Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AidilAdha 2012

Assalammualaikum and Yello people!!

another rambling day.. till i get my posting letter.. muhahaha.. since this is my first time of celebrating AidilAdha without any classes, labs, exams, etc after 4 years, the feeling is AWESOME!! hahaha.. *facepalm*  balik kampung agak awal.. :) bangga giler rasa, leh lepaking lama kat kampung..  oh well people, please dont envy.. this will be my first and last of holidaymoon.. once i got my posting, its like heaven to get an off-day during festival time which im not intend to cross my fingers to get one.. hahaha.. i know the reality once i worked..

anyway, since kitaorang balik awal, kononya, xsabar nak tengok progress our next phase.. konon la.. muhahaha.. alhamdulilah, a house dedicated for my late grandpere completed before Aidilfitri.. current phase to do the Berlin wall and its 90% completed.. feel more secure with tembok Berlin there.. our kampung nowadays is sooo advanced.. dulu2 xde citer kes2 curi, pecah masok.. now, its totally opposite.. next stage is to setup the storage/wet kitchen for my grandmother.. well, actually its more for us, her grandchildren.. muhahaha.. since we loved her cooking and we love doing bbq, mummy and daddy decide to setup another wet kitchen beside the dry one.. ohh yes, my mummy's brilliant idea to have kayu chengal as our front gate will probably will come true.. and i will cross my fingers on that.. :)

nothing much besides that.. except went to our cik long's house at New Castle, spend few times with hensem 2-years-Mateen, and kak Nani's twins and new baby boy.. oh yes, amani was there too.. :) so 2 cars convoy.. went to Pasar Khadijah, bought few things.. i only bought dodol and serunding.. bak kata oghe Kelate, kawe temae oghe2 ada duit beli belah, hok xdo duit, tengok jah.. muhahaha.. had time to go to Vantage stokis and mummy borong few things.. and yes, lepaking at Wakaf Che Yeh for an hour and half.. mummy and sister-in-law did all the borong business there.. me? naaa, not intersted, im with daddy and amani in the car!! lalala.. so, thats all, i think.. did i miss anything... let seeeeeeee.. nope, thats all.. :)

and the traffic on Sunday?!!! OMG!! speechless!! 11 hours of journey!! patah pinggang weii!! oghe Kelate ni sangat suka balik kampung macam i.. muhahaha.. somehow, bila dah kerja, kalau dapat cuti time raya2 gini, lebih baek nek flight.. oh yes, i do have that intention.. xnak la tengah study pon dah sibuk nak nek flight walaupon xraya, jalan xjem, public transport elok aje.. even mummy daddy mampu bagi duit, tapi rasanya dah nama pelajar, wat la gaya pelajar.. ye dak? dah keje, len citer.. duit gaji sendiri, rasa kepuasan.. :) 

till then..

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