Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dont Get Too EXCITED or ?

HALUUU readers.. good morning beautiful ladies and handsome guy.. erk, got ar? the guy part? hohoho.. did everyone had a good long sleep? please raise our feet if have on.. hoho..

back to the real story, from my last entry, i am a bit happy because there is nothing to do even tough i got my paperwork which is still pending at this moment.. well, guess again.. i found out from my email this morning, i need to do the summary from the video that been provided by lecturer and type and send at the same day.. problems? not a problem actually.. hoho.. just a bit lazy to bring along my lappy, thats all.. dahla laptop besar gedabak, lain la org lain yang ada notebook kot.. huhu..

but seriously, if you all over excited somehow there is something bad happened later on.. you know like old2 people always said,

"jangan gembira sangat, kang menangis"
translation: dont get too excited, you will sad later on

please dont judge my rusty english, i know its not good grammar.. :P

i used to experience that.. my coming-22years of life experience a lot of this.. but people learn from the mistake right.. so that will be ok.. wahahaa.. *saje sedapkan hati..* but i dont want to talk about negative things.. one of my wishlist of 2011 is to keep my mouth shut.. hoho.. dont talk something that you dont want to talk.. what past is past but doesn't mean i forget..

anyway, still in blurred mode for tomorrow because none of us know what time and the venue for our lab practices.. since my batch only 13 people and my juniors didnt take few subject yet, with automatically mode, my batch will be the target for lecturers.. thank you very much.. wahaha.. basically, got two lecturers clashing to get us.. ececeh bunyi macam hebat je.. just kidding.. :)

after both lecturers decided, they agree to send 10 of us to Pharmaceutical Analysis lab and other 3 will go Dosage Form II lab.. guess what i get to go DD II lab.. i like it!! i loved to do granule from it powder form up to drying up using oven.. of course the analysis titration also nice but we been doing it from form 4 what.. ahakz!! jahat ko atien..

till then.. click at NUFFNANG yar.. i want to buy cupcake.. :)

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