Tuesday, July 31, 2012


ok, currently stuck with this song.. suara shila amzah semakin bagus.. yes, she sang from early age but im not in to her song before.. but she grown up and her voice, walaweiii! nice.. oh she used to stay in USJ!! my neighbourhood man!! hahah.. bangga? tetiba plak..

anyway, jangan tetipu dengan tajuk and the way they edit the video clip.. i thought the story about a girl who fall in love with 2 man at the same time.. its a big NO!! hahaha.. just check out the synopsis, she actually lost her fiancee due to accident and she lost her memory and while searching her favourite melody, she found somene.. ok!! baru rasa nak tengok cter ni.. hahaha.. one of the reason xleh tengok citer ni sbb ada remy ishak.. adeii.. tapi sebab citer dia macam best, kena la mengagah diri mencari ok.. hahaha..

yes2, i know.. i break my rule.. not watching love malay story.. hahaha.. exception for HACKS and this movie ok? hahaha.. did i mention suara shila amzah makin sedap? ooh yes, i did.. :P enjoyed the song ok fellas?

till then..
thankz for reading..

foot note: gambar awan nano tetap dihati.. :) walaupon fazley and remy ishak sangat hensem.. :) hahaha.. sengal..

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