Friday, November 25, 2016

Convo-Ipoh Trip!!!

IAssalammualaikum and Yello people!!!

Been away for few days. I got course of "updates of insulin management" in rtc kb last tuesday. We able to finish it early, unfortunately that dry hot evening, i suffered severe headache or as one of my collegue, dr izzaty said diagnosed as migraine based on the symptoms. Yes, im shocked knowing i had migraine. Huhu. The pain was too intense, forced me to get the pain killer and no, panadol didnt help either.The next 3 days more to rehabilitate my mind and body. Hahaha. Lets continue shall we.

Ipoh Trip

The convo held on 22nd of October which was saturda, while The briefing and jubah was on friday, the day before. I bought the fly ticket to subang jaya earlier and we drove from kl to perak on thursday itself. Whereas family in law reached ipoh on friday, since no hurry for them. Right after my bubble gum appointment, we straight to ipoh and reached there around 2pm. As usual, i booked our hote, Seemsoon Hotel via Criteria? Hubs nak hotel tengah2 bandar, easier for back and forth for food and sightseeing. 

Rate for the hotel was affordable. For 3nights 1deluxe only costs us around rm5++. , a very accessible parking, right in the middle of city, good services of receptionist, okay2 for breakfast meals. We spend our evening by sightseeing at Kellie Castle. Hubs not a fan of hystorical places, but i ensure you guys that he did enjoyed the truth story of Kellies. 

I told him i love the idea been hug. He rarely missed it. 
One of the important stories. 

And you tell me, how im not that amaze with these? The marbles imported from Italy, still intact!! I wish the war didnt destroy them. 

Somehow i did enjoyed the sketch of these.

Esoknya, kitaorang pergi amik jubah. We reached hotel early, just enough time for us to rest before our family arrived. Then, we had famous nasi ganja for lunch and had sightseeing of Gunung Lang. Something we only know after the tourist guide reached. Hahaha. My brother in law used to study here in ipoh for past 3 years, so he officially the tourisy guide for next 2 days.

Somehow that flowers attract a lot of attention and kind of waste not to have a photo. Haha.

That dinner was our anniversary dinner which i will post it later. Saturday the Big D, and took the whole day of us. We check out on sunday, straight back to kl. By monday, we departed, seorang ke selatan, seorang ke timur. Yes, its hurt. Everytime. 

Till next vacay!!

Memory note: pretty blurry pictures. I saved it from my facebook albums. I think they didnt fully download and i already clicked save photos. A short entry today. My mind too occupied with other things. 😅

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trip to Farm In The City Seri Kembangan & Pulau Perhentian

Assalammualaikum and Good day people!!!

Yes, entry updated daily for this week. I told you, i already had draft the entry. So its just some touch up and publish. Hahaha. Again, i compress2 vacay in one entry. Most of our pictures been upload in facebook, i just upload 2-3 pics here only. Aye? Ayeeee

Farm In The City, Seri Kembangan

The trip was in April. Hubs already in Hosp Sg Buloh for his course. So that time, i was back and forth from kelantan to subang jaya. Hubs cant take annual leave as credit hours count, so we only had weekend to spend. Actually i want to go to Zoo Negara, but since its located in Ampang, too far and they say less animals nowadays, we decided to go here. Its 15minutes from our home, like seriouslyyyy. By 10am, we reached, paid the tickets and walaa, ealy birds got the good catch! Hahaha

The front entrance

Dear truly. Hahaha. I only wear this style when going out dating with hubs. My sister in law taught me how to lilit2. Yes, they got tutorial in youtube. No, im slow learner, i prefer people demonstrate in front of me, not by watching it. Lalala.

The farm is in average size, not that big that you need some air to catch your breath, nor that small that you think it just waste the money. It is like one way roundabout. So we started with the tortuoise/turtle village, yes we can feed all the animals. Staffs will give kangkung, helped take pictures, etc. 

The bird village

The ilama

The rabbits village

And animals are freely explore

Luckily, when we reach here, its feeding time

They got reptilia house. If you have kids, bring along and they will have a lot of fun. They got horse riding at certain time. And also parrot show. I cant remmber the price tickets. But way cheaper than zoo negara. Hahaha. Go checkout their website okay. For hands-on experiences, i think this place is really great for kids.

Pulau Perhentian, Flora Bay Beach Resort

Next vacay always be our sweet memories. Why? If everything related with beach and ocean, will be the top list. Aye? Ayeee. Hahaha. After the final exam and able to get long leave, hubs decided to go to short getaway to island. And i asked which island. He was fine with other island, however, im the one who cant get long leave, so we scout on nearest island around pantai timur, so wala Pulau Perhentian!!!

Since im not used to the islands in peninsular, only survey through websites. A lot of pretty deal package bha provided. Just checkout Their package includes with full set of meals, accomodation, boat transfer, snorkelling trip, etc. In case you are backpacker style, well, a lot of options in instagram or facebook. Just know your budgetand kindly book early. Not wise for island trip from october till december yar. Its tengkujuh season. Our trip was end of august, still, got heavy rain on night. 

 There are 2 island of Pulau Perhentian, Kecik dan Besar. In the website, the Besar island hv all the facilities with school, klinik kesihatan. So, we decided to find resorts in Besar island, so that we can explore the activities there. However, once we reached there, turns out the resort we choose is situated in Kecik island. Still ok lor. 

When i searched for room, i prefer use I dont know why, maybe the interface of the websites more friendly. Hahaha. From there, can select criteria you want. I usually pick the good review and affordable budget. You must stick tp your budget and compromiseeeee. I also checked the resort websites, their promotions andddd honeymoon package. So we decided to choose the Honeymoon Package Flora Bay Beach Resort around rm 14++. And that includes complimentarty fruit basket, special gift, a bouquet of flowers, candle light dinner at the beach, snorkelling trip to all points, full set of meals, a tour to windtrip, a garden view room with boat transfer. Excluded the marine park ticket yar. 

Like i mention before, if you are backpackers or prefer to add on later on, you guys can just book the rooms and add on the snorkelling later on. No problemo. It just when im the one who arrange it, i prefer to make it everything ready. We just bring ourselve and enjoy the vacay. Hahahaha. Each resort had different boat time, so you guys need to aware the time, which suit your time's plan. 

We drove from machang around 10am and reached besut near to 12pm. Tak tunggu lama pon dekat office diaorang, terus ke jeti and off we went by speed boat. Honestly, its waaaay different with my experience in Mabul island. In Mabul trip, the resort had their own boats and for their guest. In this trip, we were in the same boat with others guest of different resorts. The journey took around 30-45 minutes and maybe longer based on weather and waves and which resort of you staying. Ours been the last which gave us overall view of both island. And it nice weather. Alhamdulilah.

This was our room. Upon emailing them, i asked if i can change and add on the room to sea view room, unfortunately no availbility since its weekend time. But seriouslu, no regret on garden view. From the balcony, you still can see the ocean and the white beach and it just 10-15 walks to beach and the cafe. The rose petals and the swan. Im melt. Hahaha.

This was the entrance. No, we dont bring the monopod. I told hubs, i wanna fefeling mat saleh, so he brought the beach hat for me. Hahaha. We reached here around almost 2pm i think. Terus check in. Nice arr. got complimentary drinks and the staff wished happy honeymoon. Oo yarr. Hahaha.

The first day, we spend our time like this. Luckily we came early, we got the good spot. Its nice. Really. Somehow you slow down a bit. 

The second day, we got the snorkelling trip at 5 points. Nemo point, turtle point, baby shark point, another fish point and coral point. You dont have to go to maldives or borocay just to explore the coral. Here in Malaysia, we also had amazingly coral view with bautiful blue ocean. Trust me.

No, i dont miss that snorkelling. We did enjoyed it.

This was the last point. Got fresh waterfall and we can clean up a bit before head back to resort. Sorry, no photos during snorkkelling time. We dont bring our waterproof camera nor bought the waterproff case for mobile phones. To be honest, i dont really like the idea of bring phones near to salt water. Im clumsy person. And my ip5 had terrible impact due to my clumsiness. Yes, i fixed it and cost me rm 3++!! Thank you but no thank you, i bought the ip6 but that will another story. Hahaha.

On the way head home, they drop us to Kampung Nelayan. Its not part of the trip but you can asked the boatman, he surely can bring you. No biggie. Kampung nelayan located ta Kecik island. Got the clinic and school and activities. We had our lunch there. The sotong bakar and the udangs were huge and delicious. Well, dah lapau, semua sedap. The prices affordable. 

Thats the gerai. Crowded as most of the boats did drop by. 

So the evening, we went to windtrip. Its another island. Unfortunately, we didnt asked the details regarding this trip. I only wore my slippers!!! Flip flop 15hengget for hiking!! For hiking! And definitely literally took my breath as im not that fit. Not anymore sire. Hahaha. The first route, we hike and only jungle trekk available.
This was another route to go down. Tour guide cakap, baru je route dalam masa 5-6 tahun tapi too much damage due to close to ocean/salt cause rusty. You see how high it was. Penat seiii. And there were missing steps, so we had to be extra careful.

This was the top view. Breath taking. 

This was the candle light dinner on the second night. Actually the staff already set up our table at the beach, seriousLy!! But due to the weather, heavy rain, we had to change the plan. But, it still nice. 

Sorry for unmatch attire and see how my shawl end up. I slipped that evening, when board on boat after the windtrip. Try to protect my hip from hit the slippery rock, i let my right arms hold entire pressure. Bruises around knee, scratch and bleeding a bit. The only severe was my right arms. Swollen    like apple. And the pain score 7-8. Hahaha. Try not to cry, but surely the tears as thats the only way to communicate. The manager wanna send us to clinic, but the heavy rain and huge wave was not good combination. We managed. Hihi. So literally, hubs helped me in shower, get me dressed up, help me lilit the shawl and wore the brooch. Till death do us apart, ha? Hahaha. I ate used my left hand, when come to chicken chop, hubs helped cutting it to small pieces. We enjoyed the banana split, mushroom soup and watermelon juices. A bouquet of flower always the best gift. 

The next day, we got the 12 pm boat transfer, the 8am was impossible with my condition. Hahaha. We straight to clinic, got the xray not broken or fracture just severe soft tissue injury and i got mc, thank God. Got massage and literally cry for post-trauma. Hahaha. 

Somehow i realize im not chubby, im fat in that picture!! Hahaha. Im gaining weight after all. From 42kg, when i met him to 46kg during engagement period to 53kg in that picture. So i come to senses, and try to control my carbs and manage to control 50-52kg. Well, without excersie, the losing weight graph is platue. 

Till next vacay. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Avilion Resort, PD and Cameron Highland

Assalammualaikum and Ola people!!

Yes, im back. Konon, sementara ada fefeling nak update kan. Since we didnt bring our own camera, just rely on our mobile phones, hence, few photos taken and i decide to just compress 2 vacay in one entry. Ayee? Ayeeee!!!

Avilion Resort, PD

It was last year, straight after the wedding, we took another a week on leave for our short honeymoon vacay. My choice was Avilion, with honeymoon package. It cost around rm25++. It had everything that newly wed wish for. Of course Grand Lexus is and always be another good competitor, we unable to secure it as no availability on our date requested. 

One of the reason i love honeymoon package? The roses petal and all the decorations. Hahaha

My view since 17/10/2015. Mata tak payah sepet sangat boleh? Hahaha
Unfortunately, we unable to enjoy our outdoor view since its jerebu time. Another trip to here, boleh baby?

Our breakfast in bed. Supposedly. Hahaha. The receptionist asked whether wanna take the breakfast in the cafe or send to room. Why, why, dont offer something we cant say no. Hahaha.

They got 3 different sites of swimming pool. And i choose this one as this was the nearest to our room and less crowded. The other one was near to cafe, so pack with kids and eyesssss.

The package inClude the spa. I love spa. I enjoyed spa. And after the massage and sauna, we spend our noon with green tea and great view. (The jerebu dah kurang time ni)

The candle light dinner!! Im sorry, but i loveee candle light dinner. We had salmon and chicken as part of the menu.

I dont take all the pictures, but i love this meal. Like seriously sedap!!

It might look small portiom for dinner, but with all appetizer, entree, desserts, etc, you will be full trust me!

Off to Malacca then. A very famous ice bowl. Homaigod!! Enjoyed till max!

Went to Zoo Melaka for night trip. And that will be different experience. 

 Yes, A famosa as usual. I love the historical places. We reached here almost late evening, so not recommended yarr.

The Taming Sari tower. Yes, its dark. No, im too lazy to edit. Hahaha

The famous river cruise. Tip is DO NOT SIT THE FRONT SEAT! Let other went first, no need for rushing, you sit peacefully at the back seat. Why? Because somehow there will be water splash and unfortunately, you yang kat depan kena. Anddddd, its not nice since its like biggggg drainnn. 

Cameron Highland 

This trip was during chinese new year. February kan? Since hubs take a week leave, we went to cameron from gua musang route. Stuck with jam few times, but bearable. Somehow so lucky since we  booked our hotel in brinchang area. So when we went down to tanah rata for Taman Botani not facing the jam when everyone going up, and when went up to brinchang, everyone went down for tanah rata. Seee? 

My favourite strawberry farm. Dai kecik baba bawak sampai sekarang. Why? Because the spacious area and also the cafe up there. All good food!! Serious!!! 

This was another strawberry farm right before we drove back to kelantan. Good deal for hand-pick strawberry farm.

At Taman Botani. A very huge area. We spend Almost 2-3 hours to cover the area. Hahaha

Been in Cameron Highland and it a must to steal the time at Boh plantation. The view and the scone with strawberry jam. Drools saliva. Yes, i see that!! 

Till next time then. 


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