Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eid 2012 ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Ola readers..

a very good morning.. fresh than yesterday..this year, my family and i went back to our kampung.. alhamdulilah, a small renovation for our old house.. betulkan tiang yang roboh aje.. :)  but to me, it always a vila.. where i spent my bonding time with my late grandfather.. he passed away 12 years ago.. the only grand father i had.. he always smile.. hugged me.. spoil me since im the only granddaughter.. he loved wear white kopiah and sengih2 from the door.. :)  when i missed him, i closed my eyes and i can see him and dua for his peace.. 

anyway, Syawal this year is happening in terms of long vacation.. one whole week.. usually my parents only off for 2-3 days only.. we spent most of time at home, waiting and accept any relatives that come.. :) alhamdulilah, relatives who remember us, still came even they travel from far.. you see, there is no highway like Selangor, so to drive from one place to another do consuming time especially when Raya time.. for those who came to our small house, thank you so much.. :)

mummy met her old old old friend that been separated for almost like 28 years.. i met my cousins at Kuala Krai and got the ketupat we ordered.. i feel more welcome there compared any other place.. missed my aunt's daging kicap.. sedapp weii!! we went for our cousin's wedding at Pasir Puteh.. where else we did go? ooh yup, we went to New Castle, visit my daddy's oldest sister and aunt mah.. the last time i saw aunt mah was 2 years ago, where she still can walk and smile.. where else? nope, thats all i think.. i told you, we spent most of our time at our small vila.. if can called vila la.. :)

nope, no photos this year since the photographer spend his raya at perak.. and i cant snap pics while im busy eating, can i? :P  and i miss my mak aji already.. adeiii.. :)

till then..
thankz for reading..
foot note: our first raya..

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