Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW SEM.. NEW STUFF.. seniors are leaving.. :(

HALLUUU readers.. how your day? monday blues? or monday yellow? hoho.. actually, im wearing yellow cardigan and yellow tudung today.. very mencapap.. wahaha.. just to avoid monday blues.. thats the intention.. *shooo, i should study by now*

anyway, im already in sem 6!! oo yeah!! 2 more sems to go.. i like!! *PLEASE CLICK AT LIKE IF YOU GUYS LIKE THIS BLOG* boleh plak kan.. kui2.. my sem 6 already start from early february itself.. starting this february 2011 session, our school of pharmacy start all the long sem, no more short sem like other course in our MSU.. no sire, we are special.. hoho..

even the medic course dont have this programme structure.. wahaha.. *betul ke? i will check the fact later yar* why so special? because our beloved pharmacy board want to standardize our programme with other public university.. hoho.. thankz.. like!! *even not like during internal audit, duuhh*

so this sem, i take few subjects.. *yoyo or few-7 ok!!* i take:

pharmacoepidemiology- a very interesting subject.. learning about the study of adverse effect, etc.. sounds boring? wahaha.. everything boring when comes in study!! jahat ko atien.. dont want boring? lets go eat!! wahaha..

research instrumention and design- this subejct.. hmm.. cant say a lot.. i missed the first class last friday.. thankz friends, really appreciate that!!

pharmaceutical quality assurance- a very thereotical subject.. even the lecturer says that.. he didint blame the students feel sleepy.. hoho.. *excuses, excuses, excuses*

pharmacy management- like this subject.. learning on management from business for retail to organization chart for hospital.. the lecturer also good except hes constantly BUSY due to HOD position..

ethics and pharmacy legislation- I LOVE THIS PAPER!!! arrrgghhh!! just learned how to study the malaysia pharmacy ethics and DD act's book..the best part is NO MIDSEM, ONLY FINAL AND OPEN BOOK!! like it!! trick? its not direct question and you cant direct copy paste, thankz.. hoho.. (this known as forensic exam.. only pass and fail, if fail, need to repeat) (another forensic exam during PUPIL, if fail, cant registered as Pharmacist-very scarry!!!)

introduction to clinical concept- I LOVE THIS PAPER!! why? preparation for our clinical papers.. yup, i want to be clinical pharmacist.. *insyaallah, please pray for me guys.. :)*

clinical pharmacokinetic- another essential paper for clinical setting..

statistical methods- the class not determine yet.. wink2!!

well, my lecturers are superb!! they are the specialist on their field.. we got dean teaching us.. *thankz prof* and seriously, i am glad to be taught by my lecturers.. they know damn well about their subject.. *derrr, itu sebab ko student, diaorg pensyarah* slapping my face over again!! and yup, our dean and our lecturers are pharmacist, local and foreign.. except few lecturers that are basically from chemistry and health field..

oo yeah, my seniors a.k.a first batch *im second batch* will leaving us after their final exam.. they will convo.. huhu.. IM SO PROUD OF YOU SENIORS!! after all this hard works, you guys manage it!! well done!!

very touching you know readers.. since our batch and seniors were very close since the early years.. :') they helped us a lot!! well thats the purpose of being seniors.. hemoh2.. but seriously kitaorg memang suka bertanya kat seniors.. diaorg sengal kot.. mcm i.. wahaha.. juniors also need to respect because they are more experience ok! *jangan nak budget pandai, tp xde apa2* *keep your mouth shut!!!* ok, im cool.. wahaha..

thats for now.. please click at nuffnang..
i want choholate cupcake.. :)
love you readers..
thankz for reading..

p/s: i need to stop now.. need to study.. my exam is on april.. gosh, not enough time!!
p/s 2: wat penat je study semalam, xde quiz pon.. *derr, baru cakap len kat p/s td*

Sunday, February 27, 2011


HALLUUU readers.. been few days.. quite busy at the moment.. homework/assignment been piled up.. :) quizzes will be next, thank you very much sir.. ahakz!!
anyway, heres the drum roll!!! i entered the BLOGLIST BLOGGER BARU.. actually one of my blogger's friend mentioned this in her blog.. and yup, im really keen about it.. so i ask her how to link with the owner blog and she did helped me.. and i wait for the owner to open the new entry for this.. and today, its open!! wahaha..

what's for? let me story2 a bit yar in case one of you also interested in this.. if im not mistaken, this BLOGLIST BLOGGER BARU is actually to promote your blog other blogger/network/readers/friends.. but there is a trick.. you only can apply or participate if you have followers less than 300 people.. fair right? that is the purpose after all, to build a base or foundation to new blogger.. there is no point to participate in this entry if your follower more than 1K as that person already have the strong foundation in blogging network.. right? kesian kitaorg yang baru nak merangkak dalam industry blogger ni.. hohoho.. so, here is my entry..

thankz to the owner for doing this.. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend, Monday, Tuesday & FORTUNE COOKIES!!

HAAAALLLLUUU readers.. did anyone miss me? hoho.. few days not update anything due to my tight schedule.. *erk, tight ke?* almost tight.. why? because my beloved lecturer asked us to do two summary assignment from four different CDs.. thank you very much.. hee.. so basically i had to listen the content and re-listened to get the main ideas and the rest was history.. ececeh.. yesterday successfully submit it.. again, thank you.. wahaha..

other than that, a very fabulous weekend.. my parents went home.. its only two weeks since i met them but felt already 2 months.. ececeh.. very hyperbola.. wahaha.. anyway, my parents at home and my brother, sista in law and the BABY in the house!! playing with the baby, kiss her 'baking-powder' cheeks, kacau2 when she slept.. i did all stuff but not changing her diapers.. no no no.. not yet.. wahaha.. but she so damn cute!! even when she sleeping, i still kacau2 her cheeks.. cant help it.. *evil smile* anyway, my niece is NUR FARISYA AMANI, 1 month and 3 days.. shuke sangat!! tidak!!! tetiba rasa nak kawen pulak.. *syg, jom kawen* wahahaha..

anyway, today two of my friends and i went for Pharmacy Club meeting.. lots agenda done and upcoming planned.. i had my own task, thank you very much my president.. wahaha.. first task is settle the t-shirt stuff.. im not doing the design part, im not that creative to make it reality.. hoho.. my friends helped me that.. thank you fellas, i already belanja you all cake rite? wahaha.. another task is settle the flow or basically anything relates to Pharmacy Rx Quiz since i used to have an experience involved in these event last year.. so every draft will be finalized on next week.. yup, my calender is fully booked.. but dont worry if you all readers had events that would like to invite me, i will love to put in my calendar.. just let me know early yar.. ececeh.. macam selebriti plak..

by the way, Fortune Cookies? you all knows? of course its familiar.. if you all watched english movies (which i love it especially the history or true story), they love the chinese food.. and the chinese food's set got FORTUNE COOKIES.. :) i used to watch the process of making the cookies in Food Tech at Astro History Channel.. very interesting.. anyway, i bought two for 2 hengget at my campus, U-Plaza.. saje mengatal nk beli.. nak rasa kot.. sedap mana la sampai matvsaleh suka sgt menatang tu.. its nice actually, and inside got the piece of paper wrote:

"Behind an able men, there are always other able men"
nice quote.. do you readers know the meaning behind it?
food for though..
i think i can make an entry about this statement..
some day yar..

*credit to Google Image*

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New Stuff!! FACEBLOG!!

HAAAALLLLUUUU reaader.. find out something new here!!! FACEBLOG!! sibling to Facebook? scroll down yar to knwo the purpose of this FaceBlog.. yey!!



understood readers? what you all waiting for? lets JOIN THEM!!
but of course you myst be a blogger first yar.. :)

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Only you - Sinéad O'connor (The Young Victoria's Soundtrack)

Only You (love theme from “The Young Victoria”)

My love
Your love
Has opened up a world I’ve never known
All hope
Was found
A place I never dreamed I would go
Feels like only yesterday I had locked my heart away
Safe behind a castle of stone
Sure I’d always be alone
Only you know how
To hear me through the silence
You reach a part of me that no one else can see
Forever true there’s only me and only you
Only me and you

In your faith I trust
With you beside me I am standing strong
One truth
Two hearts
You took my life and made it beautiful
So you dared to let me shine
Even walk a step behind
Willingly you give yourself to me
Knowing who I was born to be
Only you know how
To hear me through the silence
You reach a part of me that no one else can see
Forever true there’s only me
And only you
Only me and you

Only you know how
To hear me through the silence
You reach a part of me that no one else can see
Forever true there’s only me
And only you
Only me and you

love this song..

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Dont Get Too EXCITED or ?

HALUUU readers.. good morning beautiful ladies and handsome guy.. erk, got ar? the guy part? hohoho.. did everyone had a good long sleep? please raise our feet if have on.. hoho..

back to the real story, from my last entry, i am a bit happy because there is nothing to do even tough i got my paperwork which is still pending at this moment.. well, guess again.. i found out from my email this morning, i need to do the summary from the video that been provided by lecturer and type and send at the same day.. problems? not a problem actually.. hoho.. just a bit lazy to bring along my lappy, thats all.. dahla laptop besar gedabak, lain la org lain yang ada notebook kot.. huhu..

but seriously, if you all over excited somehow there is something bad happened later on.. you know like old2 people always said,

"jangan gembira sangat, kang menangis"
translation: dont get too excited, you will sad later on

please dont judge my rusty english, i know its not good grammar.. :P

i used to experience that.. my coming-22years of life experience a lot of this.. but people learn from the mistake right.. so that will be ok.. wahahaa.. *saje sedapkan hati..* but i dont want to talk about negative things.. one of my wishlist of 2011 is to keep my mouth shut.. hoho.. dont talk something that you dont want to talk.. what past is past but doesn't mean i forget..

anyway, still in blurred mode for tomorrow because none of us know what time and the venue for our lab practices.. since my batch only 13 people and my juniors didnt take few subject yet, with automatically mode, my batch will be the target for lecturers.. thank you very much.. wahaha.. basically, got two lecturers clashing to get us.. ececeh bunyi macam hebat je.. just kidding.. :)

after both lecturers decided, they agree to send 10 of us to Pharmaceutical Analysis lab and other 3 will go Dosage Form II lab.. guess what i get to go DD II lab.. i like it!! i loved to do granule from it powder form up to drying up using oven.. of course the analysis titration also nice but we been doing it from form 4 what.. ahakz!! jahat ko atien..

till then.. click at NUFFNANG yar.. i want to buy cupcake.. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


HALUU readers.. surprised that i post two entry today? well somehow it surprised me too.. ahakz!! actually, since i finished my assignment and tomorrow both my morning class and evening class been cancelled due to my seniors thesis, eventually i got NOTHING TO DO!! wahaha.. *happy faces fellas* yar2, very happy at the moment, got no notes to study and no assignment to do.. please dont ask me about my paperwork.. its still pending.. huhu.. need to seek my lecturer for further work out..

anyway, the day after tomorrow will be our lab practice.. the pharmacy board will coming next week for final check up before evaluate our faculty either can be accredited or not.. if you all wants to know and if you all a bit lazy to scroll down my previous2 entry, let me tell you again yar.. since our school of pharmacy is still new in which my seniors are the first batch and my friends and i are the second batch and so on goes with juniors and freshmen juniors, the pharmacy board will come every semester to evaluate our achievement either in academic field or curriculum field.. every time the pharmacy board coming, there will be new changes and improvement to give a better programmed for the students.. ececeh, macam promote je ni.. hoho.. and since my seniors already in final semester, they will finally decide their evaluation and *crossing my finger* to give accreditation and my seniors and the rest of us a graduation.. *grin face*

cant wait for graduation.. been 8 sems and 4 years of studying.. know a lot of people and their behaviour, etc etc etc.. cant wait for another chapter of my life: working, married *wink2* *aby, bila mau kawen ar?* hehehe.. tetiba gatai.. wahaha..

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Apologizes accepted? Assignment done? New stuffs?

HHAAALLLLUUU readers.. been days not not scratch the words in this blog.. ececeh.. macam la ada orang nak baca.. *wink2* anyway, the entry for my NPSC@Penang 2011 and my first photo shoot had to be delay for a while.. why? let me explain yar..

firstly, most of the pictures that around 1oo++ are still in my friend's camera and i am not able to transfer it due to constraint time i experiences these past days.. hehehe.. even my president club already bising2 why the pharmacy blog is not updated yet.. *derr, if i have my own CAMERA like CANON, i had transferred and update before you all blinking ok.. wahaha..

secondly, the owner for my photo shoot also didn't give the soft-copy yet.. she need to edit what, take time lorr.. hehehe.. even i also feel desperate to get the photos.. why? actually i already plan to make new header as well as new banner for my blog.. do you like it readers? hoho.. i already search which blogger that make header and banner for sale.. so thats my mission.. since im no longer active in FB, i want to spend my limit time here.. ok?

so, my apologizes accepted? hehe.. if so, please click at NUFFNANG ads yar.. hohoho.. macam xikhlas je.. xdela, just kidding.. but truly, kindly click at NUFFNANG yar.. hee..

by the way, i already completed my essay WHY I WANT TO BE A PHARMACIST.. hoho.. actually i spend 3 days for this essay.. i asked my friends how many pages they did and they simply said 1 page, 2 pages.. how easily they do!! aarrgghh!!

well, i got the idea.. of course it should be easy because its part of my life now.. i am the pharmacy student and i should know better why i am taking this course, right readers? the ideas are rushing in my rusty brain but to connect and link the ideas, hmmm somehow lost it.. wahaha.. terrible la you atien.. anyway, i nailed it.. wahaha.. *grin face* i feel good.. hoho..

one is done.. another coming two is still pending.. *evil smile* both two new assignment about my pharmacy management subject.. still pending.. why? not because i am too lazy to do.. ohh no no.. i am good girl.. ececeh.. because my lecturer haven't email me the details.. we only know the topic: business plan and organization chart.. please dont take me wrong.. the business plan is good if somehow someday one of us want to open pharmacy shop and perhaps somehow someday one of us been pointed as chief pharmacist in hospital setting.. easy to learn from beginning.. wahaha..

i did mention constrain time.. why? since i already sem 6, i will start my clinical attachment, research project by next sem, thank you very much for that syllabus.. hoho.. so my friends and i need to do all the documentation and paperworks from now on itself.. i in-charge for pharmacy practice IV attachment which be held for 3 weeks on July2011.. yes, its JULY!! and i dont have much time!! aaaaaaarrrggghhh!! some people just dont understand the situation.. the only things they want to do is ask frequently and started making a nasty face when find out that i asked my friends to help me in the task.. *derrr, its team work job!! i will include my batch to do it ok!! i dont want to get name!! bukan giler kuasa ok!! *cool down atien*

back to the story, i also need started to figure out what topic i want to do my RP.. okai, maybe you think its still early but trust me once you finished mid sem exam, you will freak out because there is no much time to do it.. so help me understand that.. huhu.. i started getting headache for this.. huhu.. any suggestions?

last but not least, ececeh, if you all check out my blog, i already updated it with NUFFNANG ads, CHURP2, Twitter and Live Traffic and also LIKE button.. *perlu ke letak capital* hehehe.. so if you all like my blog, u can click the "LIKE" button and you can join me at Twitter as well as CHURP2.. cute eh the name.. hee.. and if you all wish to help me buy another cupcakes (which i love it!!) you all can click at NUFFNANG ads yar..

thank you so much reading my entries and being my followers.. for new comers, leave out your link at my shout box yar (its temporary).. i enjoyed blog-walking..

till then friends.. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Update.. wink2..

HALUUUU readers.. what a weekend eh.. ececeh.. i will suspend my next entry.. kept safe in inbox, will post later yar readers.. *wink* as usual, on thursday, i got morning class and my evening class been cancel.. somehow i feel disappointed.. huhu.. i want that class.. please dont cancel it sir.. aiya.. on friday, i got morning class, again.. by the way, this sem, sem 6, i have morning class from monday till friday, thank you very much.. wahaha.. but no worries because i love it.. you all knows why? less traffic and more space for parking!! yeah!! wahaha..

anyway, on that friday after morning class ended around 11am, my friends and i went to Sunway Pyramid.. *grin face* hee.. have and outing with my friends.. nice.. been a while not to hang out with them.. and yup, we went there by car since one of my friend, Suman also known as Princess of Candle traumatized with public transport.. wahaha.. cant blame her.. her boyfriend, Puvan or Poonch are really, i mean damn really spoil this Princess.. wahahaha..

we reach there around 12pm after setel all the things in campus and had a window shopping, not me of course, as well as enjoy our Sundae chocolate and Princess of Iceland from Theobroma Chocolate.. a bit expensive for the drink but its worth it.. but the ice-cream much cheaper than McD one.. *wink2*

i drove them back to campus around 4 pm and had separate ways.. ececeh.. macam bunyi perpisahan je gamaknya.. i went home at Subang Jaya, my two friends, Nea and Theeba went to Banting and Klang, while Suman and Sarah went to Perdana.. thats for saturday.. ooh yar, forgot to tell you all.. my beloved new dean import from indonesia had ask us to do an essay regarding on "why i want to be a pharmacist".. what a nice topic.. ahakz!!! i will shared about it later on yar.. *wink2*

on saturday which was yesterday, i had my first photo-shot.. surprised? yup, i also surprised myself.. i been asked by the owner of the blog to be a model for her make-up and photoshot.. of course i said yes.. hee.. i can learn to do basic make-up after all rite? but i did told her that my face not that photogenic compared to other blogger that also model like Fatin Liyana (she is photogenic and pretty, trust me).. but since the owner said no problema, apa lg bedal je la.. wahaha.. its my first time and it was a good experience.. will shared about it too and upload the photos once the owner settle the editing part..

ooh yar, the reason i said the owner of the blog because her blog for photo-shot event currently under construction.. so cant do the link address.. heee.. but i will do the entry for it.. well, that all fro my weekend update.. quite a lot for briefing update.. hoho..

till then..

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FRIENDSHIP EVENT!!! erk, got such thing?!!

Haluuuuuu readers.. as i promised, next entry is FRIENDSHIP EVENT.. even of course there was no such thing of it.. hoho.. actually, its only small custom made cake so-called party with my friends.. yup, custom made cake again.. as you all knows from my previous entry, how craving i am to have custom made cake.. i did buy another one besides my mum's birthday cake.. hee.. i bought from Cakes And Tarts that based at Klang..

but no worries because they got GOOD customer services as well as they do provide delivery.. hoho.. i like it!! i cant link it because im not sure which one their business blog.. they also sell cupcakes.. beautiful and yup, delicious!! i already bought one, will do the entry about it.. *grin face* they also sell tarts like fruit tarts (the fruits damn big), blueberry tart.. the tarts and the crust, pergh very delicious, i did try their samples and my next mission is to order the tarts.. but in case readers want to know the details, let me know, i will give their contact number as well as their FB link yar.. pergh, mcm promote aje ni.. hoho..

anyway, the cake was delicious.. and the price much more affordable.. *i feel wanna order again* please atien, do saving, will u?!!

check out the pictures readers..

superb delicious.. see how big strawberry are.. :)
i love it very much..

thats me try to kill the cake!! ahakz!!
fully fruity.. in fact, the layer also filled with strawberry filling..
and the cream, its not aising yar..*dont know the spelling* *lazy to open dictionary*
its fresh cream.. and my friends love it..

try to 'kill' suman.. but her bf said ''langkah mayat i dl'.. :)

me and friends.. of course there were others..
*not transfer the pictures from my friend's phone.. :)

till then friends..

p/s: my new sem already start and already got the timetable.. everyday got morning class.. aissshh..


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