Thursday, December 15, 2011

2nd Asia Pacific Pharmacy Education Workshop 2011.. ^_^

Assalamualaikum and Very Good Morning to you guys!!

Alhamdulilah.. another day passed.. yes, there were few negative things happened within this week but it part and parcel of my life.. when you remember it, you will feel annoying, so just let it got.. forget it, not forgive? hahaha.. joking!!

anyway, this is actually the last week's story.. so on 8th and 9th December 2011, my beloved School of Pharmacy had organized a wonderful big event of 2nd Asia Pacific Pharmacy Education Workshop and Conference 2011..

the first time Pharmacy Education been organized was last year at Penang.. this event collaborate with USM, MQA and United Nation of University with co-organizer, our Josai University.. here's the link if you guys interested--->

basically, for these two days workshop and four days of conference actually a year planning.. and the students are practically involved either as committee or as audience.. but, as far i been brief, everyone participate.. for my batch, we involved the workshop days.. all the task already been distribute through our mentor and this event had GERMs.. not germs bacteria.. its more to mark points that show how active you are as student during the programmed and at the end of you graduation, you will get 2 certificates.. one is you degree certificate, another one is your GERMs certificate..

my lecturers did snapped a lot of pictures of us, the students.. maybe they are so happy after a year of effort and hard work planning the event, the burden finally over, and we the students will handle the flow during the workshop and conference since most of them are involved as participants and speaker.. hahaha..

here's few pictures:

the first day, registration time at early morning..
the first day was really hectic..
the registration, ushering the guest if they want to go somewhere else, etc..
all my lecturers look pretty and handsome..
especially when they wear coat..

this was my second day of workshop actually..
i was wearing purple kebaya for my first day..
not so hectic for the second day, most the guests already know the area..

the workshop held at our Hall of MSU for two days..
the conference held at Renaissance Hotel, Kuala Lumpur..

i dont have the chance to go inside the hall on the first day, need to stand by outside the hall..
but for the second day, i able to do it after the morning tea-break and almost closing ceremony time.. :)

i able to rush back to level 10 at the lab for my Hematology Screen Test after the lunch time on the first day..
organized by one of my lecture, Miss L collaborate with Hosp Ampang for their research..
i get free test for FBC, Thallesemia, Anemia, etc..
FREE you know, when it actually cost rm300++ for that test..
when my friend knew i did this test, they asked "you want to get married is it?"
im a bit shocked, "doesnt mean we can test it only if we want to get married, you should know and aware about your health "
people's minded.. closed like a box.. hmmm..

anyway, thats about last week.. so basi story already ha? geee.. for this week, i got daily 2-hour classes, i know its not worth it but my Vet lecturer need to finish the subject and marked our presentations and assignment.. my CP presentation been postponed with new format.. apparently, i dont understand the format for our report, need to see professor tomorrow.. aiyoo..

thats all for now..
thankz for reading..

foot note: got the looong message from my future-doctor friend regarding my back pain.. now she scared me with the medical terms.. hahaha..

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