Thursday, January 28, 2016

2016: Life and Love

Assalammualaikum and yello people!!

How are you folks?! Mine so-so la.. There will time that im too tired i thought im going to be sick, but every morning, i still go to work.. So so-so la.. Hahaha.. Since i pass my new year entry, i just touch and go on rant my resolution, after all, its been a month already.. Better late than never aite? 

So, at the end of december, my collegue asked me if i achieved my resolution of 2015.. That 10 seconds just krik krik krik.. I do have plans, aims, and goals.. What i want to do, what i want to hv, bla bla bla.. But, im not really a person who says "this is my resolution for 2014/15/16." Reflecting my past, every things that i done were based on priority and necessity.. The same answer to my husband when he asked whether i achieved my target.. I planned to stay in sabah for at least 3years, to travel, doing hiking, etc but it was necessity for me to be next to my mum *actually its more to me*  I planned bought only en grey, but its necessity for me to buy doraemon for long term.. I planned to go to istanbul as mama adore the city, but its priority to be in Tanah Haram first before somewherelse.. I planned married only then, but its my call to tie it early and im happy i did that decision.. To answer that 10seconds of silences, i didnt tick my 1-year resolutions, better yet, I tick almost 5-years of resolutions.. And my resolutions will keep going, not by year-planning, but daily-planning.. Naa, i just answered that question with "yup 100%completed"  ok sekian, the end of part 1..


So, as time flies like super bees, my FB friends asked me why i didnt update anything or upload any pictures of my wedding.. In my defence, got feww lorr, from my hubby's tagg one.. Hahaha.. Yes, thats doesnt count.. I do upload our videos, solemnization and reception.. And yar, my dp also from my wedding what.. But to fully upload all the pictures? Mmm, im a bit reluctant actually.. In fact, i try to minimize uploading any pictures.. Insta also suffer the same issue.. Bak kata seorang member "sembunyikan kebahagianmu seperti mana kamu menyembunyikan dosamu seperti mana kamu menyembunyikan ibadah mu" deep kawan, deep!! End of part 2!!


So, the first 3 month of 2016, im pretty packed with all courses (5+4days), cover collegues, have oncall the next after chinese new year, go live phis.. And yes, we planned a short honeymoon during chinese new year.. Yes, its kind inappropriate time since there will be heavy traffic there, but time is what we dont have.. We need, nope, we must appreciate our time, have quality time with love ones.. Ngeh3.. Browsing my erin condren planner, no empty days available.. Hahahaha.. Yes, another honeymoon.. Hubby know how much i love travelling.. 

I took a day off, to clear stuffs, updated my banks, trying hard to fix my iphone5.. Somehow ipong give up on me, since the owner selalu bagi jatuh, apatah lagi my slim armour dah patah kat hujung.. Huii, so butterfinger wei.. And its slim armour okay, not cikai one.. Despite how frustrated i am, for the records that ipong xde pon hang or slow or haywire bla bla, memang simply rosak sebab jatuh, this time severe jatuh.. Screen ofcourse xpecah as i already got tampered glass one, but the lcd inside yang rosak.. Frust menonggeng.. Eeh did i mention how frustrated i am? Ehh dah, twice!! Im easily attached to things, afterall that ipong been with me since 2013 with my own money.. So, there goes my bajet.. Got new phone.. Marilah kita menabung untuk tahun depan.. Hahaha.. I bought new hp for mama also, since im really fed up with her hang-low-battery phone.. Wanna buy the fruit brand but she still prefer jenama mesin basuh, so proceed jak la.. A little haywire since i need to update all my e-billing to new email, my lost contacts, nope, i didnt backup my data, yes, i learned my lesson.. Thank you so much!! Ok sekian!! End of part 3..

May i upload the photos a bit? Just for my dear stranger, Dr Jun.. 

This is me Dr Jun.. Hope to meet you someday, when you back to Malaysia, do visit Kelantan.. Lalala

This is us, me and hubby.. After the solemnization.. Alhamdulilah

 Our outdoor sessions

Royal blue is our theme colour.. Gagagaha

Our reception.. Lets focus to these two angels.. My niece and nephew.. Adorable haa? 

Behind the scene.. I love the pelamin.. 

Majlis sambut menantu.. Picture of picture, snap atas gambar.. Ngeh3.. Love the combination of yellow and grey, works well.. 

May everything ease.. Everyday is love day.. Despite how busy work is, how tough life is, be back at home, see hubby smile, like charging your life battery.. You know what i mean..

Till then fellas..

Memory note: struggling with mama when she wanna watch korean drama at 393 while i wanna watch tiny house nation at 736 or my ghost stories or house hunter.. 

Memore lane: accompany mama to kursus haji, its foc afterall.. Somehow i miss medina and mecca.. Where i run to heal my broken pieces of heart.. 


Assalammualaikum and Ola folks!! Its been a while. 6 to 7 months already? Hahaha. There you go the resolution of frequently updated th...