Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Quadruplet of quiz.. Incoming exam.. Speed 5

at the very high speed at the moment..
2 quizzes done..
another 2 tomolo..
assginment and summary leading the way..
problem based learning marched the parade..
exam will in progress..
shut down of emotional code..
shut down of daydreaming code..
switch the struggling code..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Off to south

the blog will be dusty for a while since the owner pretty busy with student's life and currently will off to somewhere to enjoy the weekend with family..
will update as soon as possible..
be patient and keep check out the latest entry..
love you all.. :)

p/s: just bought new contact lens, grey and blue.. i like..

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


you took my hand,
you touch my heart,
you held me close,
you were always there by my side,
night and day,
through it all,
swept away on a wave of emotion,
oh were caught in the eye of a storm,
and whenever you smile,
i can hardly believe that you love me

and each time i look in your eyes,
i know why,
this love is untouchable,
i feel in my heart just cant deny,
each time i look in your eyes
i know why,

share the laughter,
share the tears,
we both know,
we`ll grow old from here,
cause together,we are strong,
by my side ,thats where you belong,
i`ve been touched by the hands of an angel,
i`ve been blessed by the power of love,
and whenever you smile,
i can hardly believe that you love me.

through fire and flames,
when all this is over,
our love still remains.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Older? kui kui kui

HAALLLUUU readers.. good monday!! *will be monday blues as its going to rain* terkejut kah tetiba ada entry? hoho.. actualy today only got one class instead of 4.. choy!!

lecturers involved in invigilators for the exams, so we dont have the morning class.. yippe!! we got noon class.. but third class been postpone to tomorrow and the fourth class been forward to thursday morning since this class start at 6pm till 8pm.. *der!! even the lecturer dont want-no more energy* hoho..

but that doesnt mean im FREE of works.. hoho.. tidak!! lecturers never allow that.. i still got 2 long assignment , 1 journal.. tengok xbanyak kan? banyakla la wei!! time consuming you know.. choyy!!

anyway, back to real story.. while waiting for the lecturer, my classmate gave the survey form for us to fill-up.. i like!! i memang suka bab2 survey ni!! hoho.. so i fill up but skip the total house income *mine or parents* (wahaha) and age..

why? malu la nk tulis household income.. gilo!! i mano ada duet!! duet ptptn pon semua bayar fees yang mahal tahap cipan.. hoho.. harapkan PAMA funds je 4 tahun ni.. wahahah..

ok, ok stop about income eh.. not nice to show or write at the form.. most of the time i try to skip that part unless its necessary.. segan la wei.. hoho.. but the age?!! waaaa.. thats funny story fellas..

since i need to write the age, is start with no 2.. obviously im not 18,19 or sweet 17 anymore.. *ada ke sweet 17?* but the next number make me confuse.. 1 or 2? so i calculate manually: 2011-1989= ? then find out, pergh im 22!!! tetiba xsedar diri.. kui kui

waaaaaa.. im 22!! terkejut i.. perangai macam budak2 tapi dah 22 tahun.. waaaa.. i like.. hoho.. i thought im 21.. ikut tahun, yes im 22.. ikot bulan im still cute 21.. wahaha.. nak jugak!! *sengal!!*

seriously, ladies dont like to mention their age.. i dont know why.. im proud to be 22 and derrr i mention it at my blog what.. hoho *even perangai macam kanak2 ribena* older is another journey of life.. why so fear with the numbers.. it doest represent anything.. represent mature? naaa, cant trust that.. sometime people that younger than you are more mature..

22 y. o.- 3rd year
23 y.o. - 4th year
24 y.o. - PRP
(probation register pharmacist)
(kalau lepas forensic exam)
25-27 y. o. - RPh
(register pharmacist-compulsory service)

bila mau kawen ni?

till then..

Sunday, March 13, 2011


*tetiba sengal nk post banyak2* actually want to tell you guys that i change the FaceBlog logo.. thats all.. hoho.. i had no idea they got various colour that can be chose.. first time i did, i click je yang ada, which is pink.. but since i know other colours also available, i change it and choose purple.. pink is ok, cute also, but i love purple more.. i used to like blue from kindergarten till matrix time, but somehow, my taste change to purple.. but not that fanatic la..

Disney channel? i love it!! my parents only subscribe the astro after i entered matrix.. i see the point there, thankz mum.. hoho.. my elder brother at bintulu at the moment.. *padan muka ko kena gi offshore smpai bulan 7* wahaha.. while my sis-in-law at her family's home.. so only my second brother and i at subang jaya.. *once in a while my parents akan turun kl* :) so basically, my second bro, which are too busy too watch sport channel, offered me to cancel the sport and get Disney channel.. so starting today, i can stop watching the stupid series and watch the cartoon instead!! yey!! but still my priority is History channel.. wahahaha..

enjoy weekends peeps!!
till then..

No more Freedom?

Morning sunday readers.. hope the day better than yesterday.. there will be a delay for my new entry.. why? because..... i misplace my pictures!!! wahaha.. even the wizard, Albus Dumbledore cant find the file.. either i misplaced and forgot the title of that file or i did delete the file, since these couple of days, i delete most of the junk/crap/ whatever you called it..

anyway, just brief entry this time.. i started my blog last year, April.. and i post about myself, my life.. i rarely talked about fashion, sport, etc.. once in a blue moon, i did post emo-stupid entry.. no body cares.. they give appropriate comment.. that nice.. however, till yesterday, i felt restriction in my post.. i cant write this, i cant write that, otherwise people start make controversy and comments.. im ok with comments, layan je.. but then why you comment only one entry.. what their motive actually.. i dont want to know.. im over it..

just want to say no more freedom to express what i feel in my own blog.. pergh terbaek la.. readers, please dont misunderstood.. this is my blog.. my post.. if you all like it, read and enjoy.. if not, leave it.. i dont force you to read all.. i dont want a controversy here.. my followers only 41.. i mean 41!! there is no point to make silly controversy.. and even no one want to read my blog, its ok.. no hard feeling.. this blog more like a online diary to me.. to refresh memory back once im older.. *being older and die is another journey of life except cant share anymore* thats it..

p/s: for these 41 followers and silent readers, i really appreciate it.. even though im not regular-update type person.. thankz..

Friday, March 11, 2011


HAAALLUUUU peeps!! Finally!! *drum roll please!!* at last, i manage to steal my little time to make this entry.. been months already.. choy!! wahaha..

anyway, i went to USM Penang for my NPSC 2011 from 28th January till 30th January.. since my friends and i performed well in our Mini Pharmacy *i did make an entry about it*, we been choosed to represent our university in the netball game.. netball aje.. xterer nk main game len.. hoho.. its such an enjoyable experience.. i used to go to Penang with my family.. kira habis semua tempat terjah.. but then, go with your teams and friends are something different experience..

heres some pictas: :)

im at Center position.. i like!!
i like running from one end to another end.. hoho
by the way, that shoes was last minute back up..
im not keen with that shoes..
tapak dia nipis sesuai untuk jalan bukan bersukan..
hampeh, melecet kaw2 jadinya..
my sport shoes dah terkoyak macam mulut buaya..
cant fix it because the cost is higher than buying the new one,
not worth it..
quite sad because i been used my sport shoes since form 5 till now..
imagine that!!

me with batu seremban's team..
i dont play for this game..
just give them the rough idea how to play batu 7, instead batu 5
wondering how come they not knowing that.. hmm..

me and my netball team!!! i love them!!
from front, left: sabreena, me (spongebob), intan (half-court)
from behind left: sarah, ila, ameera, fafa, munirah (kapten),
syafa, kai sin (pretty lady)

perasan x ada nama panggilan? let me story a bit yar..
actually, during our training, i dont know these two people names because they are my 1st year juniors..
*brag myself, know a lot of my juniors compare my batch did* hoho..
and since, this person teached us played half-court style, i simply
call her half-court.. wahaha.. jahat atien..
and her best friend called me spongebob because
i never remain at the same place at one time
and bila rest 5 minit, i mula la gerak2 tangan, macam2 la..
*a bit hyperactive cket yar*
so i caller her pretty lady because she always smile and laugh..

gambar kasut pon nak letak..
from left is fafa's shoes, my shoes and sarah's shoes..

thats not my new sport shoes yar..
i had not time to buy new shoes yet..
thats my 'early-birthday-present' shoes from my mum.
*thanks mummy!!! mmuuuaahh!!*
somehow i surprised with my own high taste..
actually, its not about brand or expensive..
i buy something that can last for long time..
like my old shoes, pretty expensive but can last for 6 years!
i mean 6 YEARS ok!
i even has red slipper from ASADI!! i mean ASADI!!
yang budak2 punya and murah.. why?
because i love the design and still nice to wear
and still in good condition.. :)

me and my friends.. :) miss them!!
3 of them will finish their Diploma in Pharmacy and doing practical..
hoping they can further in Bachelor.. :)

i had my own tourist guide.. hoho..
the red scraf one..
since she's from Penang, she willing to take me and others to keliling Penang..
i like!! CYG AMEERA!!
the lady with blue shirt is actually Ameera's friend..
the day we leaving Penang, she catch a flight back to New Zealand..
she study there but i forgot to ask what course she take..
she's gorgeous!! i love her style!!

please, i really dont know who the heck this retarded girl..
very excited see the ocean..
*ni keje fafa duk asyik suruh orang wat star jump*
choy!! hoho

at Queensbay..
last time i went here with my friends from matrix 2007..
*we just finish our last paper and decided to go to Queensbay before leaving Penang* hehehe

thats the journey of NPSC.. a lot of things happened.. a lot of memory.. a lot of pictures actually.. but thats all for now.. :) hope you all enjoy..

this weekdays were really tiring.. i mean it!! thats why i cant update regularly.. anyway, thanks for reading this.. really appreciate it..

till then..

Thursday, March 3, 2011


HAALLUU peeps!! today is thursday.. what a life.. one day was monday and another blink is thursday.. do you guys feels energetic? no no no, not because the day after tomorrow are weekend.. :P

but i do feel more energetic and semangat.. even this two weeks were quite frustrating.. but im ok now.. the healing process is working.. hoho.. mentally in progress which is good.. but physically, im not in good condition.. feel a bit tired and headache.. not to mention regarding my stomaches.. today i had my lunch quite late from usual time cause a warning sign from my beloved tummy..

yes you are right.. i had gastric.. since the first year.. weird? naaa.. in school time, i be spoiled with home-mummy cook.. hoho.. in matrix, since my dorm was beside the cafe and my room was facing the cafe *i choose the window part-that the best thing when you reached registration early* and the temptation of chocolate milk for my breakfast, kampung style for my lunch and mee basah/bihun sup for my dinner, i gained weight pretty good around 45 kg which was my ideal weight.. but once i entered university, i experienced lived in bad hostel and rented house and the packed schedule force me to somehow skipped the meal.. and even i had my meal, still not nice.. ahakz!! alasan!!

nothing much about my weekdays life.. just a normal hectic life.. our schedule looks more packed due to extra class.. somehow the lecturers and we thought the time given are not enough to do the lecture, tutorial and lab.. and i realized smething when i was on the way to my car.. during our first till sem 5, we had plenty of presentation for our topic.. i mean plenty.. but this sem, we are more to case study.. hoho.. i like!!

till then..
click at nuffnang, want to buy chocolate cupcake..

hand note: sometime what happened in our life will open our eyes literally and be more alert.. mungkin atien terlalu leka.. always think positive and be strong.. :)


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