Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 good news VS 1 bad new! Geee

Assalammualaikum and hello readers..

A very quick update.. one battle done.. alhamdulilah.. how is it? dont ask.. my usual comment is "Goreng je" hahaha.. no seriously.. :P

anyway, good and bad news coming.. the good one is our selected industrial pharmaceutical company accepted us to do our 1-month attachment there, when my juniors had fabulous HOLIDAY!! the only things to do is do the CV *i wonder why* maybe they want to get more resume so that when they had shortage pharmacist, they will call us? ok2, thats weird to think.. hahaha..

another good one is my mother got new hp!! great!! good for you mum.. apparently, her 5-years hp already "hang" and cant detect the simcard.. my daddy who are pretty annoying with us, his children that keep constant call him to get reach mummy gave 1K for the new one and mention thats for mummy's next birthday.. so mummy's children bought her touch screen samsung one.. can you imagine how cute elder people who used to old version hp to learn new touch screen stuff? of course same concept but still had troublesome to "tap" as my mummy and daddy did confess they got bigger hand.. i thought adult do have bigger hand compare to baby!!

the bad new is that once we finished our paper tomolo at 12pm, we had class at 1 to 3pm for our Clinical presentation.. the purpose is to discuss the format, report and presentation, etc.. the only thing crossed in my mind when im being told by my class rep--> "why not doing the class last week when we had pretty much time to do that?" choii la wei.. on Friday we will have terrible paper la wei.. i can imagine my Vet lecturer sengih2 .. aiyoo!!

have nice day fellas..

till then..
thankz for reading..

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