Monday, October 5, 2015

Juggling the Time!!

Assalammualaikum and Yello people!!

How are you people/ bloggers/ stalkers? Hahhaha.. Dont know about stalkers.. But seriously, i dont see the significant of stalking and be a stalker.. Like come on, you dont have life to catch up is it? I know mine, i barely catch my breath.. Literally.. 

Anyway, welcome October.. What a hectic month.. Lets have some memories lane.. Its just few days of October entry, yet, i felt like its been ages.. I started my October with gear 5 to be honest.. 

1) Start with pegawai meeting to reshuffle the task, we end up loss one staff to store.. So our unit have each pegawai according the grade.. Redistribution of task is pretty fair and square, im ok with that.. Heck, i love my work, so no biggie.. To conclude; the main meal is incharge of methadone clinic, diabetes mellitus mtac clinic, and quit smoking clinic together with incharge of dangerous drugs stocks, kajian objective-Q and pameran/ceramah as side dish.. Sounds soooo nice right.. Hahahaha.. Almost done with handover, ongoing process.. Yes, we still had audit kendiri and iso audit at the same time.. *thankz!!!

2) A busy day with psy clinic till lunch.. No nap, yes, again.. Meeting for audit kendiri, handover of DD files and documentation and running to another site visit to klinik pakar for matc recruit the next day.. When i thought a short nap just delay my work, so i skipped one and regret it when my backache start..

3) Another busy day!!! With meth clinic in the morning, then squeeze the time running to klinik pakar for pre counselling of dm patients, then back to opd for medications handling, then back to klinik pakar for post counselling and intervention, then back to opd to help other staffs since we really short of staffs.. Cover lunch call and cut my 30minutes of lunch nap so that i can go to cme of dengeu and misuse of antibiotics.. Turns out, only dengue presentation done.. Since my backache worsening by evening, i cursed that doctor.. Hahahhaa.. 

4) Next day? Since only left 2 pegawai, we got to cover the counter by shift and more frequent and what are the chances that i had to cover pm shift as well that day ?!! I know!!! Hahahhaha.. The only possible rest i have will be only for 2 hours.. I know!! Thankzz!! 

So, with all this madness and chaos and hectic, i decided to release the stress by ONLINE SHOPPING!!!! Evil laugh!!! You see, im a fan of planner.. Currently i had 1 pharmaniaga planner that compile everything from work to personal stuffs and also 1 colourfull notebook that compile everything from courses/cme/workshop to discussion of wedding stuffs.. Since 2015 almost reaching the end, i start survey the planner for 2016 and i found one!!!

Taraaaaaa!!! Tatatatataraaaaa!! Errin Corden customized planner.. Ordered it from 30/9 and received this evening, despite in the email track packages eta will be tomorrow.. Yes, its custom made, got my name and my future hubby, the choices of colourfull, the calendar to plan ahead and also pages of notebook at the back, comes with handy colourful tip markes.. Baru rasa lagi bersemangat nak keje macam ni!! I have a planner/notebook in one shot, easier for me, oo yeahh..

Till we meet again folks!!

Nota kaki: selalu perasan.. Makin dekat dgn big event/vacation or long leave, lagi banyak keje kena buat.. Macam ibarat dikerah sehingga titisan peluh terakhir, pastu baru boleh cuti.. Hahaha.. LPT skt thingy done, Cpd updated done, another 11 days of annual leave need to apply.. What elseeee.. I felt like im missing thing, yet my mind too full..

Monday, September 21, 2015

Reminisce The Journey

Assalammualaikum and Yuhu people!!!

Heres one thing about blog.. Once you start the post, another post will be coming.. But once you stop for a while, then it will be months to restart again.. So here i am, shocking eh? Another post in just few days!!! Hahahaha.. Reminisce my old posts.. I think i should make entry for my previous clinic, since i still had a mood-blogging.. Lalala..

Memories : 

My second post after my Provisional Registered Pharmacist (which is equally to Houseman for Medical)  was back to Peninsular, which directed me to Kelantan, yes my parents hometown.. Those who knew me well though im crazy for apply that state.. No no, i dont have issue with Kelantan, in fact thats my kampung, im happy with that.. Those who used naek kete i, they had to listen all the dikir barat songs.. 

It just im adventurous person, i want to explore new places, travelling before settle down.. Those who knew me know that i cant stand to one place for a looooooooong time.. But yeah, we planned but Allah decide what the best for us.. And yup, i got the hot spot.. Been posted to the farthest *is my grammar correct* side of  district of Pasir Mas, Rantau Panjang.. You know what my first though? Ooh great!! In tawau, we are near to Indonesia which my hp confuse with IndoTelco, and now in Rantau Panjang, that ip5 will confuse with ThaiTelco.. To think about it, damn funny.. Ok bye..

Bila di tempat sendiri, dah xsama dengan tempat orang.. So yup, cant say im soo adventorous last year.. A bit dull life.. I had to cover with short vacations.. Okay, alasan!! Anyway, i been there on July Ramadhan time.. Its new experience, 360 degree change in terms of environment works.. Less clinical side, more to administration, ceramah, pameran, etc.. The procedures, the flows, something that i never learned directly during my training.. So, folks, its good to gain both experiences of clinic and hospital, people cant tipu on you.. 

You see, in tawau, my home is like studio room version, was 10minutes away from hospital, on contrary, i had to travel almost 1 hour and 15minutes to Klinik Kesihatan Rantau Panjang.. Yes, everyday literally.. Dont asked about fuel!! I paid rm600/month just for fuel purpose only.. Technically, i drove CRV 2.4, so hahahahha you know what i mean.. Lalala.. So weekdays, it was tiring day for me to wake up early (im used to wake up early since tawau subuh time is 4.30am), to travel as early as 6.30-6.40am, only reached home by 6.15pm, and by 9pm, im flat.. Weekdays are no life for me.. While weekend, we had methadone oncall rotation to do, every 2 months, so im ok with that  can collect hours afterall.. 

Apart of it, im happy worked there.. I had a good proper breakfast, nasi putih gulai ayam, during lunch hour, had a nap at transit house and proper lunch, sometime we had desserts of icecream baba in evening session.. And i did gain weight there, thankz!!! I enjoyed shopping time with staffs there, they really had issues with TUDUNG/Shawl bagai, updated oooo.. Me? Naaaa follow je, cuci mata tapi xdenye den nak beli.. I enjoyed good food there, with their permissions.. You see RP is near to Thai's boarders, separate by Sg Golok river, so basically most of them are from the other side, their style of food are different.. Got what i mean? Hahahhaa

Anyway, once i reached 6 months anniversary working there, i apply transferred letter to hotspot place too!! I love the idea of hotspot!! Meantime, i experienced the super duper heavy flood last December, i did post about it.. Its really remarkable journey for me.. Yup, another 6 months of waiting, taraaaaa received good news!! Challenged aaccepted to Hospital Machang (HosMac).. Alhamdulilah, its soo nice to gain new experience and knowledge.. Hospital Tawau is specialist hospital, KKRP, and now HosMac is district hospital.. There always different procedures for every workplace, its nice to be partof it..

Naaa, amik ko panjang giler esei.. Heres go the picture marathon: 

The triage and OPD team.. Thanks for allowed me to have short nap in transit house, follow you guys for food hunting and shopping time, tawaf triage and registration every 4.30pm literally everyday, let me checked my BP and when i had fever, for hugg me when i broke the good news..

The lab team.. We missed one staff since he left first after got married.. I accept your friend request finally, sorry for late respond.. Hahahha.. Thankz for let me checked my glucose level 3x/weekly..

My awesome PPF, Kak S, for taught me how to wear shawl.. Heck, its easy actually.. Lalala.. Please kiss umailah for me..

My awesome PPF, Kak Ang.. Do you think shes malay at first place? Tertipu!!! I though she malay too, turns out, shes Chinese and spoke hokkien.. Try to learn it, but pretty difficult compared Cantonese..

The thorn among the roses, En A.. Hes like our guardian!! Hahahha.. Everything from computer to stupid heavy drawer, to KMnO4 preparation, to stocks checked.. In my defend, if you dont know what is KMnO4, is lretty hard preparation okay!! You need to make sure no staining!! I repeat STAINING as it leaved mark forever!! Just to remind that dont be reckless.. Lalala..

My outstanding PPF from KK Gual Periok.. Im incharge of 2 upgrade KK and Klinik 1malaysia.. Received goodbye gift from her.. Hihi.. You why shes outsanding? Because she can cover pharmacy all by herself from stocks to dispense medications.. You know how hard to handle the situation of 20 patients serbu like one shot, ALONE!! At the same time, need to check the balance stocks, then indent, bla bla bla.. 

MCH team.. I love the sister, shes crazy like me!!! Hahahaa

My awesome Dr K, and assistant doctors.. Its so nice naek kete blue ford dia.. Hahaha

My personal and mabeles doctor, Dr M.. Anything just inform her, she diagnoes from phone call.. Hahahaha.. Naaaa, shes good and detailed-oriented person, still insisted to see personally.. 

Yup, last day.. Nope, i dont the chance naek ambulan, just jip from PKD only during flood..

My second boss.. She said "since we are PF, we should snap here" yes, in the middle of medication boxes.. 

My satu kepala friend.. Anak satu dah tu kawan.. Eden je bujang lagi.. Mmm for few weeks.. Hahahhaa

Our big boss methadone.. She can handle anything related to from unreliable client to stocks.. Since im incharge methadone here, i really need to be like her, calm and cool.. Lalala..

Well, thats the memories.. Life goes on.. And im happy with my life so far.. Everytime end of my oncall, i know i love my career.. This is a career for me, not a job.. 


16/07/2014 till 02/07/2015
Klinik Kesihatan Rantau Panjang, Kelantan
Pharmacist Nurfatin Diyana Nordin 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Preparation till the End

Assalammualaikum and ola peeps!!!

Its been a while.. Blog keep dusty all the time.. I guess time will change our priority.. Today remark another few weeks to go to upgrade myself, to enter new chapter of our life.. Interestingly, he said "few weeks left to say good bye for bachelorte".. Having that though, make me realized.. Truee, i will have different life after these few weeks.. No longer long travelling or spontaneous short vacation.. I cant simply do whatever i want to do.. I need to ask permission, need to keep my future husband's name, kena jaga hati banyak pihak despite orang xjaga pon hati kita.. Hahahaha!! Okay2, leave the negative aura aside, its really not good..

Anyway, people keep asked me, hows the preparation.. Not updated in fb nor blog either.. Well, technically, everything is like chaos.. Lagi dekat, lagi banyak mende kecik2 need to consider.. The progress went well but been withold for a week since i been diagnosed as dengue fever and got mc for a week.. Suffered high degree of fever and had fbc with platlet drop from 300-->179-->152-->133-->112 within 5 days.. I kept constant said that i can fight fever/uti/urti/ even severe migraine, but i lost the fight when the dizziness conquer my head.. Pening2/sakit kepala and worst is kepala jadi berat to do things.. And yes, hydration and good long rest is the only management, so i got mc for a week.. Am i mention it previously? Eeh yeah, i did!! Hahahha.. To conclude, once you sick, it take time to heal physically and mentally.. The End of chapter 1!! Hahahaha..

Lets continue with the progress.. Actually, i dont know how to conclude it, but worth to try then:

1) hantarans for both bride and groom --checked.. Done by our favourite wedding planner,  Dzahra 

2) batal air sembahyang --checked.. Bought it at Habib Jewels earlier during low price of gold.. Really in love with it..

3) pelamin for both solemnization and reception --checked.. My favourite bridal, Rinz Suzana deal with him from A to Z, with latest design..

4) make up --checked.. Under our bridal also, will have test make up early october, cant wait..

5) places and food for both event --checked.. Nothing to worry much of it.. Our awesome manager, Cik Amy, handle it professionally.. Food testing will be done early october..

6) sourvenirs and bunga telur --checked.. Bunga telur done by Restaurant Sarpilla and sourvenirs for both events done by Dzahra.. Bought bunga telur at Small Garden in Kuantan.. Yes, i travelled to Kuantan specifically for their bunga telur.. 

7) bantings and banner and cards --checked.. Done by Dzahra.. Really in love with cards.. Sweet like candy..

8) photographer and videographer --checked.. Done by Photoaura.. They also did my storybook for our engagement, and will display during registration guests.. The song selecetion for video also done..

9) the attires!! --checked.. Omg!! How come i forgot about it!! Its the main important things and cost fortune of money!! Hahaha.. For the bride done by our awesome designer Nurinhani Couture and for the grrom done by Kashfizulkifli Creation.. 

10) bride's room --checked.. Done bought the kayu jati katil with tulip embroseed.. I wanted roses at first place, yet the design was too crowded, so we decide on custom made tulip.. Done with special roses satin..

11) live band --checked.. My wishlist come true.. My dream to have like an orchestra played during my event, or perhaps a famous artist.. But, be realistics, i cant afford 5k for a song!! Its really riddiculous!! So to have this live band, make my day already!! Thankz to KB Buskers.. 

12) our honeymoon --checked.. Done.. We agreed to have short honeymoon in Malaysia since we practically already took long leave and couldnt afford to continue another 5 days off.. Perhaps wonderful trip next year honey.. 

13) ticket flight --checked.. Since Malindo stop their service of direct flight from KB to Melaka, and there is no other airlines provide their service, i had to fly to KLIA instead.. Another hassle, but hey look at the bright side, another business class to go? Hahahha.. I really miss business class trip..

Am i missed anything else? Because i really lost of track sometime.. My daily pharmaniaga planner is like havoc by now.. With all the papers/tickets/bookings, im going crazy if i lost it.. Eeh jap, i lost it for 45 minutes that day, and im freaking out!!

14) henna thingy!! --checked.. Im almost forgot.. Already book InaiPengantin for that.. 

So thats the update for now.. Had HosMac family day tomolo, starting my oncall this sunday for a week, then continued with antimicrobial courses for two days, starting the october month by handover, which more burden to come with great knowledge to apply, and life will be hectic by time.. Will take leave in the middle till end of the month.. By then, im going to be Mrs.. 

Please pray everything in ease.. For there is always light at the end of darkness.. Cheerio and adios
Till we meet again..

Monday, May 18, 2015

The E-Day 2nd May 2015

Assalammualaikum and Ola peeps!!!

First of all, a truly appologise to mr fiancee since i promised him toupdate our e-day before fasting month itself.. However, the draft was nicely keep.. Pleaseeee, i had a very good reason for that!!! Stay tuned!!  Hanahhaa.. So, shall i kept long post this time? Lalalalala.. 

By this coming 2nd August, we officially 3 months engaged.. Upgrade ourselves from strangers to friend to fiancee.. Everything went well.. Smoothly like vanila icecream.. Huawahhh.. The preparation almost 6 months paid off.. Yeeaahh.. Yes, we skipped the declaration of boyfie-girlfie since we were not practically couple.. I used to ask en tunang, are we couple? And he always said, ummm, no, we are getting married.. Yes, from merisik day to e-day, its was actually 6 months.. No, we didnt planned at all.. Everything just happened..  

The sequel: 

October-- exchanged phone number, the culprit is my future sister-in-law, of messaging, phone call, facebooking

November-- big birthday suprise for him arranged as far as kelantan.. Yes, almost gave up on that, somehow saw the ligh at the end of the dark.. Ececeh
December-- we finally met for first time, in the middle of flood chaos, together with merisik thingy which was unexpected gesture from him.. Im practically in medical team mobile when he mentioned it

February, March, April-- was literally my preparation for engagement and the wedding.. Its really last minutes for block date for the wedding, usually people block it a year earlier.. Luckily we got the date and pay off the deposit.. Taraaaaaa.. Every weekend i spend travelling literally, back and forth turun Subang Jaya.. We constantly tell relatives/friends to give us a call first before visiting us, since we had appointments/stuffs to do every weekends.. Weekend is the inly time i had for the preparation.. I cant afford to lose my annual leave since i want to take leave almost 2 weeks on wedding day..

May-- the E-day.. Another one step to go.. Gear 4 and maintain the speed..

June-- busy with all PHIS, the new pharmaniaga system, set up for pharmacy, jugling with wedding prep plak.. But, as traveller mode always on, sempatla curi masa pegi Kedah for my close friend wedding.. Short vacation katakan.. Hahhaha.. 

July-- alhamdulilah, received transferred letter, really near to my house.. Had a throwback, im literally changed work place almost every year.. But, that will be another story okay.. Despite i incharged on methadone, solely me, which im really disguise, i still love my career.. Hahaha.. Oh yes, still holding mtac dm!! Thankz weii.. Nak further master in endocrine la gini.. 

Future August-- by coming 2nd August, mark a month of my 15km hospital life.. Hahaha.. I really had issue with hospital.. I love the idea of working in hospital.. Yes, klinik kesihatan gave me a remarkable journey and experiences.. Yet, hospital is another adventurous im dying for.. Oncall begin, no courses yet.. Should have appointment for our wedding attire, first fitting

Future September-- upcoming courses, which high possible nama naek sincedh nominate on july.. Will bring mama since its almost 2 days outside Kelantan, advancely booking on Heritage Hotel.. And a good planning of date, we get 5 days of short vacation there.. Hahahaa.. 2 in 1 mehhhh.. Another oncall to go.. Lai2 give me more oncall, need to cover a lot by now.. No Raya Haji for me, but hey, the best yet to come.. Should have appointment for 2nd fitting

Future October-- let everything ease.. Request early no oncall for this month.. Hectic man!!

Future November-- someone's wedding!! In golf country club!! 

Future December-- schedule not yet comeout, i bet, i will be the one.. 

To conclude, there still slot after October.. Kindly pm me early for any booking slot/ blocked date.. Before October, im fully booked people.. Lalalala.. Like Dr K used to say "macam artis gitu".. There goes the essay part..

Now, pictures marathon!!!!

No Baby Damia at the moment, she peacefully sleep with her tok-e.. I have instant daughter.. The manja niece of fiancee.. 

That two fellas try to shoot us? Thats our wedding planner.. Not engagement planner unfortunately, which i lost a fortune of money due to irresponsible people.. Never mind, let gone by gone.. Our wedding planner, they do everything from cards to souvenir, from hantaran gubahan to handflower, from table theme to arrangement of guests tables..

This is mr fiancee's side.. Yes, they come from big family.. A bit culture shock for me since i have nucleus family only, late daddy, mama, along, amani, anic, anic, mak cik, damia and me.. But hey, thats marriage life isnt it? An addition of nucleus family.. LOL!! One of the definition of marriage.. Please, no controversy here.. Lalalala.. Engagement at our house.. Full caterring for mama's convenient, with my insisted.. 

My beloved dentist, Dr Ira' KKRP dental, willing to come from kota bharu after her work locum, only reached at 6.30pm.. Good food waiting for you, no problemo.. And confirmation received for my wedding guest.. Ehem2 please bring Dr A sekali, i know there is sparkles there.. Am i mention im hate dentist and yet, willing to do dental and checkup and for heaven sake the scalling with her.. Only her la weii.. She is the most soft spoken person i ever meet.. 

Dears truly.. Our picture together.. What can i say.. Im the top of the moon.. Moon jak la.. Xyah nak pluto bagai.. Hahahaha

Unfortunately, these pictures solely from our own phone cameras.. Even they are highly pixel bagai, still cant defeat the real camera.. And our pictures from photographer already send to Photoaura for our storybook and etc, so xleh upload dalam blog.. Oo yes, Photoaura is our official photographer for ourwedding.. Promote sikit habaq hang.. 

Till we meet again with wedding story.. InsyaAllah..

Foot note: i wait for 4 months for iphone 5, 9 months for ipad, 1 year amd 4 months for my blue CRV, and almost 2years and 7 months for macbook air, another 6 months shall be no harm.. Be patience.. 

Yes, i bought them with my own money, my paycheck.. Not by a gift or, someone's secondhand.. You want something, earn it.. Show some respect for yourself.. Thats why i wait, and damn, its long wait.. Talking about respect, that shall be next post of raya!!! Puasa kan sebulan, raya pon sebulan la kawan!! Lala,la

Scribble note: i wait for 25years and 11 months for my prince charming.. May everythinh ease..

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Girly Side of Me!! ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Ola readers!!!

Its been awhile.. What a life!! Busy like a bee!! When blogging and blogwalking are no longer one of my luxury.. Sure i had the thought to do some writing on night, after isyak.. But by time, my body somehow failed me.. The only reason that make me still awake at night is that the idea of waiting of him to come home after work if he do the extended.. I knowwww!! He soooo in love with 'klinik kesihatan' management.. My thought? Naaaa, dont mind me!! I had issues with hospital., i prefer hospital setting.. Lalalala

Anyway, the title is too catchy to ignore, dont you think? Lalalala.. Im not sure why but i guess the major event this year did somehow changed me to take care myself better.. Physically, emotionally.. Or perhaps my beauty consultant had done a great job to promote her stuff that suit with my skin condition.. Hahahaha

Currently, these are my honey bunny. Not that i bought everything in one shot.. Gilakkk!! Mary Kay bha tu.. Hahaha.. 

The stuffs that i used: (in sequence of when i bought it first)

1) the Botanical Effect 3 in 1 Cleanser and Intensive Moisturizer.. 
Its awesomee!! I got dry skin, a very dry one.. In fact, when i was in tawau, went to semporna for their wonderful island like mabul and sipadan, i end up with one spot of white area due to its 'mengelupas' thingy.. When i did facial with the hope its getting better, my beauty consultant promote these MK stuff.. And it turns out, my skin getting better.. The moisturizer is terrific because it last for 8-10 hours.. You can feel the differences after apply it.. Even dah cuci muka, nak solat zohor, pastu xapply apa pon, still rasa lembap2 xkering.. 

2) the Lip Balm and Lip Mask.. 
I love them.. I got dry lips.. Kering sampai nampak mengelupas.. When doint the facial, my beauty consultant did apply both of this product and i feel the differences.. So i asked for it.. Here you go, apply the lip balm most of the time.. For lip mask, i apply it 2x per week.. Its more for repair the lips.. Alaaa macam nivea tu, yang repair.. Naaaa gituuu.. Hahahha.. 

3) the True Dimension Lipstick and Lips Gloss.. 
Since i was in secondary school, my mum did encourage me to apply the lipstick from nutrimetics *do correct me if im wrong* and i prefer the orange colour, even my inconsistency of using it.. Yet, i did bought both of these product after consulting which is the best colour for my skin and im started using it till now.. And its awesome!! *he love the colour* lalalala

4) the CC creme..
Okayy, this is the veryyyyyyy latest stuff i bought.. My second day using it.. Yet, people told me i look different when apply it.. They said the skin look more "mulus"and glowing.. I think there is difference between foundation, bb and cc is bit thick and heavy, bb is more to close you pore, while cc is more to protect the skin from uv light? Is that correct? I dont know.. I think so.. Hahahaha.. Too lazy to google and did some research.. 

5) the Eyeshadow.. 
To be frank, i got this for freeeeee!! Lalala.. Since my last order worth a lot of bucks, i received free gift!! I had experienced with eyeshadow years ago but i give up eventually.. So let see how long the eyeshadow last.. *i love the golden colour*

Taraaaa, end of my story, now move on a bit with my mum stuff.. I bought her a set of Timewise collections.. I dont think that product with gold2 thingy good for her.. Since she only just started with this, i cant say much.. Lets wait for a few weeks to see the changes..

The TimeWise cleanser, Moisturizer and Serum MelaCep.. 

I guess i look and feel more feminin nowadays.. Im comfortable with long skirt and blouse instead of jeans and tshirt.. I started to googling and bought online of instanst/semi-instant of shawl, while loving my bawal tudung as well.. Anyhow, dia suka cheq pakai bawal or shawl.. Lalalala.. Im more concern on my appearance, no wonder i did spend a lot for facial care and perhaps if you can call that make-up, yarr why not.. Aihhh, i was wandering if tetiba ada pulak pimples masa events nanti.. Huhuhuhu sekarang stress keje pon dah ada sebutir.. Unbearableee.. Hahahaha.. 

Till then.. Thankz for reading.. 

Foot note: i skipped most of our preparations within this months.. I promised to him to update ot but i guess, its best to write after the event.. Its more appropriate, dont you think so? 

Love note: few more months to go.. Another new chapter of my life..

Scribble note: its been 2 years now.. No one remember.. For what afterall.. I lost you dad.. And everyday is just another hard days to breath..

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Harrods ^_^

                        HARRODS, HERE WE COME!!!

Bab menghabiskan duit nombor satu.. Lalalala.. Stay tune!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015


 *she also cant believe that ipad still alive despite all the jatuh2 thingy*
 *she still godek2 her ipad for blog thingy*

*she currently too busy*

hand note: too many major plans.. and she is a bit tersumbat already.. yet, the idea of hospital keep her alive

Monday, January 19, 2015

Hello 2015!!

Assalammualaikum and Hello peeps!!!

Yes, its been a while now.. And hey, Happy New Year folks!!! Its never too late aite? Lalalala.. So many things happened for the past 5 months.. Countless if you ask me.. So please bare for a long entry here.. *i warned you*


1)  lets seeee.. Since the last updated was August, i had usual life.. Got some courses to attend.. Kursus Berhenti Merokok and being part of the team.. I know!!! Why me?!! Kursus Pengurusan Diabetes Mellitus and involved with Bengkel Diabetes Mellitus and eventually, had to be the one who set up the DMTAC, Diabettes Medication Therapy Adherence Clinic in Rantau Panjang.. Yess, again!! Me?!! Had to attach the short-term 7 days attachment of MTAC for my DM clinic in HRPZ II.. That October and November were pretty hack for me.. Im literally not in the clinic for almost a month.. *yes, my counselling statistics shown some reduction.. Hahahahah.. So many responsibility, not to mention, my kerja hakikis -->dispense medications, counselling parts (mdi, insulin, you name it, everything that involve with counselling), 3 upgrade clinics under mine (kkgp, kkkk and k1m), all type of reten by the ends of months.. I knowwwww!! Endlessssss 😳😳😳

Here was my DMTAC thingy.. Some random shot..

Our team won first place during DM presentation in that bengkel.. Honestly, im more to DM clinic compared to KBM.. Im not that interested in KBM.. *sorry*

Scribble note: had some thought to further in oncology or endocrine for my master.. Yes, psy is interesting but the aura is too negative for me to handle.. 

2) i ran for some short getaway to Perlis.. My old friend getting married.. Do u ever believed i solely drove  mr doraemon from Kelantan to Perlis? Believe it or not? Believe it man!! Yes, we did stop by at Kulim, Kedah since the kolam air panas was so tempting and mummy wanna met her few friends.. Hey, im the driver only man.. 

The resorts here were full that time, its weekend and school holidays after all.. Thats why we stop at Kulim instead of here, Baling..

We stayed at Putra Brasmana Hotel, Kuala Perlis, our room view was directly can see the ocean.. Yess, i love beaches and the ocean.. *exception for Paris and Tanah Haram*

Amik berkat orang kawen weii.. Lalalaalaa

Agak2 kome, mana satu en doraemon?! Lalalla

Foot note: my last jejak kaki to Perlis.. No no no shamir w, i will go to your wedding if its out from Perlis, thankzz!! 

3) lets had another look.. October did remark something in my life.. I dont know.. Some sparkles in my sorrow life.. Thankz to damia's aqiqah and future sister-in-law, *technically that time, i had no idea, this will be my path* Or perhaps akak that found me? *erkk?* lalalala.. Our first messenger chatting after a week being added by himself.. I knowww!!! I am patience to wait..  

The gift.. Simple.. 5 days in advance.. Thankz pos malaysia.. Hahahaha

Scribble note: please stay tune.. 

4) another look and a bit harder now since the hard disc almost full.. you guys well known that our kelantan, terengganu suffered heavy flood.. Well, our clinic was the first area affected.. *thankzz -- grinned face* you guys cant imagine what a night can change everything.. I remembered that wednesday, my staffs and i prepared for the possibility of flood due to heavy rain for the past 2 weeks.. The definition of prepared were lifting our stocks of medications to the higher level as much as possible, since our clinic is a old clinic with limited facilities and spaces.. Anyway, the next morning, which is Thursday, i received call from my PKD boss said that need to lapor diri to PKD since the roads there all stucked with flood.. So yup, Rantau Panjang was officially "banjir first wave" 

This was the first day, Thursday 18th December 2014, yes, i remember the date so well..

Only 4wd can through the area

Yes, air sangat deras..

This was our clinic.. The first wave..

This was few days after that, 5 days i believed.. We had to redah the clinic, to see the damage and also get some medications, low stock in pusat pemindahan already.. 

Basically, our hq during flood was pusat pemindahan.. Already prepared all the medications, yey, its limited with 5 days supply.. So by time, its either my collegue or i had to get the supply at KKB pasir mas.. Once JPAM said its safe to reach the clinic, apa lagi, we were the first unit angkat tangan nak redah maen banjir.. *technically, its only me who excited*lalallalalaa

The transportation was pretty hard that time..

I did had "banjir bag" standby for this situation in my car.. Coincidently, my tudung on that day also in red colour.. I knowwwww!!!

This was during our cleaning day.. 29th till 31st December.. Yes, 3 heavy days for me.. First day was speechless with all the thick mud and we lack of staffs..

The owner of this blog.. Alhamdulilah, so many experienced.. Gunshot in Lahad Datu and now banjir in Rantau Panjang.. You cant buy that experience man!!

5) continuation from the (3): after 2 months of tons of chatting, endless phone call, we finally met.. I think almost 2 months.. I had my off day on 21st December since i worked non stop since the banjir start, my collegue stuck in pasir puteh area, memang xleh lalu langsung.. So, that our first met, he went to my house with akak, had a lunch together, with mum and anic and my sis-in-law and damia.. Of cours got the funny part, but i kept that one okay,. Lalalalaa

Our second met.. Yes, straight from work.. Stop by at kok lanas.. Am i ever mention, we just next door? Lalalalaa

Our third date.. That shall be enough dont u think so? *ohh alasan, sebenarnya dia jauh*

By 23rd, he started asked my ring size.. Ooh yes, he did had some prepation to do despite another second wave, he was on holiday vacation after all.. Werkkkzz.. Did u guys know that we had second wave on 24-25th December because of the rising level of Sg Kelantan? Technically, Sg Jenob, which is the hulu of Sg Rantau Panjang increase as well, hence, we suffered another heavy flood again.. *well, when our first wave already shown some improvement, huhuhu*

Anyway, despite in the heavy flood thingy in Kota Bharu, that basically shut down the entire Kelantan, on 27th December, the family was here.. When kok lanas and pulai chondong are practically well safe, xkena banjir and xnaek air.. Lalalala

Simple.. Yes.. I cant prepared much.. Im practically still working till 25th December nonstop, by 26th December, i cant reached Pasir Mas due to heavy flood, that area practically naek air and terputus jalan ke RP.. No, i cant even used alternative road like Tanah Merah *heavy flood too*.. So my bos just asked me to stay at home and lapor diri in nearest kk.. 

The Ring.. Simple yet, means a lot.. 

So thats practically what happened for the past 5-6 months.. We started our 2015 with sooooo many hopes and happiness and faith..

My beloved bam bam nieces.. Amani and Damia.. Yes, che cu love both of you so much.. And of course your future ayh su as well..

My future 2 lovely cutey pie nieces.. Yes, they love ayah cik so much.. And i love them as well..

Till then fellas!! 

Hand notes: there are sooooo many plans for 2015.. Thank you for being the sparkles and the light.. 


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