Friday, December 23, 2011

For PMR students!!

Asslammualaikum and Hola readers!!

alhamdulilah, finished my final exam on 4.30pm just now.. how is it? as usual, goreng kentang lenyek.. hahaha.. this paper really make me palpitation with tons of topics need to cover and only 2 hours to goreng? seriously, sakit tangan cheq tau!!

anyway, i forgot that yesterday was PMR's result day.. hope not to late to CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!! for those who passed with flying colour, congratz again!! for those who not, hey, its not the end of your life, get the grip, you still had chance to prove yourself..

yes, PMR is one of the test to guide you which course you take, yet SPM is the real tinge.. doesnt mean you cant perform or get straight A in your UPSR or PMR, you cant score SPM.. the important things are HARD WORK, HARD WORK, HARD WORK and BLESS FROM ALLAH AND FAMILY.. NEVER GIVE UP!! orite fellas?!

finally, please please please never assume form 4 is honeymoon time.. no no no sire.. form 4 is crucial time, big time.. imagine you had to cover all the syllabus within 2 years and the exams are essay man!! hahaha.. no MCQ like PMR style.. so, yeah my advice *pinjam dari anic* study hard for form 4, master the basic, form 5 you will smiling to go through.. anyway, WELCOME TO FORM 4.. new style of learning and answering exam paper.. wink3..

till then..
thankz for reading..

foot note: i hate addmath and physic.. sorry.. wahahaha..
another foot note: xhabis2 lagi dia.. bosan tul.. :P

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