Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apologizes accepted? Assignment done? New stuffs?

HHAAALLLLUUU readers.. been days not not scratch the words in this blog.. ececeh.. macam la ada orang nak baca.. *wink2* anyway, the entry for my NPSC@Penang 2011 and my first photo shoot had to be delay for a while.. why? let me explain yar..

firstly, most of the pictures that around 1oo++ are still in my friend's camera and i am not able to transfer it due to constraint time i experiences these past days.. hehehe.. even my president club already bising2 why the pharmacy blog is not updated yet.. *derr, if i have my own CAMERA like CANON, i had transferred and update before you all blinking ok.. wahaha..

secondly, the owner for my photo shoot also didn't give the soft-copy yet.. she need to edit what, take time lorr.. hehehe.. even i also feel desperate to get the photos.. why? actually i already plan to make new header as well as new banner for my blog.. do you like it readers? hoho.. i already search which blogger that make header and banner for sale.. so thats my mission.. since im no longer active in FB, i want to spend my limit time here.. ok?

so, my apologizes accepted? hehe.. if so, please click at NUFFNANG ads yar.. hohoho.. macam xikhlas je.. xdela, just kidding.. but truly, kindly click at NUFFNANG yar.. hee..

by the way, i already completed my essay WHY I WANT TO BE A PHARMACIST.. hoho.. actually i spend 3 days for this essay.. i asked my friends how many pages they did and they simply said 1 page, 2 pages.. how easily they do!! aarrgghh!!

well, i got the idea.. of course it should be easy because its part of my life now.. i am the pharmacy student and i should know better why i am taking this course, right readers? the ideas are rushing in my rusty brain but to connect and link the ideas, hmmm somehow lost it.. wahaha.. terrible la you atien.. anyway, i nailed it.. wahaha.. *grin face* i feel good.. hoho..

one is done.. another coming two is still pending.. *evil smile* both two new assignment about my pharmacy management subject.. still pending.. why? not because i am too lazy to do.. ohh no no.. i am good girl.. ececeh.. because my lecturer haven't email me the details.. we only know the topic: business plan and organization chart.. please dont take me wrong.. the business plan is good if somehow someday one of us want to open pharmacy shop and perhaps somehow someday one of us been pointed as chief pharmacist in hospital setting.. easy to learn from beginning.. wahaha..

i did mention constrain time.. why? since i already sem 6, i will start my clinical attachment, research project by next sem, thank you very much for that syllabus.. hoho.. so my friends and i need to do all the documentation and paperworks from now on itself.. i in-charge for pharmacy practice IV attachment which be held for 3 weeks on July2011.. yes, its JULY!! and i dont have much time!! aaaaaaarrrggghhh!! some people just dont understand the situation.. the only things they want to do is ask frequently and started making a nasty face when find out that i asked my friends to help me in the task.. *derrr, its team work job!! i will include my batch to do it ok!! i dont want to get name!! bukan giler kuasa ok!! *cool down atien*

back to the story, i also need started to figure out what topic i want to do my RP.. okai, maybe you think its still early but trust me once you finished mid sem exam, you will freak out because there is no much time to do it.. so help me understand that.. huhu.. i started getting headache for this.. huhu.. any suggestions?

last but not least, ececeh, if you all check out my blog, i already updated it with NUFFNANG ads, CHURP2, Twitter and Live Traffic and also LIKE button.. *perlu ke letak capital* hehehe.. so if you all like my blog, u can click the "LIKE" button and you can join me at Twitter as well as CHURP2.. cute eh the name.. hee.. and if you all wish to help me buy another cupcakes (which i love it!!) you all can click at NUFFNANG ads yar..

thank you so much reading my entries and being my followers.. for new comers, leave out your link at my shout box yar (its temporary).. i enjoyed blog-walking..

till then friends.. :)

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