Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Chapter of Life ^_^

Assalammualaikum and Ola readers!!

1) start new chapter of my life.. ha? not kawen haa.. not yet.. keep dua ok.. huawahhh.. starting my Pupillage on 10th January 2013.. nice number.. *facepalm- xde kaitan* Pupillage for pharmacist is similar to Housemanship for doctors.. except HO is for 2 years and bonded according to their respective scholarship.. while Provisional Registered Pharmacist is for a year.. we will be bonded with government hospital for another 2 years (1+2)..

2) OPD--Manufacturing & PrePack--IPD--Store--Clinical--DIS.. round and round for the past 12 months.. kepala pon dah pusing nak update with the dates.. the schedule will be rombak again to include the TPN and CDR.. *i love CDR*

3) start the CPE, CME, assessment.. fill up the log books within 12 months and submit before end the Pupillage.. im so stressssss thinking of it, when the fact is i just got all the nine books yesterday.. yes, you read it write NINE!! thankz government.. hahaha.. counseling and all the stuff.. within  a month had to settle it.. yes, a month to cover 35 thingy.. over the dateline, you are dead man!! *serious face*

4) will start "tagging" , "locum".. not yet for oncall.. my turn will start on March or early April.. meantime? need to cover other stuff.. huawahhhhhh.. stressssss.. oncall xrisau sangat or bila kena tag or do locum, since my house like 5 minutes drive to hospital.. just bought new car.. yes, another car with new plate!! thankz, memang banyak kete, kopak duit.. huawaahhhh.. 

5) my new house.. nicee.. betul2 tengah2 bandar.. its not like house la, more to hotel-type.. since here is an old town, so bandar is mainly for all businesses, schools, etc.. all perumahan is pinggir bandar like 10 to 15 minutes of driving.. how much per month? dont ask weii.. its bloody expensive.. gagaga.. all my collegues said you better get out from that cekik darah house.. huawahhh..

6) will start research.. alhamdulilah.. rezeki dariNya.. i got clinical research.. this one need to use the SPSS software.. if it is correct name.. i had nooooo experience with that software.. dont know how to use it or where to get it.. need to ask the senior for soft copy then.. ngeh3.. my 4th year did research, i did the wet lab, did the formulation nanoparticles, not need that software.. but like Vanessa said, "you got two experience - the wet lab during study and the dry during work, like so niceeee" :)  alhamdulilah.. HE planned well for me.. :) 

7) so far, get along well with Pharmacy department.. only 80 staffs here including the assistants.. like imagine!! 80 staffs to cover the specialist/referral/clinics, etc.. *rolling eyes*  lunch time with colleagues.. assistants, pharmacists, semua redah.. as long as makan.. and surprisingly, i never turned down or had leftover lunch.. semua licin!! like seriously!! OPD is sooooo tiring.. peha eden macam drumstick dah ha.. huawah!!

till then..
thankz for read..

left hand note: i suppose to study the warfarin and dm.. and im warfablogg and munchy2 plak.. huawahhh.. 
right hand note: excited gilerr wat syrup isoniazid and ranitidine.. please have more tomorrow and the next two weeks.. *senang keje eden nak isi buku* mekaceh abg amdan.. terbaik bahh.. :)

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