Sunday, November 13, 2011


Hey readers..
currently the owner of this blog is pretty busy with her Clinical at Sg Buloh Hospital.. including the case report, clerking, monitoring, follow-up and yup, the HORRIBLE TIME OF FUTURE PHARMACIST is LOOKING FOR PHARMACEUTICAL CARE ISSUE (PCI).. the discussion with Full Registered Pharmacist (FRP) every evening.. *sampai awal, balik lambat*
not to mention her current research proposal and the presentation..
she need to breath and have a good rest since she had fever for 3 days already and back pain..

p/s:she will update a lot of stuff later! please be patience.. ngeh3

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My bag's collection---> Past and Present.. :)

Hello2 there.. been a while missing in action.. starts from Deepavali till yesterday, pretty occupied.. Happy Deepavali/Diwali to Indians.. hope you guys had a blast day celebrating it.. :) ooh ya, of course, congratz to Nogori Sombilan for being the winner against Terengganu team.. i really not up-to-date regarding the football since im not so into football.. i prefer rugbi.. :)

my Open Sale at FB still on.. please2 have a look there.. its new/not been used stuff/once or twice stuff been used and the price is negotiable.. :)

ok, back to the real entry now.. i had something to share with you guys for soo long, yet due to constrain time/source/busy/forgot *sigh*, only now i had the chance to post.. :) i love bags and shoes.. who doesnt? ngeh3..

i bought this from Body Glove when i went to Penang Matriculation..
been a loyal serve for a long time..

recently, the strip already koyak, been rest for a while.. :)

Align Center my brother bought this for me..
i used to keep my big lappy Acer Aspire as well as act as my backpack since i regularly travel to Kelantan, Kuantan, and God-knows-wherelse..

i bought this at Padang Besar..
i dont know why but i do love the red white stripe..

i bought this from my friend's mum..
her mum is a dealer..
its pretty cute, with combination colour of white and purple..
its not cost a fortune, but i love it and use it till the colour fade..
oh yes, my mum asked me to find a new one since the colour change from white to grey.. *embarrassing*

this is my latest bag bought in this early year..
i like the design, simple..
and yup, im currently Puma collectors start with shoes, bags.. :)

i also bought this one at the same time..
used for my NPSC 2011..

i bought this at Point B Summit..
its costly but since im a good buyer, i bought it with 70% discount during the grand opening of Point B.. :)
how good i am?

a little secret..
i cant travel without this small bag..
inside it:
soft cotton
MAC eyeshadow
MAC brush
lens boxes (2 boxes since my eyes had different powers)
purple brooch a gift from my syg
night and day cream from Aura Maya (its good for my skin)
NanoWhite eye brightener
a full small box of my ribbon's collections
a comb (never forget to bring and use you own comb)

my daddy bought this for me..
at Vintage Shop at Kota Bharu, Kelantan..
my mummy are madly in love with Vintage and during that time, my dad saw this bad and bought for me..
so convenient..
looks small but can keep my telekong, my notebook ASUS, my file, my purse, my car key, my baby lotion, my small towel..
i used this bag during my Pharmacy Practice IV at HTAR for the whole attachment..

my brother bought this for me..
as my Hari Raya's gift..
from Maple, Sunway Pyramid..
i love it..
since i dont have handbag anymore, i really exited to have this..
its purple!!

another little secret..
the inside of it..
Silky White 2-way Foundation
Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer (i love the smell)
Maybelline Volume Express Turbo Boost Mascara
Maybelline Lip Gloss
Elianto Eyeliner, Black (i love the colour)
2 pearl bracelets (very convenient when your mum asked you to join for any events in last minute)
hair clips
hair band (i prefer this one rather than the getah one)

yup, thats all.. :) i think will share about my shoes.. but it takes time since i had pretty much collection of shoes..

till then..
thank you for reading..


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