Wednesday, February 16, 2011


HALUU readers.. surprised that i post two entry today? well somehow it surprised me too.. ahakz!! actually, since i finished my assignment and tomorrow both my morning class and evening class been cancelled due to my seniors thesis, eventually i got NOTHING TO DO!! wahaha.. *happy faces fellas* yar2, very happy at the moment, got no notes to study and no assignment to do.. please dont ask me about my paperwork.. its still pending.. huhu.. need to seek my lecturer for further work out..

anyway, the day after tomorrow will be our lab practice.. the pharmacy board will coming next week for final check up before evaluate our faculty either can be accredited or not.. if you all wants to know and if you all a bit lazy to scroll down my previous2 entry, let me tell you again yar.. since our school of pharmacy is still new in which my seniors are the first batch and my friends and i are the second batch and so on goes with juniors and freshmen juniors, the pharmacy board will come every semester to evaluate our achievement either in academic field or curriculum field.. every time the pharmacy board coming, there will be new changes and improvement to give a better programmed for the students.. ececeh, macam promote je ni.. hoho.. and since my seniors already in final semester, they will finally decide their evaluation and *crossing my finger* to give accreditation and my seniors and the rest of us a graduation.. *grin face*

cant wait for graduation.. been 8 sems and 4 years of studying.. know a lot of people and their behaviour, etc etc etc.. cant wait for another chapter of my life: working, married *wink2* *aby, bila mau kawen ar?* hehehe.. tetiba gatai.. wahaha..

dont forget to click the NUFFNANG yar.. i want to eat cupcake..


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  2. hee.. lum lg cik zoey.. lg 2 sem.. :) tu yg xsabar.. :)



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