Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Quick update this week!! ^-^

Assalamualaikum and Hello readers!!

A very good day fellas!! already December ha? few more weeks to go, 2011 will be gone, and warm welcome of 2012.. :) a very quick update for this week.. im a bit late in my so-called schedule.. hahaha..

things already done:
  • research proposal presentation done with minor comment regarding my material *need to add to make it look nice-erk?*and yes, i should emphasis the IN VITRO, and ignore the potency and efficacy.. *sir, you did make me confuse that day* hahaha
  • already submit the logbook research and the proposal.
  • started booking the lab for our experiment.. from level 14 to level 13 to level 9 and back to level 14 and down to level 9

in progress:

  • class vet for everyday at 4pm.. *thankz sir* and presentation and 2 assignment tomorrow and next week and settle all the syllabus by next week.. *sir, in case you forgot, i need to remind you that our final exam is next 2 weeks, thankz!* :P
  • our Asian Pharmacy Conference organized by our School of Pharmacy held on this Thursday and Friday and the rehearsal will be tomorrow.. *or today*
  • my clinical pharmacy presentation will be held next week.. *im not doing the slides yet* great!!
  • clinical report must be submitted one week during final exam.. *duuh ?!!*
  • start my lab experiment as soon as possible.. ooh yarr, i forgot, i got homework to do regarding my Molecular Weight sample.. *like i dont have any things to do* :P
  • progress for my industrial attachment January next year? - need to ask my leader..

i think thats all i can think at the moment.. i already jeng.. you know jeng? like blur, so many things to do.. will update later yar..

till then..

thankz for reading..

hand note: 2 days in palpitation.. used to bring my blackie that currently at cameron highland.. tomorrow and the day after tomorrow need to drive new blackie.. scary!!!

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