Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hilangnya Sahabat...

4am 5/11/2013... 
Dari DIA kita datang, dari Dia kita kembali...

we lost you forever... forgive me, im not there for you, with others... you know i will catch a flight for you, you know i will... im far from home... im not in Malaysia.. forgive me sahabat...
memories never be replaced... laughter and smile and time we spend together... the last time i messaged you was last sorry for not accept the fact... terlalu cepat sahabat...
you asked me to come back to perlis, worked there with you, you promised by my side, support me, since we lost daddy... you cried the day i told you i lost daddy... i know you did... 
we planned in chrismast, you will go to tawau... i changed my oncall date for you... we planned and laughed... you promised to miss promised you never leaved me... and you did...
i love you sahabat, Allah love you more
i miss you, Allah miss you more

my dua always for you.. for daddy and you...
bersemadi dengan tenang wahai insan2 tersayang...
kupanjatkan doa dan kasih untukmu

memory note: 5 days... 7 months 14 days... terlalu banyak kehilangan... tiada ralat untuk daddy dan sabahatku... hanya tangisan mengiringi pemergianmu... 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Juggling The Time!! @_@

Assalammualaikum and Hello Peeps!!

End of October.. Welcoming the November.. i know!!! the last time  i said Hello here was on JULY!!! im juggling the time.. pejam celik pejam celik, worked in Hosp Tawau for 10 months already.. so many things happened, speechless.. there will be time, i hardly breath and severe back pain due to stress and lack of rest.. but it will be worth it.. InsyaAllah.. :)

 1)  our dyslipidemia clinic offically ended early October.. my colleagues and i and our boss scarified soooo many thing.. our time, enegy, money and most of all our weekend to make the clinic succeeded.. for the whole October, me and my colleagues spend our time to make the thesis, analysis the result for our research presentation.. yes, will be present in our unit and also boss will present to Pengarah Hosp.. thankz to the supportive speacialist Dr L.. *i miss Dr N, will see you in UKM bos*

2) currently updating all the logbook.. out of 9 books, im done with 6 books.. another 3 will come with 2 viva to go.. done with 2-hours of Oncology Viva yesterday after so many time postpone due to lack of time from boss and me also.. teeetttt.. hahaha.. another two case report and buletin to settle.. yes, major thing left.. please pray, be nice.. gagagagaa

3) after so many months struggling will all sort of presentation, the day after tomorrow will be my last presentation before submit my logbook.. it feels awesome.. its like part of the burden washed away.. lalalaa.. will be present the second journal appraisal, i think i do like the idea of critical appraisal.. but no, i had no intention to do it again.. :P

4) if you guys noticed, in my FB status for the past few months, im currently active in Tennis and back to my old regime, Swimming!! yess.. finally, i had the time and resource to spend.. will leaved my two regime for 2 weeks as im off starting this 1st November.. but will back to track, saturday swimming and sunday tennis or vice versa.. ohh yes, i have students to kerah tenaga to teman me.. teeheee..

4) November and December will be pretty hectic for me.. after 2 weeks off, will direct posting in Female Medical Ward.. after almost 2 months of leaving clinical, i have definitely need to brush up my rusty management.. aaihhh.. and December will be speechless month.. im literally not in Tawau for every weekend!!! every week i balik semenanjung k!! and yes, December will be my last oncall.. and i pray it will nice and better this time..

basically, this is what happened.. but no, not entire story been told.. sometime it best to stay low.. :)

till then..

foot note: im off today.. after work 6 days, non stop.. what a bless..  :)

memory notes: 7 months and counting... next year a major thing will come out, InsyaAllah, a gift for daddy... even he was not here...

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Little Gift


alhamdulilah.. a great weekend.. despite working till 10 pm yesterday and today still need to go to hospital for statin-consultation.. 

what a good new was? last Thursday, my Forensic Exam result out.. turn out? i pass with both essay and MCQ questions.. i was like waaaaaa.. bloody nice!! did you guys know, it bloody tough papers.. sometimes pharmacists have to reset for several times to pass.. me? one shot only.. alhamdulilah.. thank you ALLAH.. share with all people i love!!

now, focus on clincal research and case reports.. 4 more months to go for submission.. 5 more months to end my hectic pupillage/houseman ship..

till then..

memo note: off for Oncology department next week.. be strong..
memory note: ulang alik KL-Tawau, macam naik bas ulang alik KL-Kuantan.. :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Middle of July


time flies like crazy.. 
hardly catch up my breath..

alhamdulilah, my clinical research started last week, my partner helped me covered last week since im off for a week.. try to refresh myself.. 
the research will held for 3 months..
its collaboration between medical team with pharmacists..
may everything turn well for next 3months.. 

memo note: the higher your rank, more responsibilty your hold.. and when you holding the Dangerous Drugs's key, the burden is billion time.. for now im tired... since end of March..

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For Motivation..

im just a simple sederhana person.. yes, so many downfall.. yes, i cried for help to HIM, mummy daddy, i frustrated with myself and i fixed it for the next time and move on to the next target.. i dont want to be the best.. i just try my best, so that im not regret in future.. sometime its not enough, but HE give the reward later on.. dont you think so.. will be 7 months and InsyaAllah continue till GOD knows when.. i love my career.. and i love this song.. yes, you and you can be a champion.. you dont have to be champion for anyone, just for yourself.. to prove to yourself.. you can stand after the fall..

memory note: i just wanna make my daddy mummy proud.. and i know he was crying the day i received the degree scroll and the award.. and i knew he was proud the day i received the medal from MPS.. my dua always for him.. always..

foot note: im locum today.. nice... :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

End of June @_@


its been a many things happened...too fast, sometime pretty hard to breath...persistently....

1) ward inspection...4 reports still pending...going to add 1-2 reports tomorrow..
2) so many cancer patients in the ward...and i have to fake the smile and hold the tears...
3) Forensic Exam...this morning...only able to open the book 2 days before the exams...too busy with kerja hakiki...even all my FRPs gave time, but still slides need to be done, case need to be follow up...hopefully went smoothly...thats all i can dua..
4) leaved days hours and annual leaves...July and August...bought the flight ticket mcm beli tiket bas aje...but i am proud as it come from my own titik peluh..

friend: i wish you are sick!
girl: u r so bad friend.. why?
friend: so that you can slow down, and see things that you missed..
girl: i just missed my dad..

foot note: yes, so serabut, but see the car, somehow i smile...for 5 minutes of my life..

Saturday, June 1, 2013

do i make daddy proud?

everyday.. till the day he died.. even after he died, you make him proud..

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Middle of May


1) when i was in Medical Ward, in 3rd week, i start fall sick with unresolved fever for 2 weeks with temperature maintain of 38.6, and been diagnosed of chicken pox.. * i lost my 14 days of annual leave*

2) now, in 2nd week of ICU, i already had sickness symptoms.. and i have my Male Surgical Ward and Female Surgical Ward to go through.. aiyooo.. so ironicccccc..

3) starting my CDR week.. *i love it* reconstitution and all the thingy..

4) already submit my cuti raya and bandung trip.. ye, its sooooo advanced.. 

5) had my car been serviced.. yes, its 3months late.. im sorry but i dont have the time.. and thankz friend for teman me.. i cant drive and scout the service center at the same time what..

6) working tomorrow as locum.. and straight 5 days.. and off for a week.. alhamdulilah.. im so tired.. alone and empty..

7) will have my 2nd case presentation.. hope everything went smoothly.. every month got presentation either its clinical or cme or cpe.. government ma, need to active to get the SKT point ma..

8) the MPS-Gold Medalist Award 2013 went smoothly.. met my lecturers and Dean accompanied me to get the award.. thankz Dr Eddy.. 

along, mummy, me and anic.. my love life.. daddy in our heart, always.. :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Welcome Back --> ICU and MSW


after 1 month and a half, plus minus, im back to clinical.. yes, ward.. i love clinical.. interaction with doctors, nurses, patients, clinician pharmacists.. discussions with professionals workers, they inspired me to be a better person and a better pharmacist.. it literally quite long for me, yes even it just 1 month and a half, leaving the knowledge inside my internal disc, and need to godek2 again.. aihhh..

i remembered one HO went to nurse station, where i was there screening the drug chart asking me:

HO:  you are pharmacist right?
me:   you are doctor right?
HO: *grinned* when you free, can we have small briefing about antibiotics?
me:   sure, once i done with the charts, why not.. got viva?
HO:  yup, just to brush up my memory..
me:   awesome, brush up mine as well..

and we become good friends.. when i was in Inpatient Pharmacy, i went to Children Medical Ward for my asthma counseling and a cute female HO asked me to wait for her "saya nak tengok cara counselling jugak" and i introduce both of us to the mother.. see? i love the interactions..

 like a specialist Dr N said when we do ward round, " we are no different, we work together.. i cant remember all the drugs and their details, i asked you.. you let me know when i missed something, that simple lor" 

salam sayang dari perantauan..

38days of losing.. 2 days for coming home.. i know how much you love traveling, by car, by plane.. i know..

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Love from Granddaughter to Her Grandfather


received a call from mummy..

mummy: bring amani to kubur.. you know what she said once we reach there? "sayang atuk, sayang atuk"

girl: *silence*

mummy: take care there ok..

girl: hmm..

happy voting people..

salam sayang dari perantauan..

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Long Month.. @_@


a very long month.. time flies too slow.. walaupon dengan menyibokkan diri..

the past: 

1) had my first oncall.. 7 days.. the first 3 days were excited, the adrenaline rush like crazy, the next 2 days, feel sleepy but still bearable, the last 2 days, i was exhausted mentally and physically.. no wonder my seniors looks like zombie by the end of their oncall.. checking the record book, my worst called was 1.05am, im barely opened my eyes and drove to hospital.. by the way, im "cold", compared the previous pharmacist oncall, which is my damn luck.. so goodbye "The Keys", will see you on July/August..

2) had my first morning shift.. the same week my oncall start.. how? read the above, you know why.. the good thing was i can punch out by 4.30pm but nothing much differences since i been called back to hospital by 5.45pm..

3) had my last locum tagging in OPD.. alhamdulilah.. 2+1.. done.. this month, i can claim the hours.. and i got off day.. how nice..

4) had my first lunch call.. plus minus, ye, work like slaves, but i still love my work, what i do everyday..

5) anic upgrade to fiancee.. alhamdulilah, simple but went smoothly.. when they sedekah al-fatihah for daddy, my tears running like waterfall.. when my mummy sarungkan cincin, i wish my daddy was there.. he will be happy, he will be the one who are panic..memories...


1) im coming home next week.. yes, again.. for my Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Dinner's Award.. alhamdulilah2.. received the email and invitation a month ago.. my daddy know.. sempat beritahu arwah, sebelum arwah pergi.. when i received it, im thinking of mummy and daddy, be with me in that dinner.. kita merancang, Allah tentukan.. i kept asked mummy, "did daddy proud of me?" and mummy kept gave the same answered "he proud of you since the day you born"

33 days.. i lost count on how much i lost my weight.. cincin pon boleh terlucut dengan sendirinya.. naseb perasan rasa kosong di jari..

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Teruskan Perjuangan..

Pertemuan kita di suatu hari
Menitikkan ukhuwah yang sejati
Bersyukurku kehadap Illahi
Di atas jalinan yang suci

Namun kini perpisahan yang terjadi
Dugaan yang menimpa diri
Bersabarlah diatas suratan
Kutetap pergi jua

Kan kuutuskan salam ingatanku
Dalam doa kudusku sepanjang waktu
Ya Alloh bantulah hamba-Mu

Mencari hidayah dari pada-Mu
Dalam mendidikan kesabaranku
Ya Alloh tabahkan hati hamba-Mu
Diatas perpisahan ini

O.. uwo.. ho..

Teman betapa pilunya hatiku
Menghadapi perpisahan ini
Pahit manis perjuangan
Telah kita rasa bersama
Semoga Allah meredhoi
Persahabatan dan perpisahan ini
Teruskan perjuangan

Kan kuutuskan salam ingatanku
Dalam doa kudusku sepanjang waktu
Ya Alloh bantulah hamba-Mu

Senyuman yang tersirat di bibirmu
Menjadi ingatan setiap waktu
Tanda kemesraan bersimpul padu
Kenangku di dalam doamu
Semoga... Tuhan berkatimu 
"Nobody really knows how much anyone else is hurting..
We could be standing next to someone who's completely broken and we never know it"

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Doa Perpisahan dan Kehidupan


17 days.. its too dark and silence..

Kesenangan mendatang tak akan selamanya,
begitula selepas susah ada kesenangan,
seperti selepas malam datangnya siang,
oleh itu waktu senang jangan lupa daratan..
Gunakan kesempatan untuk kebaikan,
sebelum segalanya terlepas dari gegaman,
kelak menyesal nanti tak berkesudahan,
apa gunanya sesalan hanya menekan jiwa..
Jangan difikir derita akan berpanjangan,
kelak akan membawa putus asa pada tuhan,
ingatlah biasanya kabus tak berpanjangan
setelah kabus berlalu pasti cerah kembali..
Ujian adalah tarbiah dari Allah,
apakah kita akan sama ataupun sebaliknya,
kesenangan yg datang selepas kesusahan,
semuanya adalah nikmat dari Tuhan..

memory note: when i was in matrix, second nasyid adalah peneman hari saya selain zikir, selawat, doa, sokongan dan kasih sayang dari keluarga.. that was 2007.. 2012 and 2013 are challenging years.. perpisahan is part of life.. berlapang dada..

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dari DIA kita datang, kepada DIA kita kembali


20/08/1955 - 27/03/2013

alhamdulilah.. pergi dengan tenang.. redha dengan takdir.. dipinjam kan selama 23 tahun 5 bulan.. semua berkumpul.. macam dah berjanji.. tiada ralat, tiada tangisan.. hanya kerinduan, diselangi doa untuknya..

foot note: rest in peace for you always in my heart, my mind and my soul.. i will take care mummy for im not that strong and pretend to be one..

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Take 10!! @_@

a colleague of mine said " i dont wanna see you in FMW or CMW" so please take care..
and i was like OK MISS D!!

then i reread, i realize that, 
CMW is stand for Children Medical Ward!!! walaweii.. you sooo cute!!

currently, owner had unresolved fever, on and off for 2 weeks with last temperature was 38.6, 
generalized body weakness and getting worst on last Friday with headache and difficult to breath..

but this week will be very pack with
1) 2 wards inspection and full report
2) forensic exam
3) submission research proposal
4) completed of my Male Medical Ward report
5) preparation for presentation for April includes topics and researchs
6) starts on Journal Appraisal

everything is urgent and priority.. now, tell me, may i have enough sleep and rest with all this things in my mind?

off to go, already 10 minutes, for this blog.. 

till then..
thankz for reading..

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Untitled 2

when you thought you can breath for a while, something will turn up and you start have shortness of breath..

for now, the owner is mentally exhausted..

Sunday, March 3, 2013


mummy: 4 years of study and that freaking research thesis did make you down once, but u fight, back to your road and got the award.. you didnt take your sweet time to get up.. how come this time you are so down and not get up yet?

girl: i dont know.. im exhausted, mentally, physically..

the owner is sooo depress.. pray better days, better weeks for the next 7 months..

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Grow Old With You

I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
All I wanna do is grow old with you

I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

I'll miss you
Give you my coat when you are cold
Need you
Feed you
Even let ya hold the remote control

So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
Put you to bed if you've had too much football to watch
 I wanna grow old with you 

Monday, February 11, 2013


Assalammualaikum and Yello..

1) its good to spend 4 days of public holiday without oncall and locum.. *wait your turn and you die* *facepalm*

2) finish up all the counseling part.. wanna setel it as soon as possible.. 

3) updated my big calendar 2013, tally with all my planned activities in hospital.. im pretty pack in June.. every month got presentation/case presentation and not to forget journal appraisal..

4) i supposed to register under MOH about my research proposal.. however *there is always however* my supervisor away for his CNY celebration *Happy CNY Mr L!!! :)*  i barely know what the exact title except its about malaria and etc.. cant tell you guys since its not complete yet.. huawahhh..

5) i have issuse about food here.. no, im not so cerewet one.. pretty hard to find malay restaurant.. and when i found one which the owner sell food with semenanjung style, i went there everyday literally.. however, the waiter which is male, quite gatal/miang.. so i stopped going there.. now, i got no place to buy lauk2 for my lunch.. sad ha? i perot melayu kawan, i have to eat nasi with lauk2..

6) every week, we got CME/CPE here in hospital.. its good to take part, learn and share the knowledge.. i got inspired by one CME last week, its about preeclampsia presented by A&E..both presenter humbly keep repeating that O&G is the perfect department to talk about this topic, the main objective A&E did this was to see the similarity of the management.. they gave a lot of case studies with all the EBM stuffs.. i was like "waaaa" 

7) food for thought..
"serve the community, the patients like they are one of our family members.. no one like to go to hospital, unless they are sick and need us to take care them for a while, since they are too busy take care others" 

"hidup macam roda.. once you be at the top, i believe right now you guys at the top, have good career here, healthy.. but once you be at the bottom, and im sure one day, you are.. and you will regret if you dont give a better service to each of this patients for they will reflect your deeds in future.."

"you are not be here if there is no sick patients.. you been paid to serve them.. xberkat gaji yang you dapat if they not satissfied"

"kita ni xkan tengok kesilapan sendiri, sibuk tengok kebaikan sendiri ajee.. bila orang lain tunjukkan kesilapan kita, reti plak marah.. kita ni xkn sibuk2 nak tengok keje kita sendiri, lengkap ke tidak, tapi sibuk2 tengok keje orang len"

before that, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR for all of you.. ^_^  may the Water Snake Year give more happiness and prosperity.. *i love the sound of bang bang from lion dance!!*

till then..
thankz for reading..

a note for me: everyday is a new day.. meet new friends, experience new things.. but we should not forget the closes people in our heart.. for they always there.. never take them for granted for they always love you and it hurts to know the fact that you forget them..

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

She Used To Sit There

she used to sit there
waiting with glittering smile
counting the days she have
and the memories to create

she used to sit there
waiting with love she have
counting the days she lost
and the next to come

she used to sit there
waiting with hope she only got left
wondering why the darkness too near
the numbness killed her inside

she used to sit there
waiting with her soul
accepting no one will come
she closed her eyes
no one came

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Chapter of Life ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Ola readers!!

1) start new chapter of my life.. ha? not kawen haa.. not yet.. keep dua ok.. huawahhh.. starting my Pupillage on 10th January 2013.. nice number.. *facepalm- xde kaitan* Pupillage for pharmacist is similar to Housemanship for doctors.. except HO is for 2 years and bonded according to their respective scholarship.. while Provisional Registered Pharmacist is for a year.. we will be bonded with government hospital for another 2 years (1+2)..

2) OPD--Manufacturing & PrePack--IPD--Store--Clinical--DIS.. round and round for the past 12 months.. kepala pon dah pusing nak update with the dates.. the schedule will be rombak again to include the TPN and CDR.. *i love CDR*

3) start the CPE, CME, assessment.. fill up the log books within 12 months and submit before end the Pupillage.. im so stressssss thinking of it, when the fact is i just got all the nine books yesterday.. yes, you read it write NINE!! thankz government.. hahaha.. counseling and all the stuff.. within  a month had to settle it.. yes, a month to cover 35 thingy.. over the dateline, you are dead man!! *serious face*

4) will start "tagging" , "locum".. not yet for oncall.. my turn will start on March or early April.. meantime? need to cover other stuff.. huawahhhhhh.. stressssss.. oncall xrisau sangat or bila kena tag or do locum, since my house like 5 minutes drive to hospital.. just bought new car.. yes, another car with new plate!! thankz, memang banyak kete, kopak duit.. huawaahhhh.. 

5) my new house.. nicee.. betul2 tengah2 bandar.. its not like house la, more to hotel-type.. since here is an old town, so bandar is mainly for all businesses, schools, etc.. all perumahan is pinggir bandar like 10 to 15 minutes of driving.. how much per month? dont ask weii.. its bloody expensive.. gagaga.. all my collegues said you better get out from that cekik darah house.. huawahhh..

6) will start research.. alhamdulilah.. rezeki dariNya.. i got clinical research.. this one need to use the SPSS software.. if it is correct name.. i had nooooo experience with that software.. dont know how to use it or where to get it.. need to ask the senior for soft copy then.. ngeh3.. my 4th year did research, i did the wet lab, did the formulation nanoparticles, not need that software.. but like Vanessa said, "you got two experience - the wet lab during study and the dry during work, like so niceeee" :)  alhamdulilah.. HE planned well for me.. :) 

7) so far, get along well with Pharmacy department.. only 80 staffs here including the assistants.. like imagine!! 80 staffs to cover the specialist/referral/clinics, etc.. *rolling eyes*  lunch time with colleagues.. assistants, pharmacists, semua redah.. as long as makan.. and surprisingly, i never turned down or had leftover lunch.. semua licin!! like seriously!! OPD is sooooo tiring.. peha eden macam drumstick dah ha.. huawah!!

till then..
thankz for read..

left hand note: i suppose to study the warfarin and dm.. and im warfablogg and munchy2 plak.. huawahhh.. 
right hand note: excited gilerr wat syrup isoniazid and ranitidine.. please have more tomorrow and the next two weeks.. *senang keje eden nak isi buku* mekaceh abg amdan.. terbaik bahh.. :)

Friday, January 18, 2013

From Her

She said

i had a dream
a bad one
a nightmare

i received a call
no words coming out 
only a nod and a silent tears

i took a leave
a short distance flight i used to take
it feels too far

the flight aint reached
crashed among the clouds
so do my heart

i cried for my own death
do they who i loved cry for me?
like i will cry for them?
do they who i loved feel the loss of me?
like i will feel for them?
do they who i loved love me?
like i love them?

she closed her eyes
she's gone

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Hi-Tea / Convo / Award ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Yello!!

aiii.. kejap je kan MIA.. dapat log book, berhabuk balik la blog ni okay? gagaga.. yes, its my 3rd day of working.. still adjusting myself with the procedures.. everyday got new things to learn.. how? ok la, but still blur2.. *faceplam* .. title gempak aje.. xde la.. guro aje..


we had our hi-tea alumni after the rehearsal and jubah stuff.. so basically, rehearsal ended at 12pm which i had time to change, take the robe and went to hi-tea.. but unexpectedly, my name got called for the award students, so need to stay back to take photos for the slides on the convo day and to ramah-tamah with Dato MSU.. punya la kelam kabut amek jubah, kena tunggu turun amek gambar pastu kena tunggu untuk Dato la..alih2 kul 3 baru setel.. kalau ikotkan malas na na nak pi hi-tea.. dah kena bagi speech pulak wakil Pharmacy.. *mekasih* gagaga..after the speech, makan time, sempat la catch up with the lecturers.. somehow i missed all my lecturers.. gagagaga.. *facepalm* and we had our last photoshoot.. hahaha... nice.. purple!! i like nyahh.. 

scribble note: thankz bigfoot for your FOC as photographer/driver/tukang bawak souvenir.. :p

Convocation day: 
alhamdulilah, finally.. merasa gak pakai jubah.. orang len, upsr pon ada jubah2 weii.. i xernah merasa nyahh.. sekolah kebangsaan biasa katakan.. hahaha..time rehearsal dah risau, sebab seat first come first serve.. mummy daddy bukan sihat mana pon.. alhamdulilah, reserved VIP seat untuk award student, so xyah kelam kabut.. ngeh3.. dok paling dekat dengan stage.. sebelah koir lagi tu youuu.. hahaha.. everything went smoothly.. except bab tangkap gambar.. punya la lama tunggu.. sangat xefficient weiii.. last year wat cantek, this year, sangat mengecewakan.. ngek tull.. marah ni marah.. ahhahaa..


alhamdulilah, merasa la 2 kali naek stage.. selalunya dengar/tengok orang naek 2 kali.. last year, when my dip friend got Industrial Award, im so envy, nak gak dapat.. hahaha.. berusaha tangga kejayaan.. rezeki.. kak chik and i got Industrial Award.. we had no idea until been called during the rehearsal and had no idea which award till received the scroll.. marsyall xmau gtau.. konon nak bagi suprise.. gagaggaa.. alhamdulilah.. kitaorang last keluar, kena tunggu budak2 len tangkap gambar kat Dataran Bumi dulu.. kitaorang tunggu kono tangkap gambor dengan Dato after press conference.. tu yang lambat tangkap gambar studio tu ha.. tension i nyahhh..

foot note: mummy call, i masok tv nyahhh.. hahhaa.. malu kooo.. time cium tangan dengan Permaisuri Agong untuk award student.. OMG.. tangan Agong sangat la lembut and wangi.. :)  daddy, dah pecah rekod, bukan daddy sorang je salam dengan Raja Agong k? muhahahhaa.. *gelak jahat*

till then..
thankz for reading

Sunday, January 13, 2013

MIA Kejap Okay! ^_^

owner blog ni akan MIA kejap.. 
sekejap aje, xlama.. :)

salam sayang dari perantauan..


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year 2013!!! ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Yello people!!

second day of New Year 2013.. alhamdulilah.. one year gone.. seems like yesterday we started our 2012.. missing in action for a while.. what happened in my life for the past two weeks?

1) received my KKM posting letter.. finally knew the posting and what to do.. lama giler kentang goreng menunggu.. its new experienced.. alhamdulilah, family always support me and the other family? touched by the offer.. :) i will go there.. its a long-term planning.. :P  just keep praying..
2) finally, able to finalize the flight tickets and schedule there.. i will be the regular MAS customer.. gagaga.. already subscribe the Enrich Card.. :)  thankz for the free lesson of buying online ticket and self-check-in at lcct.. :)  its help..
3) settle all the documents, immigration thingy, finally done.. i have my red and blue passport.. i love my registration number.. it will be part of my career for the next GOD-knows-when im going to get my pension.. :)  somehow i realize im just not ready to change the title from "student" to "staff".. hoho..
4) already bought the book, the lab coat with my name Diyana Peg--------.. ^_^  bell reply my message despite her busy work stuff.. thankz dear.. :)
5) convocation stuffs.. only halfway through, need to do survey and the rehearsal to get robes.. already confirmed the morning session attendance with payment cleared.. teeheee
6) spend the days with jalan2 and makan2.. we went to all the mall available in KL-Selangor, literally.. you name it.. IOI Mall, Setia City Mall, OU, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid, Alamanda, Suria KLCC, Summit, Subang Parade, Subang Avenue, Empire, i lost the tracks.. gagaga.. went to KLCC, looking for Pandora.. beautiful charms from Denmark..   
7) went to the Curve on New Year day with anic and mak cik.. had good lunch at ViVo.. went to umi's house.. personally, i surprised she remember my name, i cant even remember our last meet.. and her cucur were damn delicious!! i literally eat more than .. i lost counting it since im busy munchy and munchy.. :)
8) change my prepaid to postpaid.. blackberry torch will be my second phone and emergency stuff while samsung s2 will be the main one.. cant let go my BB Torch, i love my BB.. get cramped in maxis Pyramid last monday.. somehow busy like never be, turns out, its registration for the Iphone 5's customer.. envy? naaa, i rather spend my money for food and duit kawen.. hehehe..
9) confirm on the cake.. the design, the addition of figurine, the flavour, the filling.. yummylicious!!! my last custom made cake..

the next activites?

1) i had my GERMs Certificate event.. i dont really have any ideas about this event.. my lecturer just called me to confirm my attendance on this coming Friday.. she said its like our previous Dean List style.. so formal, i guess.. i had to do my survey thingy on morning.. perhaps a nice lunch with orang bumi.. gaggaga..
2) rehearsal and hi tea on the same day.. rehearsal is compulsory to catch-up with the ladies.. oo yeahhh.. the hi-tea, will be my last minute decision to go.. i dont know yet.. gagaga..
3) convocation day.. the big event.. morning session with my 2 close friends.. been separate with half batch on afternoon session.. hoping we can meet in between.. kak chik, chua, and others.. i hope i get my bear bear.. teeheeee..
4) flight day.. updates with friends and seniors there.. hope everything will be fine.. mummy daddy along will join me but left out anic since he got to work.. sorry pokk.. hoho..

i guess thats all for now.. my calendar packed till March 2013.. by the time, it will packed till Jun till September till December.. 

till then..
thankz for reading..

hand note: Dr Jun married already.. im so happy for her.. :)


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