Monday, December 17, 2012

Song and Memories

*im using Indosat while my brother used Axis..
 Indosat equal to maxis while Axis equal to celcom*

currently stuck to this song.. first time terdengar lagu ini, in the bus on the way to Bandung.. penyanyi jalanan naek atas bas kitaorang and start sang that song.. he and his friend played with guitar, an acoustic version.. do you guys know that Ariel from Bandung? no wonder Indonesia produce so many talented singer.. they start from bottom.. menyanyi di kaki jalan, mengharapkan duit rupiah yang nilainya terlalu sedikit berbanding ringgit Malaysia.. for survival..

at age of 23, looking back to the path i through.. the ups and down, tears and joy, despair and anger, acceptance and rejection.. flipping my convocation letter, my Pharmacy board letter, i had no idea that this is plan for me, HE made.. alhamdulilah.. thats all i can say.. another chapter of life..

when you fall, cried for the fate you had, questioning yourself, "if, just if" "why the time not meant for us" .. 
you used to ask about it, despite the reality you know "my time is not yet reach".. 
then you realized, HE always have and give a better time for you.. 
now and better..

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