Friday, December 16, 2011

The War Begin!! Final Exam Sem 7!! ^O^

Assalammualaikum and Hello readers!!

i got class this morning.. once settle, my lecturer gave ultimate tips for our final:

1) bless from ALLAH, God--->whatever religion you believe
2) prayers from your family and parents
3) prayers from yourself and the hardwork, hardwork and hardwork..

what? you think my lecturer will at least give some tips for our coming final exam? in your dream man!! hahaha.. for entire 7 sem and one more sem to go, very rarely like once a blue moon, my lecturers will give the tips.. we had to learn and earn it in the hardway.. muhahaha

so yup, settle with class, run like a maniac to photocopy the last minute extra notes *since im the class-rep, i wish im not!! hahaha.. then circle the campus area like crazy to pass the notes to classmates, pre-registered my subjects for next year and get my exam slip..

finally after tons of paper to take like one sem with 9-10 papers, i only had two papers next sem--research project 2 and clinical pharmacy 2.. yes2, less paper but more burden.. ngeh3..

anyway, my final exam start with:

20/12----> drug abuse and counseling
22/12----> clinical pharmacy 1
23/12----> veterinary therapeutic products

29/12----> my clinical presentation

MAY THE BEST WON!! *sengal*

till then..
thank you for reading..

foot note: my lecturer doesnt mention about "friends" in his tips.. but if you think in wide scope, friends cant help you in exam time or when you had problem, because at the end of the day, you had to deal by your own.. hahaha.. but, seriously, yes, few friends may support and be there for you when you need them.. i got few and im glad to know them.. so find a positive good friends yar fellas.. not someone who make you down literally.. :)

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