Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW SEM.. NEW STUFF.. seniors are leaving.. :(

HALLUUU readers.. how your day? monday blues? or monday yellow? hoho.. actually, im wearing yellow cardigan and yellow tudung today.. very mencapap.. wahaha.. just to avoid monday blues.. thats the intention.. *shooo, i should study by now*

anyway, im already in sem 6!! oo yeah!! 2 more sems to go.. i like!! *PLEASE CLICK AT LIKE IF YOU GUYS LIKE THIS BLOG* boleh plak kan.. kui2.. my sem 6 already start from early february itself.. starting this february 2011 session, our school of pharmacy start all the long sem, no more short sem like other course in our MSU.. no sire, we are special.. hoho..

even the medic course dont have this programme structure.. wahaha.. *betul ke? i will check the fact later yar* why so special? because our beloved pharmacy board want to standardize our programme with other public university.. hoho.. thankz.. like!! *even not like during internal audit, duuhh*

so this sem, i take few subjects.. *yoyo or few-7 ok!!* i take:

pharmacoepidemiology- a very interesting subject.. learning about the study of adverse effect, etc.. sounds boring? wahaha.. everything boring when comes in study!! jahat ko atien.. dont want boring? lets go eat!! wahaha..

research instrumention and design- this subejct.. hmm.. cant say a lot.. i missed the first class last friday.. thankz friends, really appreciate that!!

pharmaceutical quality assurance- a very thereotical subject.. even the lecturer says that.. he didint blame the students feel sleepy.. hoho.. *excuses, excuses, excuses*

pharmacy management- like this subject.. learning on management from business for retail to organization chart for hospital.. the lecturer also good except hes constantly BUSY due to HOD position..

ethics and pharmacy legislation- I LOVE THIS PAPER!!! arrrgghhh!! just learned how to study the malaysia pharmacy ethics and DD act's book..the best part is NO MIDSEM, ONLY FINAL AND OPEN BOOK!! like it!! trick? its not direct question and you cant direct copy paste, thankz.. hoho.. (this known as forensic exam.. only pass and fail, if fail, need to repeat) (another forensic exam during PUPIL, if fail, cant registered as Pharmacist-very scarry!!!)

introduction to clinical concept- I LOVE THIS PAPER!! why? preparation for our clinical papers.. yup, i want to be clinical pharmacist.. *insyaallah, please pray for me guys.. :)*

clinical pharmacokinetic- another essential paper for clinical setting..

statistical methods- the class not determine yet.. wink2!!

well, my lecturers are superb!! they are the specialist on their field.. we got dean teaching us.. *thankz prof* and seriously, i am glad to be taught by my lecturers.. they know damn well about their subject.. *derrr, itu sebab ko student, diaorg pensyarah* slapping my face over again!! and yup, our dean and our lecturers are pharmacist, local and foreign.. except few lecturers that are basically from chemistry and health field..

oo yeah, my seniors a.k.a first batch *im second batch* will leaving us after their final exam.. they will convo.. huhu.. IM SO PROUD OF YOU SENIORS!! after all this hard works, you guys manage it!! well done!!

very touching you know readers.. since our batch and seniors were very close since the early years.. :') they helped us a lot!! well thats the purpose of being seniors.. hemoh2.. but seriously kitaorg memang suka bertanya kat seniors.. diaorg sengal kot.. mcm i.. wahaha.. juniors also need to respect because they are more experience ok! *jangan nak budget pandai, tp xde apa2* *keep your mouth shut!!!* ok, im cool.. wahaha..

thats for now.. please click at nuffnang..
i want choholate cupcake.. :)
love you readers..
thankz for reading..

p/s: i need to stop now.. need to study.. my exam is on april.. gosh, not enough time!!
p/s 2: wat penat je study semalam, xde quiz pon.. *derr, baru cakap len kat p/s td*

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