Thursday, March 3, 2011


HAALLUU peeps!! today is thursday.. what a life.. one day was monday and another blink is thursday.. do you guys feels energetic? no no no, not because the day after tomorrow are weekend.. :P

but i do feel more energetic and semangat.. even this two weeks were quite frustrating.. but im ok now.. the healing process is working.. hoho.. mentally in progress which is good.. but physically, im not in good condition.. feel a bit tired and headache.. not to mention regarding my stomaches.. today i had my lunch quite late from usual time cause a warning sign from my beloved tummy..

yes you are right.. i had gastric.. since the first year.. weird? naaa.. in school time, i be spoiled with home-mummy cook.. hoho.. in matrix, since my dorm was beside the cafe and my room was facing the cafe *i choose the window part-that the best thing when you reached registration early* and the temptation of chocolate milk for my breakfast, kampung style for my lunch and mee basah/bihun sup for my dinner, i gained weight pretty good around 45 kg which was my ideal weight.. but once i entered university, i experienced lived in bad hostel and rented house and the packed schedule force me to somehow skipped the meal.. and even i had my meal, still not nice.. ahakz!! alasan!!

nothing much about my weekdays life.. just a normal hectic life.. our schedule looks more packed due to extra class.. somehow the lecturers and we thought the time given are not enough to do the lecture, tutorial and lab.. and i realized smething when i was on the way to my car.. during our first till sem 5, we had plenty of presentation for our topic.. i mean plenty.. but this sem, we are more to case study.. hoho.. i like!!

till then..
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hand note: sometime what happened in our life will open our eyes literally and be more alert.. mungkin atien terlalu leka.. always think positive and be strong.. :)

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