Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally!! All done!! ^_^ Part 1

Assalamualaikum and Well Hello Readers!! Finally, all done!! a month of hectic and drowsy life.. no no no sire, im not taking any drugs that can cause drowsiness.. but the busyness make my biologic clock in damage.. geee..

Alhamdulilah, all my hard works, piles of tears, tons of pressure and depression, i survived during my first clinical attachment and my research proposal presentation.. missing of one month's story, pretty lots to cover ha.. where should i start?!!

orite2.. we settle down with clinical experience first ha.. im currently sem 7, so basically clinical pharmacy is one of my subject, theory-in class, and clinical-at hospital.. i had two choices which is HSB and HTAR and we will exchange for our next clinical.. so during my attachment, i been posting to 4 departments with guidance from 4 pharmacists also known as preceptor..

to summarize my posting:
1) first department was female medical ward.. my preceptor is cute Miss C.. Private & Confidential is crucial yar.. hahaha.. so my preceptor randomly choose the cases and distribute among our three.. we had 2 groups with 3 students each.. so, my first case is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD).. in case you guys interested, go to Uncle Google and online the GOLD guideline for COPD.. in these guideline, you guys will understood the management and therapy for this disease.. but of course, GOLD is one of the guideline been used..

once i get the case, i will start "rebut" the computer available to clerk the case.. since HSB is a IT basis, all the profile data, medication, etc can be access from computer.. is good ha? but still got tricks, the computers are not enough, is ok to share, but derrr seriously, you had to stick to that computer if you dont want to lose your place.. hahaha..

clerking means to fill up the CP1 and CP2 form which consist all the patient's detail, his/her past medical and medication history, the compliance and the diagnosis, lab values and the current medication.. then, i had to start find the Pharmaceutical Care Issues in terms of the medication-got interaction or not, side effect, the dosage correct or not, monitor the markers/parameters, follow up, etc..

everyday we had meeting with our preceptor, discuss the case and yup been questioned and got tons of homework.. not to mention, i still need to complete my research proposal that time.. sorry for not sharing the case in details yar.. i can conclude that most of the patients in medical ward suffering with cardiovascular disease and diabetes mellitus.. thats the high percentage of condition among patients..

i also had experienced involved in ward round and grand round, listening to their discussion and involved with the counseling done by my preceptor..

2) next department was infectious disease ward and my preceptor is Miss J.. my case was Tuberculosis Meningitis with few underlying condition.. underlying condition means patients also suffered with other disease besides TB.. and yes, we had to find the guideline, compared the current management with the guideline..

of course when you already Full Registered Pharmacist (FRP) and experience more than 2 years, you will remember most of the guideline by heart compared the students like me.. muhahahaha.. and yup, the process repeated and during our final discussion, we will summarize our case, come out with PI and the appropriate intervention.. did i mention, i also struggling with my research proposal that time? geee

3) the third posting was surgical ward and my preceptor is Miss T.. this ward is totally different with my last 2 wards.. last two wards is medical and more drugs concern.. for this ward, yes we do still concern for the drug but as prophylaxis also known as prevention compared to therapeutics or therapy.. as well as extra knowledge of Parenteral Nutrition..

so my patient's case is basically had motor vehicle accident (MVA) and been admitted to surgical ward due to possibility of bleeding in abdomen.. so yar, its really new case with addition of PN which i almost forgot!! really bad student!! hahaha.. what a bit different procedure i had to go through.. but the concept is same.. forgot to mention that my preceptor is clinical pharmacist and tpn pharmacist as well.. you know how rare tpn pharmacist available in Malaysia? and yup, still survive.. did i mention i still open my notebook every night to finish up my research? ok!! my bad, its the third time i mention it!!

4) final posting is male medical ward and my precpetor is Miss P.. she talk very soft, really need to listen carefully.. my case was Nephrotic Syndrome Secondary To Diabetic Nephropathy.. since it is medical ward, the process same like my first posting.. i also had ward round and grand round and counseling as well.. is really good case with renal impairment that i need to concern..

to summarize all, all my patients been discharge with good progress.. my lecturers did attend our final discussion twice and they did asked a lot of questions!! walawei!! and finally i can correlate what i been studied for the past 3 years and half with the reality of patient's condition.. i learned a lot of things!! seriously, its totally different with theoretically and practically.. and im survive.. despite i had to wake up at 5.30 am to get ready and reach home around 6pm, or when im stuck at traffic jam, i only reach home around 7.30pm, and only went to bed after finishing my task -the research, the study, the case, etc-

not to mention lack of rest on weekend since 4 weekends in a row im off traveling to Kuantan, Perlis, Genting Highland and another trip to Perlis.. and thats story will continue later.. :)

till then fellas..
thankz for waiting and reading..


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