellas..
thankz for waiting and reading..


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