Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Assalammualaikum and Yello People!!
Time flies like busy bee. The last time i go through this blog was November 2016? Seriously!! I know right!! *facepalm* oh well, when time is no longer your bestfriend. Hahaha. I will start my posting with Letter #: just as reminder for me when i start using new tech and to keep me update on how much post i did this year then. Haha. Anyhow, shall we start by compress the vacation in one entry? Yes, we shall!!

Melaka Wonderland Trip & Sunway Lagoon Trip!!

Yup, i took my 4 days annual leave, and include weekends, i got a whole week of leave and went to Malacca, where hubs worked! Yes, again, i told you, PJJ is not easy. Hahaha. We tends to sacrifice time and energy to keep ourself intact of sanity of being far. As hubs know how devoted i am with ocean/ swimming/ watery activities, he gave me birthday treat of Melaka Wonderland. His first plan was Gold Coast one, however, upon survey-ing, nothing much in Gold Coast. So we end up here lorr. After that trip, i had another travelling to hometown for Sunway Lagoon trip. *ehemm subang jaya is my kampung what — ic selangor okay kawan!! We used our Birthday Treat!! Haha. We pay for 1 person only! Nice ha.

In terms of entrance ticket: I cant remember the price ticket of MW, you guys can search the internet, no worries on that. Besides, hubs used his coupon booklet to pay. if im not mistaken, we pay 1 full price and another 1 is half-price discount. Its surely cheaper than Sunway Lagoon, HOWEVER, I would like to emphasize that other fees were not included. For example, you need to rental the pelampung! Yes, it cost us RM 20 each, deposit and rental fees. At the end, when you total up the costs, it just plus/minus with SL entrance ticket. Jeezz. Hahaha. At least for SL, price already included the pelampung and all games except the external one like ATV, etc. The area is not that spacious and limited games compared to SL. Yet, its sufficient i guess. With that kind of price.
In terms of security: MW is more strict, they check each of the bags. I think maybe due to control crowd, they manage to monitor and check each bag. For SL, if you know how to hide the external food, then no problems, since too crowded in entrance and usually they tends to clear it as soon as possible.

In terms of F&B: dont have much choice in MW. But in SL, im practically control my urge to eatttttt. They got everything. Luckily we choose the bracelet wallet. We just topup RM50 and not more than that. Hahaha. My advice, kindly buy the external outlet like Hot & Roll, even the Burger King as the price is almost similar with other outside franchise, compared the sunway outlet. We bought mineral water in Hot&Roll for RM2 while its cost us double when we bought in sunway outlet. I know!! Experience teach us well!!
In terms of games: MW still got few games, but nothing fancy. I end up play more in swimming pool and had renang berirama while hubs lepaking on the pelampung. For SL, speechless!! Play everything that they possiblely offered. Xdela sampai berjam menunggu queue time did, so okay je. Hahaha

Melaka Wonderland.

Sunway Lagoon part.

Vacation @ Malacca!!
Vacation at Malacca is a compulsory trip every year. So bare with me, will upload it every year then. Since both of loves food, food hunting is a must. Its near to Christmas season, so most of the mall been decorated with light and Santa. Hahaha. We tried the famous mango float around RM6 for special with dragon meatballs with mashed potato and bread around RM 13. Just waze the mango float okay. Oh yes, i finally get to eat ShellOut here in Malacca. I know, so lame. Orang lain dah muak makan, i baru nak cari.Hahahah

I realized that i did skip our dinner post-convo celebration cum anniversary. Hahaha. Will catch up later, if i remembered to do so. Otherwise, we kept moving forward okay. JALAN TERUS! Hahaha
Till then fellas..
Memory lane: 4 years and 4 months and 22 days of waiting. I take my time. Kept giving 1001 of excuses to buy more time. To delay till the right time with right purposes. 4 years. Long enough, patiently wait. Alhamdulilah.


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