Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend, Monday, Tuesday & FORTUNE COOKIES!!

HAAAALLLLUUU readers.. did anyone miss me? hoho.. few days not update anything due to my tight schedule.. *erk, tight ke?* almost tight.. why? because my beloved lecturer asked us to do two summary assignment from four different CDs.. thank you very much.. hee.. so basically i had to listen the content and re-listened to get the main ideas and the rest was history.. ececeh.. yesterday successfully submit it.. again, thank you.. wahaha..

other than that, a very fabulous weekend.. my parents went home.. its only two weeks since i met them but felt already 2 months.. ececeh.. very hyperbola.. wahaha.. anyway, my parents at home and my brother, sista in law and the BABY in the house!! playing with the baby, kiss her 'baking-powder' cheeks, kacau2 when she slept.. i did all stuff but not changing her diapers.. no no no.. not yet.. wahaha.. but she so damn cute!! even when she sleeping, i still kacau2 her cheeks.. cant help it.. *evil smile* anyway, my niece is NUR FARISYA AMANI, 1 month and 3 days.. shuke sangat!! tidak!!! tetiba rasa nak kawen pulak.. *syg, jom kawen* wahahaha..

anyway, today two of my friends and i went for Pharmacy Club meeting.. lots agenda done and upcoming planned.. i had my own task, thank you very much my president.. wahaha.. first task is settle the t-shirt stuff.. im not doing the design part, im not that creative to make it reality.. hoho.. my friends helped me that.. thank you fellas, i already belanja you all cake rite? wahaha.. another task is settle the flow or basically anything relates to Pharmacy Rx Quiz since i used to have an experience involved in these event last year.. so every draft will be finalized on next week.. yup, my calender is fully booked.. but dont worry if you all readers had events that would like to invite me, i will love to put in my calendar.. just let me know early yar.. ececeh.. macam selebriti plak..

by the way, Fortune Cookies? you all knows? of course its familiar.. if you all watched english movies (which i love it especially the history or true story), they love the chinese food.. and the chinese food's set got FORTUNE COOKIES.. :) i used to watch the process of making the cookies in Food Tech at Astro History Channel.. very interesting.. anyway, i bought two for 2 hengget at my campus, U-Plaza.. saje mengatal nk beli.. nak rasa kot.. sedap mana la sampai matvsaleh suka sgt menatang tu.. its nice actually, and inside got the piece of paper wrote:

"Behind an able men, there are always other able men"
nice quote.. do you readers know the meaning behind it?
food for though..
i think i can make an entry about this statement..
some day yar..

*credit to Google Image*

till then.. click at nuffnang.. i want to buy my pharmacy's law books..

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