Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A hunch.. and im right...

Assalamualaikum and Good day readers..

already 4 days of 2012.. i wish i can do the 2011 wrap and 2012 resolution.. but i think we can skip that.. :P Happy New Year!!

when i was young girl, there was a situation when my mum starts crying or mumbling about "feeling not good" or complained her eyes literally watery or something like that *dont know how to explain* for 2 to 3 days, later on the bad news came and most of the time regarding on our family member and close relative or friends.. when im being away studied at Penang, my mum called me at the right time of my depression time.. mother's hunch dont you think?

the latest, she complaint with watery eyes and not feeling good mode despite we were actually on the way back to kampung.. no sooner, we been told that our closed uncle had passed away peacefully due to sudden heart attack.. its really breaking heart for me.. its been awhile after i lost my grandfather who adores me since im only his granddaughter.. my mum's reaction? she know the bad thing will happened, and she ready for it.. but Allah give a fragile heart for each of his creation.. my mum cried since late uncle was the closest uncle we had..

ALLAh create human kind with lots of gift.. a hunch is part of it.. whether he or she realize it.. i do sometime feels not right, something is wrong and turn up, i was right.. it turn up nasty.. if readers noticed few of entries regarding hos lazy i am to study and prepared for quiz or presentation, etc, it turn up the quiz been canceled, presentation been postpone, etc.. or perhaps when i feel something will happened, it turn up we got pop quiz!! its hunch or what? well, i think it is a hunch!! hahaha..

another example, early 2010 was the most crushing, breaking my heart.. i felt it.. i know something was wrong.. i feel the sparkle almost gone yet i cant say anything since i had no prove.. but HE planned nicely.. i find out and counter back the problem.. yes, with tears as love begins with love, hold with tears and joy and end up with tears.. of course with choices and decision to be made..

today? i felt the same thing.. its really not nice.. and i pray hard.. and what, it turn up 40% bad? part of myself, im happy for the news, another part, it almost killed me to accept it.. guess what, we cant get what we want or what we feel.. but im ok, i always do and will.. the point here is that i feel omthing wrong and yup, im right! gosh, it really hard..

till then..
thankz for reading..

foot note: seriously, this is only what i feel.. its not about you have to believe you hunch or whatever.. please dont start controversy at my blog or your blog about this entry..

2nd foot note: i successfully send my soft copy of CP1 report!! thankz!

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