Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Update.. wink2..

HALUUUU readers.. what a weekend eh.. ececeh.. i will suspend my next entry.. kept safe in inbox, will post later yar readers.. *wink* as usual, on thursday, i got morning class and my evening class been cancel.. somehow i feel disappointed.. huhu.. i want that class.. please dont cancel it sir.. aiya.. on friday, i got morning class, again.. by the way, this sem, sem 6, i have morning class from monday till friday, thank you very much.. wahaha.. but no worries because i love it.. you all knows why? less traffic and more space for parking!! yeah!! wahaha..

anyway, on that friday after morning class ended around 11am, my friends and i went to Sunway Pyramid.. *grin face* hee.. have and outing with my friends.. nice.. been a while not to hang out with them.. and yup, we went there by car since one of my friend, Suman also known as Princess of Candle traumatized with public transport.. wahaha.. cant blame her.. her boyfriend, Puvan or Poonch are really, i mean damn really spoil this Princess.. wahahaha..

we reach there around 12pm after setel all the things in campus and had a window shopping, not me of course, as well as enjoy our Sundae chocolate and Princess of Iceland from Theobroma Chocolate.. a bit expensive for the drink but its worth it.. but the ice-cream much cheaper than McD one.. *wink2*

i drove them back to campus around 4 pm and had separate ways.. ececeh.. macam bunyi perpisahan je gamaknya.. i went home at Subang Jaya, my two friends, Nea and Theeba went to Banting and Klang, while Suman and Sarah went to Perdana.. thats for saturday.. ooh yar, forgot to tell you all.. my beloved new dean import from indonesia had ask us to do an essay regarding on "why i want to be a pharmacist".. what a nice topic.. ahakz!!! i will shared about it later on yar.. *wink2*

on saturday which was yesterday, i had my first photo-shot.. surprised? yup, i also surprised myself.. i been asked by the owner of the blog to be a model for her make-up and photoshot.. of course i said yes.. hee.. i can learn to do basic make-up after all rite? but i did told her that my face not that photogenic compared to other blogger that also model like Fatin Liyana (she is photogenic and pretty, trust me).. but since the owner said no problema, apa lg bedal je la.. wahaha.. its my first time and it was a good experience.. will shared about it too and upload the photos once the owner settle the editing part..

ooh yar, the reason i said the owner of the blog because her blog for photo-shot event currently under construction.. so cant do the link address.. heee.. but i will do the entry for it.. well, that all fro my weekend update.. quite a lot for briefing update.. hoho..

till then..

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