Wednesday, February 9, 2011

FRIENDSHIP EVENT!!! erk, got such thing?!!

Haluuuuuu readers.. as i promised, next entry is FRIENDSHIP EVENT.. even of course there was no such thing of it.. hoho.. actually, its only small custom made cake so-called party with my friends.. yup, custom made cake again.. as you all knows from my previous entry, how craving i am to have custom made cake.. i did buy another one besides my mum's birthday cake.. hee.. i bought from Cakes And Tarts that based at Klang..

but no worries because they got GOOD customer services as well as they do provide delivery.. hoho.. i like it!! i cant link it because im not sure which one their business blog.. they also sell cupcakes.. beautiful and yup, delicious!! i already bought one, will do the entry about it.. *grin face* they also sell tarts like fruit tarts (the fruits damn big), blueberry tart.. the tarts and the crust, pergh very delicious, i did try their samples and my next mission is to order the tarts.. but in case readers want to know the details, let me know, i will give their contact number as well as their FB link yar.. pergh, mcm promote aje ni.. hoho..

anyway, the cake was delicious.. and the price much more affordable.. *i feel wanna order again* please atien, do saving, will u?!!

check out the pictures readers..

superb delicious.. see how big strawberry are.. :)
i love it very much..

thats me try to kill the cake!! ahakz!!
fully fruity.. in fact, the layer also filled with strawberry filling..
and the cream, its not aising yar..*dont know the spelling* *lazy to open dictionary*
its fresh cream.. and my friends love it..

try to 'kill' suman.. but her bf said ''langkah mayat i dl'.. :)

me and friends.. of course there were others..
*not transfer the pictures from my friend's phone.. :)

till then friends..

p/s: my new sem already start and already got the timetable.. everyday got morning class.. aissshh..

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