Saturday, May 19, 2018


Assalammualaikum and Ola folks!!

Its been a while. 6 to 7 months already? Hahaha. There you go the resolution of frequently updated the blog. Wuusshhh to the dust. There were many things happened in my life for the past 6-7 months. I don't know where to start. So, we start from throwback okay? I'm trying to be more compliance on updating the blog. Really, I'm trying okay. Hahaha. Oh by the way, Happy Ramadan for all muslim. For non-muslim, you guys can try also. Its not big deal. Just try for half a day.

Maritime Museum:

Again, Malacca is a must-list-trip for almost 3 years now. I never felt bored, in fact I asked hubs to go places that we used to go again and over again. Hahaha. So for this post, we focused on A famaso, the Istana Kesultanan Melaka and the glorious ship!! Yay or Nay? Yay

I remembered being here with my family, especially baba who adore historical places a lot. We read all the board available in there. Took almost 2 hours just for this glorious ship. Matirime museum open daily from 9-5 pm but close at 6.30pm on Friday and 7pm on weekends. Entrance ticket for adult was RM5/per person while kids RM3/per person. Of course different price for foreigner. So, always bring and show your identification card during purchase the ticket. 

Its incomplete to wander around the historical place without reading it by heart.

At the deck, pretend to be Captain Jack Sparrow. Haha. 

We went there during working day, so less tourist and locals.

Asking for coconut shake but being ignore. Kesian. 

Istana Kesultanan Melaka:

We missed this museum on first trip to A Famosa. We not missed it on second time. 

Hubs now know why I choose our bed of Victorian four-posted bed with traditional Malay touch. 
It inspired by our royals. And yes, cost me a fortune. Hahaha.

The Balairong. 200-300 years ago. Can you imagine it? I love the idea of human-size-replica.
It gave another perspective, a great idea for students to learn and be part of the history

A Famosa:

I always love the idea of A famosa. Despite the place was actually the fortress and had graveyard surround it. I love the umbrella, so colourful. 

Yes, hubs look happy in the picture. In the pictures only brother and sisthur! He was not really appreciate the concept of graveyard surrounding us

From the top of hill.

Taman Larangan Istana:

Well, since its too hot and humid, we just snapped picture from the top only. Hahaha. Full with flowers.

Then, we off to Memorial Kemerdekaan

We end our trip with hot rissole and Mr DIY quick trip, which I didn't expect to get the ballon as well. Its for kids actually. But hey, what a luck! same colour

Till then fellas.

Scribble note: well, need to sign off now. Mac need to restart after GOD-knows how many updates been left out. The wifi is like kura-kura. What do you expect, no unified yet here. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Assalammualaikum and Hello people!!

Its Audit Akreditasi week guys!! Yes, its tiring. And public holiday on Sunday for 3 weeks in a row (1st for Sukan Sea celebration, 2nd for Cuti Agong and 3rd for Hari Malaysia) was not helping at all in terms of patients. Sunday is like Monday outside Kelantan. Sunday is hectic day. Im barely change my lunch call or WP2 with others if my turn on Sunday because patient unbelievable ramai!! Kesian menyusahkan orang yang ganti pulak. 3 days for audit, we had to deal with patients and “kedai" bukak macam biasa ye. Well, enough said about works! Its boring!! 

Next vacays were in August session. 2 months to cover. Sigh! I think I need to travel and stay in hotel for monthly basis, hence blog will more regular update. Alasan!!

Wedding @Batu Gajah, Malacca

Malacca is like my 3rd home. Hahaha. 1st of course Kelantan, 2nd will be Subang Jaya and 3rd is Malacca. Yes, we sacrifice a lot of time, energy and MONEY! Till the point hubs thought, “we should suggest to ministry to provide allowance for long distance relationship”. “In your dream husband” hahaha. Since august had school holidays, a lot of wedding invitation then, like  A LOT!! One was from hubs cousin, the bride from Batu Gajah. We had “we time” before attend the wedding. Romantic is must yarr. Lagi lama kahwin, lagi banyak cara kena improvised to keep love warmth and sparkling. The matchy2 was coincident. Not easy to set up matchy2 attire since one of us travelling. Of course I love the idea of matchy2.

Us matchy2 @ we time. hahaha

@ Pantai Puteri. A bit far from our home @jasin. We only reached here almost at Maghrib prayer. luckily no child yet. A NO-NO if you guys got small kids.

Pengantin lama. Lalala

We learned others adat here, like bayar toll. Interesting. Hahaha. Our convoy had theme —grey and purple. I realised that most adat is almost similar among states. 

You see:
  1. toll = pay to the keeper so that the groom can see the bride. The keeper can asked things for groom. The gift/paid will be the bride’s right only. Usually, the south states are famous with toll term. 
  2. “mengenal” (kindly pronounce in Kelantan’s dialect which is more accurate) = basically, the relatives aunties, uncles will see the bride/groom during sanding and offered some money as souvenir/gift. The gift will be the bride/groom’s right only.
Basically toll and mengenal had similar concept. 
  1. Majlis kesyukuran = term for Kelantan’s adat where a wedding reception that tuan rumah will invite the whole family and didn't expect any in returns. Just come and eat.
  2. Walimatulurus or “mengile” (kindly pronounce in Kelantan’s dialect which is more accurate) = term of Kelantan’s adat where a wedding reception that tuan rumah will invite and expect the guest to provide some gift/money. Basically, we will standby at least rm10 or more.
  1. BUT for other state, Walimatulurus = is just a wedding reception that tuan rumah invited all to celebrate the bride and groom. My experience was that I wrote of walimatulurus dyana & amir and luckily mama double checked my invitation cards before printing it. We changed to majlis kesyukuran. It might look simple, but it did gave a big impact. Phewww.
  1. Hantaran = for Kelantan’s style, the hantaran was included in mas kahwin (no specific amount of man kahwin stated), so basically whatever money the groom’s family gave to the bride, its belong to brides only. The kenduri’s cost usually been covered by family themselves.
  2. BUT, its different from other states as the mas kahwin had specific amount stated and the hantaran is part of the kenduri’s cost. So, don't be surprised if the bride’s family request like serba satu and half before event another half few days after event.

But please don't make a fuss. This is just from my own experiences as I'm married with hubs from Kelantan and also I have 2 brothers that married with non-kelantan, sorang from shah alam, sorang from cheras. Its not a big deal. Its just their adat, their culture. Families can discuss and reached mutual agreement. Because at the end, we want to celebrate the love of bride and groom and the union of 2 families.

So, end of our wedding reception on bride's side. Luckily the event was Saturday, hence I managed to join, otherwise, hubs will go without me. Pheww! Then, got the groom's side sambut menantu. We had rewang a day before, I only managed to join on the night side because of working, they did a tahlil as well. 

Us @ pelamin. Hubs is part of "jung kako", that explain on the short pants, while I'm straight from hospital, take off for 3 hours so that I can join them on the evening side. Love the decoration, pastel colour.

The outside decorations. it was pretty hot weather, alhamdulilah, despite raining season. The umbrellas were amazing, latest trend I believe.

The props. Hahaha

Museum Istana Batu @ Kota Bharu

Since it was August trip, I can't remember why we went to Kota Bharu that time. But, we did had lunch at Restoran Ulam Cikgu, the famous restaurant one, and off to this museum, in front of the restaurant. Let just say, Kelantan weather was dramatic, too hot or too rainy or too humid, everything was "too", hence thats explain the usage of umbrella. I insisted on using umbrella, I can't afford to let the melanin pigment win and burn my face, despite already apply the protective cream spf 25++. Hahaha. I don't know why I need to mention it. *flip hair*

that hubs' umbrella, colourful huh. If mine, only red one, and thats from the free gift of my 3years of Doraemon. Sigh!

The inside one. We are not supposed to take the pictures inside the museum. As I'm more to late baba, I'm following the rules. Thats explain why we only had one picture. 

Art Museum @ Kota Bharu

After Museum Istana Batu, we went to Art Museum, practically in front of each other. I can't remember when my last time when to this museum, but its first time for my hubs. 

It got fake fire in that thing. Yes, we were "whowww". Hahaha

Mencanting batik ye kak. Hahahaha

Next to the museum, they got art class to join. This painting was UiTM art student project, with theme of "Bangkit" surely we still manage to identify the "Bangkit" in this picture, for our football team. I didn't take the other pictures as they are quite disturbing. Ill describe for you guys, they got pictures of graveyard, long black fingers, black moon yada yada yada. 

Wedding @ Kok Lanas

Like I said, its wedding season!! So another wedding to go. The groom is hub's cousin. And families agree to wear the same attire, and I took my square bawl. Its been a long time sisthur. Hahaha 

Us @ our little brother's new car. Not that little actually. Hahaha.

The pengantin. And my in law's family, minus abah, sister in law and niece. 

Wedding @ Batu 30

Wedding invitation from our pharmacy's cleaner, Kak Yam for her younger sister. Since its working day, we only managed to go during lunch hour, get back to hospital sharp at 2pm, quickly had solar and off for come presentation. Now thats what we call: time management! Hahaha.

The bride always look stunning. Kak Yam is in the pink attire. My junior is the front one. I tumpang kereta my junior, I told her, I don't think it wise to bring Doraemon and somehow, I'm right! Hahaha

Birthday Celebration: Anic & Damia

Both birthday in early September, hence we advance it a week early since all been here. Its been awhile not to order fondant cake. And basically, hard to find good baker with good fondant and good cake filling. I'm pretty crewed as I already had my own favourite baker in Subang Jaya. But worth to try then.

Theme was Mickey Mouse since Damia loved Mickey. The baker is in KB, since no COD that day, I had to take the cake at her house. Never mind.

Its vanilla cake with chocolate ganache as filling. The baker provide various selection of cakes and fillings, and I want to experiment the flavour. However since this for kids, we need to play safe.

Fondant cake standard price start around rm150. So stick to your budget. Discuss with baker your budget and what possible cake you able to get with your budget. 

Phew!! That is for this entry. Next entry!! I need to a little bit rush! We entering NOVEMBER!! So many thing to write with less of time. Sigh.

Till then fellas!!


Assalammualaikum and Ola folks!! Its been a while. 6 to 7 months already? Hahaha. There you go the resolution of frequently updated th...