Thursday, December 8, 2011

The passion is gone?

Assalammualaikum and hope a good day readers..

i do blog-walking to those blogs that i followed.. once they update, i will be silent reader.. but today, i feel disappointed.. i dont know how to describe but it make me almost lose my passion to write..

when i post a very angry entry without mention any name, and im not referring to anyone, someone will start attack me.. but when they post the same thing, i dont do anything because i now that is your blog and you want to express yourself..

im not close with you but from my observation and when i comment at your FB, sometime we had the same thought.. so the statement came from yours make me feel like you pretend for all this time??

and im just confused why im sooo in-to that your statement when i know you dont know me at all, only a FB and blog.. the reality we never met although we come from the same institution.. so, yar, thankz for make me know you better.. no hard feeling but i will put barrier between us..

hand note: no wonder my seniors advised me not to close with the juniors.. thats sad..


  1. Biasa lah tu dear. zie panggil that type of people as MANUSIYAL LALAT..haaaa tu. sabar ek. namo down bcoz of it :)

  2. kak zie, sangat sedih sbb org tu sy kenal.. tp xpela, sy pon mls nk pikir.. thankz kak zie..



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